Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast-Jan.4-Jan.11, 2010

Jan 5, 2010 | Special Messages

BEGINNING JANUARY 2nd to Jan.12th, 2010.
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The Annual January Predictions ARE posted.
There are quite a few for 2010.
WEEK OF January 2nd – January 11th, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
If you have less energy than usual and you can’t seem to get going on your latest round of projects, you may need to spend some time alone. If you managed this over the holiday break, you’re probably feeling a lot better. If not, then think about it for real right now. If you can do this, you’ll feel your energy return along with your positive outlook. Mars is retrograde in your love affairs zone, bringing you a chance to reminisce and think about the old times. You even decide to get in touch with someone! Since Saturn has been in Libra, you Air Signs have been taking a much more structured approach to life. Creating balance and harmony has become a matter of strategy. You’re used to the light touch, so this heavy-duty way of negotiating around life’s challenges may seem like something different. But you’ll get used to it and may even grow to like it. There is a lot happening in your home, and you may already be busy making changes to your place and giving it a fresh look for 2010. It’s time to hit the sales!

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
There are four planets in reputable, responsible Capricorn at the moment, Air Signs, a sign that’s tailor made for telling the truth no matter where it shows up. It isn’t just your dear ones who are well pleased with what you’ve been able to manage at work lately, even though they’re the ones who have lavished you with the praise, at least so far. It’s also the higher-ups who have been watching you to see if you’re truly ready for a bump up the career ladder. A virtual pack of higher-ups have been noticing your work, so they’re bound to pay homage to you for the fine job you’ve done. Of course, you’re worthy of both the attention and the affection it will inspire, and you’ve definitely proven it, and not just this week, either. So why not let loose and do just a tad of celebrating? You’ve been towing the line for a while – a long while. Isn’t it about time you were nice to you for a change? Of course, you’re nothing if not sociable, so you can take the gang along. Just be sure you choose the restaurant this time. You also, are built in belief of the truth always wins, because you just don’t see the point in lying. To start with, being deceitful takes too long, but it also hurts others and you aren’t fond of that type of behavior. Any other sign might be tempted to keep mum about private matters, telling you not to let your mouth get away from you. However, this just won’t work now, especially when it comes to the one you love the most. You’ve already started saying exactly what’s on your mind—that was what last weekend which was probably based on frustrations and emotions, and you’re definitely not ready to quit yet, especially since it feels so darned good to finally let it out. All of it! Well, fine. Just be careful with your partner’s feelings. Don’t say anything too harsh. Ask a friend if you aren’t sure what “harsh” might sound like to your sweetheart’s ears.


The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Jupiter continues to move through Aquarius, so make the most of this time, since it will be moving into Pisces on the 17th. Grab those opportunities while you can. You have a better chance of being lucky, especially if you can get your ideas across to the right people. You’ll have more faith in your ability to do so as well. There is still a lot going on with your personal finances. You may be wondering how you can attract more money into your bank account. The answer seems to be to work for it. Now that Mars is in a Fire Sign, Leo, you’re at your creative best. Even though Mars is currently retrograde, you’re still busy coming up with ideas to improve areas of your life and make your environment that much more colorful. It pays to look after your health at this time, especially if you have a lot on your plate. Don’t let stress get to you. It’s important to come up with a system of stress management that will work for you. Rest, enjoy regular massages, and find ways to improve your wellbeing at all levels.


Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Happy New Year, Fire Signs! Prepare for a first week to remember. There’s a pack of planets in Capricorn making its way through your chart, which will do one of two things. First off, you may be so busy that your current partner will be a tad on the cranky side and wondering where you’ve been and why you haven’t made time for him or her. Of course, you’ll be able to charm your sweetie – in a most fiery, passionate fashion – into forgetting all about that anger. Scenario number two is equally interesting. If you’re single, someone at work with whom you’ve been exchanging glances for some time now will likely (and finally) be bold enough to actually make a move, that’s if you don’t break down and do it first, most likely around Thursday when the Moon and Venus square off and push you into it. Regardless, you definitely won’t be spending any evenings alone this week unless you want to. It’s the perfect week to be a Fire Sign, especially if you’re a Sagittarius with a couple of bills to pay from all those extravagant gifts you bought in December, the plastic you used on New Year’s Eve, and the urge to keep the party going. To start with, for once, it’s the entire Universe that was excessive, extravagant, and out of control in at least one department over the past couple of weeks. If your sweetheart starts to give you a problem over it, you can always mention that. Besides, as the happy recipients of those gifts and special evenings out, how could he or she possibly question you for overdoing it a bit? Also, thanks to several planets in earthy, moneymaking, you’ll have checks coming your way this week, which always means it’s a sunny, happy time. Now, with the Sun, Mercury, and Venus – who just loves to shop – all on that team, you’ll have your work cut out for you, to resist spending more, that is, on just one “something” —at least one special something. The great news is that you’ll get quite the deal now, so get out there to all those January sales.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You seem to be eating, drinking, and living in one big social whirl, which, if you play your cards right, could have big implications for your future. The fly in the ointment is that Mercury is retrograde, which may cause a few misunderstandings. Be careful about the information you give out, since you never know what people are going to do with it. If you have a plan for 2010 and the months ahead, this is the best time to do all the background work. As Mercury continues retrograde in Capricorn, this is another reason why it helps to research your options, gather information, and get everything you need to be able to put your ideas into motion once the time comes. As your ideas zone is very much in focus, you may benefit from doing some studying or reading in a subject about which you want to know more. It’s going to come in very handy. Jupiter will remain in your twelfth house for a while longer, until next Sunday to be exact. After that it moves into your sign, bringing you lots of good luck.


