Stargazing – Weekly Element Forecast – Jan. 25th—Jan. 31st

Jan 25, 2010 | Special Messages

The Annual January Predictions ARE posted.
There are quite a few for FEBRUARY 2010.

I am giving out one updated prediction—once a week for awhile.
All the predictions are in the on-line magazine monthly.
Obama-State_of_Union-01-01OBAMA will have a difficult time with his State of the Union address later in the month. There will be an upset and some kind of rebuttal – or negative response to a part of the address-and he will stumble in the presentation. There could be some booing from the audience...join the subscription pages for more. WELL??  Some of the headlines today-Thursday Jan. 28th read:

Barack Obama LIED!


Wednesday, January 27th at 10:34PM EST

Tonight, Barack Obama said, “To close that credibility gap we must take action on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue to end the outsized influence of lobbyists; to do our work openly; and to give our people the government they deserve.
“That’s what I came to Washington to do. That’s why – for the first time in history – my Administration posts our White House visitors online. And that’s why we’ve excluded lobbyists from policy-making jobs or seats on federal boards and commissions.
Maybe this explains why his national security policies are so weak. He put William Lynn in the Pentagon as Deputy Defense Secretary. Mr. Lynn was a lobbyist for Defense Contractor Ratheon. I guess the Deputy Defense Secretary is not a policy-making job.

The discomfort was the reference to the Supreme Court judge…and when did the Republicans clap?? EVER??
An accurate Prediction: I stated in November 2009 that we would have a record amount of snow fall on the East Coast during the winter months, and a major, horrid, earthquake right before of after the Jan. 15th, 2010 eclipse. Also- That Michele Obama would consider adopting a child. (She is now considering adopting a child from Haiti.)


I was just on the X-ZONE Radio Show with Rob McConnell because I was the one out of 100 psychics who predicted the Haiti Earthquake as well as the December terrorist attack on an airplane in Detroit, (although I did say the Chicago area.)  ...join the subscription pages for more.


Week of January 25th – January 31st, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

This week you’ll discover the bliss you’re looking for is right in your own backyard, Air Signs. On Monday the Moon in Gemini trines the radiant Sun in Aquarius and you’ll be content in the knowledge that you are where you should be in life! You’re known for your strong viewpoints. You usually don’t hesitate to state your opinions, no matter how controversial your ideas are. On Wednesday Venus in Aquarius opposes feisty Mars retrograde in Leo and you’ll bump heads with an associate who takes the point of view opposite to yours. You’ll find yourself involved in a bit of an inner tussle on Thursday. You are usually led by your intellect whenever you need to make a choice, but you’ll find that your emotions are leading the way in a situation you’re currently dealing with. You may be tense and anxious on Saturday as the Moon opposes the Sun in Aquarius. Do your best to take your life events in stride. On Sunday a friend asks you to lie for him or her. You’ll have a moral struggle over whether to comply with your friend’s request.

hearts Your Love Week—Air Signs:

The current planetary aspect makes this a very special week for you Air Signs. You don’t really need to do anything much, just invite your partner over and do something that makes you feel really good. Anything that grounds and deepens the sharing and communication process between you both will have a powerful impact. In the act of giving and receiving, you create a continuous circle of love. With Venus moving through your sign this week and making contact with your Sun, you may feel as if the world is sharing the love in a big way. Venus helps you explore your feminine side a bit more, and the concept of affection with all you meet. Others see you as someone able to give and share romance, making you that much more attractive to everyone you meet. You may be moved to get together with people you’ve lost touch with, or be a bit more open about the way you communicate with those you love. Since Venus makes a trine relationship with Saturn, currently in retrograde motion in Libra, you’re urged to set concrete relationship goals so you can achieve them in time. Saturn encourages you to build toward something great, so put the time into getting to know someone you’ve recently met. Don’t expect miracles overnight, but do cultivate the atmosphere for growth to take place. Saturn helps you to learn about each other, with caution, so go slow because learning about each other makes it happen.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Watch yourself, Fire Signs! You need to be vigilant about your actions on Monday as the Moon in scattered Gemini squares excessive Jupiter. You may bump into objects, so avoid accidents by taking special notice of where you plant yourself and your feet. Yes, you do know best, or at least you think you do! However, this week your customary self-assurance flies out the window, when Mercury is quincunx Mars retrograde. You may begin to doubt yourself and ask for advice and feedback from your nearest and dearest. You’ll update an important area of your life on Friday as the Full Moon takes place in Leo. Your urge to be a trendsetter will kick in and you’ll consider tweaking your appearance, altering the way you dress, or changing the way you present yourself to the world. Can you keep a secret Fire Signs? Then don’t spill the beans on Friday, both literally and figuratively. Mentally rehearse your words before you speak to others. You’ll want to reconsider your vacation plans on Saturday on the Full Moon. Now you’ll have the time to fully research the destination of your dreams.

