Stargazing – Weekly Element Forecast Mar. 22nd—Mar. 28th

Mar 22, 2010 | Special Messages

STARGAZING-March 22-March 28, 2010



The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air Signs, you usually take a lackadaisical and relaxed attitude toward your duties and responsibilities. You believe tomorrow is another day, and what you don’t accomplish today can always be done at another time. On Monday you’ll surprise yourself with your productivity. You’ll get busy seeing to all the large and small details of your life. You usually don’t relish having to adhere to a set agenda. This week you’ll change your tune and decide that you want more order in your daily existence. When Mars in Leo sextiles steady Saturn in Libra, you’ll compose a schedule that is a lot more detailed than you’re used to. That’s fine, because you’re looking for a sense of security and stability in your life right now. An old rival may pop up on Friday, when the Moon in aggressive Leo is quincunx unpredictable Uranus. You’ll discover that the reappearance of your former foe triggers your emotions. Be sure to maintain the upper hand! You will seek out a spiritual experience on Saturday. You believe that you need to nourish your spirit as well as your body and mind, and you’re right!


Your Love Week—Air Signs:
When the Moon trines Neptune Monday night, can you tell friend from lover? It might not matter until Wednesday, when a quincunx between those same two planets forces you to decide about an iffy relationship. With Saturn spending these days in Libra, this week is a minefield of desire for romance and/or independence. Monday brings a sextile with Mars in Leo as one partner seeks dominance. Squaring off against the Cancer Moon might be about rejecting comfort or commitment. Venus complicates everyone’s Wednesday, especially your relationships with Capricorns. And a dangerously sexy Leo is back in your life on Thursday. Being an Air Sign with an affinity for Water Signs doesn’t help! If love gets you hot under the collar, why complain? Well, if your partner begins distrusting intuition and postponing decisions on Saturday, there’s definitely something to talk about. After that, things should stabilize, whether you hook up or spend the weekend alone. By then, solitude could be really attractive. This weekend love is about agreeing to disagree.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’ll discover that you need to change your mindset this week, Fire Signs. You believe in positive thinking, and that’s great, but wishful thinking won’t help you realize your goals. On Monday you’ll get busy taking the steps you need to turn your dreams into realities. You’re very assertive, thanks to your forceful Zodiac Fire Sign. This week you may discover you have difficulty conversing with the people in your life, especially on Tuesday, as the Moon squares taciturn Saturn. Your ability to express yourself to your associates will be stilted, and you’ll feel unable to relate to those around you. On Thursday the Moon in Leo conjuncts active Mars, and your belief in yourself will rise. Your customary boldness will return, as will your zest and exuberance for life. Hurray! Don’t believe anything you hear on Saturday, when the Moon opposes hazy Neptune. You’ll need to be very guarded when you interact with others this weekend. You’ll deal with someone who appears to be honest and truthful but has a secret agenda of his or her own, so keep that in mind. Be careful!


Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

Romance might not find you this week, but feel free to look for it. With the Moon sextile Venus on Monday, Fire and Air Signs are ready to play. By Wednesday, though, things get serious, with love or resentment possible once the Moon squares Venus. If you’re hanging with a Fire Sign on astrologically busy Thursday, let him or her take care of business without interfering. And if you desire a Water Sign, wait until sometime next week. Most Water Signs already have other plans for Saturday night. The sextile aspect isn’t necessarily about sex, but toying with someone’s affections could backfire Tuesday and especially Wednesday. If you’re the one not being treated right, it’s time to change that. Starting Thursday morning, expect two blissful days of love the way you want it. You’ll have to give as well as take after the Moon leaves your sign on Saturday. This can be rewarding if you truly care about the one you’re with.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Don’t set yourself up for a fall this week. You’re very shrewd, but you’re also highly emotional, which is usual for you Water Signs. You’re normally very adaptable and versatile. However, on Monday you’ll be too dogmatic in a certain area of your life. You’ll discover you’re so entrenched in your position that you’re digging yourself into a corner. Consider broadening your mind. On Thursday the Sun squares intense Pluto, your ruler, and you’ll find it hard to face the truth in a situation you’re dealing with. Make sure you don’t close your eyes and see only what you want to see. You may decide to reassess your personal wish list on Sunday. You have changed since you originally cataloged your goals for yourself, and the dreams you once held have altered. Be honest regarding your real needs and wants. You’ll be extremely frustrated with your lack of progress in an endeavor on Friday, when the Moon is quincunx extravagant Jupiter in Pisces. You overestimated your chances for success in this particular matter and you’ll need to be more practical. Don’t set goals that are impossible to reach!


Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Consider avoiding your social life this week, whether you’re working, savoring your personal space, or enjoying someone else’s. On Monday listen for gossip involving the amorous misdeeds of Fire and Air Signs. When the Moon squares Uranus on Monday, you’re one step ahead, but possibly in the wrong direction. Do you really know what someone else thinks or feels? Speak cautiously with parents or in-laws on Tuesday, because loose relationship talk may haunt you when the Moon squares Venus on Wednesday. Winning his or her heart in the small hours of Wednesday morning gives you a brief honeymoon for the next 24 hours while the Moon squares Venus. But possibly Thursday and certainly by a Leo-influenced quincunx on Friday, you and your sweetie might argue about every little thing. Give your partner some much-needed attention Friday and Saturday, and don’t take his or her drama personally. If friends have romantic troubles on Sunday, be a peacemaker instead of a matchmaker. Also, kiss and make up this weekend. Less talk equals less trouble!

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You’re a very mellow soul, Earth Signs You enjoy taking your time when you’re involved in a project, and you don’t hurry through your daily routine. On Monday your industrious side will kick in. You might decide to thoroughly clean your house from top to bottom, organize your dresser drawers, or sort through your paperwork and correspondence. You Earth Signs usually have a good mind. You’re able to puzzle out any dilemma you find yourself embroiled in. On Wednesday you’ll come to the discovery that you’re living too much in the past. You’ll realize that you’re doing yourself a disservice by not living in the moment. You may have to deal with legal matters on Thursday. Don’t argue with meter maids! On Saturday the Moon in Leo opposes hazy Neptune in Aquarius and you’ll need to help a relative get real and face some important facts. You may consider obtaining a four-legged friend on Saturday, when the Moon opposes nebulous Neptune. Be certain that you’re prepared for the lifestyle change you will undergo once you open your home to a cute kitten or puppy.


Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

Monday is for talk. Tuesday is for action. But if your sweetie is a Libra or Aries, it might not be the action you want. Wednesday’s determined Saturn energy brings a relationship crossroads, whether a joint decision about the way forward or a suggestion that someone hit the highway. Avoiding temptation is easy on Monday and Tuesday, although resistance might seem futile if the wrong person hits on you when the Moon squares Venus on Wednesday. Look past the chemistry for a clear-eyed glimpse of his or her long-term goals. While Thursday seems to favor relaxation and reconciliation, beware of tense, irrational behavior as the Moon enters Leo. Friday morning you’ll regain control of your heart, putting you and your sweetie right where you should be when the Moon enters your sign on Saturday. Sweet reason revisits your love life by Saturday afternoon. Unless attracted to your opposite, it’ll be a good weekend. Enjoy!