Your Love Week—Water Signs:
You’ve got one more week of doing absolutely nothing but enjoy the company of a divine, delectable pack of friends, Water Signs, one of whom, by the way, will take center stage in your life and heart and could well become a close friend or the love of your life. You’ve been doing nothing but working hard for months now, and this week – the early part of it, at least – won’t be any different. All those planets in hardworking Capricorn – four of them, in fact, including the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Pluto, Mr. All-or-Nothing show that you’ll be working and working hard until Friday, and you won’t whine or complain even a little bit. Once the weekend arrives, however, it will most definitely be time to be kind to you and give yourself a break – and yes, that means spending the whole weekend away from your cell phone, PDA, or any other electronic device that might possibly interfere with your intimate time alone with the delectable companion of your choice. If you’re attached (in which case you’ll be so proud of your choice in partners you won’t be able to stand it), you can say thanks to these pack of planets in sturdy Capricorn who just love longevity, and plan to make that person as spoiled and happy as he or she can possibly be. If you’re single, prepare yourself. The heavens are fully willing to present you with a buffet of admirers for your perusal to aid you in your quest. All you have to do is get out there and meet them. In fact, you really won’t have to leave your home if you don’t want to. Just have friends over to your place, which is always your favorite way to get together anyway. Dash out for provisions and then unplug the phones. You know exactly which person to invite, and you know he or she won’t refuse. Oh, and no fair feeling guilty about allowing yourself to actually relax for a little while. In fact, spend an entire day with your sweetheart based on the promise that the only other human you’ll see will be whoever brings you room service.


The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You seem to be in the middle of a very creative phase, Earth Signs. It’s time to adopt a new attitude and shed the old skin that may be keeping you stuck in one particular mode. You need to find the right balance between driving yourself too hard and going with the flow. Now that Saturn is in Libra, this is your chance to manifest some of the magnificent dreams you’ve been nurturing. But you need to do it step by step, which also boils down to creating a strategy that will provide the best route to your goal. The cosmos are encouraging you to branch out and slowly make your way out of your comfort zone. You can do this in stages. Mars is retrograde, so you may find that situations beyond your control seem to be causing unnecessary drama. It’s time to become aware of the choices you do have in such situations. It’s also time to get your inner approach to wealth and riches up to the mark. Give yourself the annual financial check-up as you prepare for tax season.


Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
Well, Earth Signs, you’ve got quite the week ahead of you, showing up other people and looking pretty darned good all on your own, too. And no, that doesn’t mean that you’ll only be sticking out your chest proudly because you’re one of the few of us who remembers to change the date on your checks to 2010. You’ll be on top of things for other reasons—romantic reasons. The thing is, this may involve a work situation, possibly with a higher-up. Several planets in Capricorn, the sign of authority figures, are making their way through your chart. If someone you work with happens to toss you a glance that lasts just a little too long to be casual, don’t think you’re crazy or making something out of nothing. OK, Earth Signs, relax, take a breath, and don’t panic. Yes, it’s true. You’ve actually been feeling your feelings lately and sharing those inner experiences with a loved one, who hasn’t been at all horrified. Amazed, perhaps, and definitely honored, but not horrified. Does that mean your emotions will now come down from that peak they’ve just started to climb? Not hardly. You’re just getting started. The Sun, sociable Mercury, loving Venus, and yes, even Pluto, the king of all-or-nothing encounters, will spend at least the next week in helping you spruce up a bit and improve your appearance. Don’t be scared. This will be just wonderful! And while you have this energy at your disposal, you might want to make an uncharacteristic display of your feelings for a certain person—other than with words, that is. After all, when will you have the chance to impress him or her like this again? Oh, and it may not necessarily be an authority figure from work, either. Any authority figure will do; that is, he or she will be quite attracted to you. Whether you’re attracted in return, well, that’s a different story, and one that’s entirely up to you. By the weekend, however, you’ll definitely be in tune with someone and it may not be just a passing fancy. Think of how much closer you’ll be at the end of the week when the Moon enters sexy, passionate Scorpio. The timing is exactly right. Don’t you dare waste this energy!