hearts Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

If you want to get to the bottom of a romantic or social issue, ask an intuitive Water Sign. Their social networks are usually pretty prodigious, and they’re pretty wise when you get to know them. This week you may need to take some of their medicine as Venus, the planet of love, moves through the sign of Aquarius. You may be fighting off the commitment of marriage or a serious relationship at this time, It’s great news for people who want to get a bit more serious with their sweetie, but not so good news for folks who may be thinking about bringing their current relationship to a close. With so much love energy concentrated in the commitment of the heart area, it may be hard to focus anywhere else. But since Saturn retrograde is forming a harmonious trine with Venus this week, you’re more than able to be responsible for your feelings and words now. You may find that you’re seized with the impulse to propose, help someone else pen a love letter, or compose a romantic poem. Fire Sign natives are looking at a time of increased socializing and meeting new people, which will put you smack dab in the middle of some exciting conversations. If you’re looking to impress a new special someone, look no further than your current group of friends, who are only too happy to hook you up with someone they know. Saturn, currently moving through the sign of Libra, is getting you out to the world. It isn’t time to stay home and watch TV on your own. It’s time to put on your snazziest duds and make yourself seen and heard. If you’re shy, practice some conversational topics on your friends. Since Saturn is forming a supportive aspect with Venus, someone you meet now could become a serious contender for your heart over time. Venus is in Aquarius now and affecting the way you speak, listen, and converse. Who says it doesn’t pay to practice? In fact, it may mean the difference between finding someone to spend the rest of your life with or not.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Now that optimistic Jupiter is in the Water Sign of Pisces, you’re filled with positive energy. However, on Monday the Moon in Gemini squares Jupiter and you may become lackadaisical, especially where diet and fitness are concerned. You’re a private person, Water Signs, and you usually don’t reveal your thoughts and feelings to the people in your life, even close associates. Early in the week you may discover that someone you used to be friendly with is spilling your personal secrets to others. Don’t respond to this individual’s provocation and you’ll maintain the upper hand. Be sure to let your sixth sense guide you when you connect with an associate from your past on Friday. You’ll need to read between the lines when you interact with this individual. Don’t take anything he or she says at face value. On Sunday Saturn squares perceptive Pluto, and you’ll have to listen a bit more closely to your inner voice. Your interest in metaphysical subjects will be strong this weekend. You’ll learn how to master the tarot or take a course in numerology or astrology. You’ll want to reexamine your goals on Sunday. You aren’t the same person you used to be, and your aims and aspirations have changed accordingly.

hearts Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Saturn is seldom known for its romantic energies, but this week that’s all changed on your behalf. Saturn, in the sign of Libra, urges you to take a cautious approach when it comes to intimacy. Although you may want to rush into things and throw caution to the winds, it’s best to take a wait-and-see approach and take all the time you need to get to know your newest partner. Finding a delicate balance is the key when it comes to romance. Since Saturn trines Venus now it may feel as if you’re the one doing all the giving in love relationships. But since the bond between the two planets is so strong, you’re urged to cultivate patience in all matters related to love. What you don’t get today you can get tomorrow by keeping communication open and honest. Think about what you have to give instead of what you stand to gain in a romantic partnership and you’ll look at everything in a brand new way. Water Sign natives are looking at a week of romantic tension with Venus in Aquarius. Although Venus rules all things romantic, from dating to marriage, it can also bring you unwanted attention. This week you may find that you’re suddenly thinking about an old relationship that didn’t work out or just reliving a love trauma of some kind. Try to release any lingering feelings of unease or pain so you can move forward. At the same time, Saturn retrograde is indicating a time of new growth in your life. Pay very close attention to sudden flashes of insight you may have. They could be leading you toward an exciting new union with someone very cool indeed. Destiny tends to be sparked whenever a major planet is focused, so be alert and aware at all times. Even a quick trip to the grocery store could end up being a dating jackpot, so be ready!

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You enjoy having fun, Earth Signs, but you put your responsibilities first and your pleasures second. On Monday you’ll forgo your normal duties and goof off for a while. You’re starting to feel the effects of too much stress, and you need to take a mental health day in order to get back on track. Remember not to believe malicious innuendos this week. On Wednesday the Moon opposes underhanded Pluto, and you’ll interact with someone who has the urge to cause trouble. Rely on your practical view of human nature as you go about your daily activities. You’ll give serious thought to changing your residence and moving to a new locale on Friday. Make sure you research any new location before you sign a lease or start packing your bags. On Sunday the Moon opposes Jupiter in restless Pisces and you’ll have a strong urge to travel. If it isn’t possible for you to get away, consider altering your mental landscape by reading a book or watching a DVD. Also on Sunday your urge to overindulge your appetites will be strong. Walk past the sweet shop when you’re at the mall.

hearts Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

Venus is currently transiting Aquarius, so all kinds of appreciation will be coming your way when it comes to employment. Sparks may fly between you and a co-worker or even you and your boss. Although it may feel very comfortable talking with this person, be very careful before launching a full-scale relationship. It may be best to start as friends before moving on to something more intimate. Meanwhile, Saturn retrograde in Libra forms a trine with Venus, showing that time may be on your mind You may want to rush things with your current sweetheart or be in a rush to find the perfect relationship and settle down. Saturn tends to reward those who put in the work over a long period of time, so be patient. Building something wonderful with another person may take longer than you’d like, but with this aspect it’s likely to be the real thing at the exact time it happens and not sooner. You don’t need to impress anyone. Just be yourself and let it happen when it’s ready. This week Earth Sign natives have a lot of support for all things romantic, from meeting new people and flirting a bit to forming deeper bonds with existing partners. While Venus makes it possible to be brave about your feelings, Saturn encourages them to be put to good use. Rather than short, meaningless attractions, you’re in it for the long haul! If you seek to get an unwilling partner to commit, it won’t work to force things. Rather, it’s best to entice or persuade through fun, dating, and affectionate means. They say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but that goes double for Earth Sign natives of either gender. Enjoying meals together, attending a cooking class, or even co-writing a cookbook may be just the ticket to long-term happiness with the partner of your dreams. Make it happen with wit, style, and panache.