Stargazing—Weekly Element Forecast: Jan. 18th-24th, 2010

Jan 19, 2010 | Special Messages

Week of January 18th –  24th, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Jupiter has moved into Pisces, which is good news for money matters. If you’re prepared to work hard, you’ll be more successful and be assured of becoming much better off. Venus and the Sun move into Aquarius early in the week, which brings a warm and sunny energy to your life, Air Signs. Your natural magnetism will increase. Saturn has turned retrograde, so you may find that a trip abroad is delayed or put off completely until another time. Also, you may find yourself in a temporary lull—a bit like being in the twilight zone. You may have a lot of ideas and projects on the go, but run into obstacles that prevent you from making progress. It’s best to be patient and not force the pace. Venus conjuncts the Sun, in Aquarius, early in the week as well. This brings a positive energy and helps you connect more easily with your feelings.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week—Air Signs:
For Air Sign natives, this week is all about getting in touch with the more esoteric aspects of life. Mercury, the planet of communication, is currently moving foreward, and is joined by Pluto, which brings transformation of all kinds. This is a very powerful combination of energies that may result in psychic flashes, vivid dreams, or instructions from your guardian angels. Pay attention to even the smallest piece of information you receive, because it may be trying to tell you something, especially as it pertains to your love life. You need to be friends with your partner before you get closer, so make sure that element is intact before taking your relationship a step further. You will know when it’s right because you’ll want to hang out even if you aren’t being intimate. You’ll also know, on the deepest level, that you can be yourself no matter what. Love blooms when you least expect it, without drama of any kind for a change. You’ll be surprised at how pleasant is this, and how easy. It’s been too long since you thought about settling down, and this week may be a good moment to look into your deeper feelings on the matter. Venus needs to feel as if love can last a good long time into the future, if not forever. But with Mercury conjunct Pluto in Capricorn this week, you may find that your living situation is changing somehow. Pluto can stir up feelings from your early life and push old buttons. Security is coming, but it may take a while to take shape over the next few years. Until then, strive for patience as transformation occurs in both of these major life areas. Romantically, you may be too distracted to make any real progress. Instead of trying to force it, work with the prevailing energies to find a new home, establish a friendlier relationship with your neighbors, or process and release any personal issues that just don’t seem to want to let go. Love comes when you discover how you feel about putting down roots.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Jupiter has just moved into Pisces. This suggests good fortune in joint financial affairs and other matters, such as inheritances, your sex life, and in figuring out deep psychological truths about yourself. There is still a focus on your work and health zone. Venus and the Sun move into Aquarius at the start of the week, bringing joy and sparkle to your love life. Mercury has turned direct, which means that you can now go ahead with all those plans and projects that have been on the back burner. Saturn, your money planet, has turned retrograde, so you if you’re planning to buy big-ticket items, you may have to think in the long-term. Jupiter brings good fortune to all things related to your home and family. If you’ve been thinking about selling your home and buying another, you’ll get a good deal. Family affairs will turn out well, and many blessings will come to your home. The Sun and Venus move into Aquarius, encouraging you to share your ideas with others.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
Sagittarius natives have a philosophical attitude about love and romance, and this week you may have the opportunity to put that into practice. Mercury has recently turned direct after a few weeks of retrograde motion and this brings a lot more movement to all areas of your life. This is a relief if you’ve been feeling stagnant. Since Mercury is forming a conjunction relationship with Pluto, the planet of change, how you make and spend money is currently undergoing some new evaluation. Are you happy with your job? Do you want and need to make more money? And what skills have you amassed for which you can now charge more? Although this could temporarily move your attention away from love relationships, you may want to make sure you’re on the same page with your partner about money matters. Since this is one of the top causes of divorce and discord, spending some time talking about how you want to save, spend, and invest in your shared future can help you grow closer over time. Fire Signs love to be reflected in love. What they put out, they often receive in return, thanks to their powerful planets’ ability to shine a light on any planet in the Zodiac. Since you Fire Signs are a natural performer, giving to others by sharing your talents, you understand what it means to use your communicative skills for a positive result. This week you may need all the patience you can muster. With Mercury and Pluto forming a conjunction about health matters, your focus may be pulled away from romantic matters for the time being. The relationship between these planets especially, and Saturn is retrograde as well, isn’t friendly and a bit terse. Your emotional life may be overloaded as your work becomes stressful, or someone else not living up to his or her promises could burden your health. Either way, love can provide a needed respite from the daily grind. Saturn is restricting exploration of new relationships, at least if they take you too far away from your own personal goals. But you are free to develop something closer to home or a union that already exists.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Jupiter is now in the water sign of Pisces and bringing faith and confidence in yourself and plenty of luck. You feel ready to take risks and step out of your comfort zone. The answers to difficult issues may come out of the blue, and you may even find that a secret wish comes true. Jupiter will remain here on and off throughout 2010. You have plenty of opportunity to enjoy the many gifts it will bring. Overall, this is a good time to dig deep and release those psychological barriers to success. Confront them directly and let them go. Jupiter brings many new, positive opportunities to Water Signs this year. If you work for yourself, put your imagination to use and come up with some exciting ideas for new projects. If you’ve been single for some time, you may want to start dating as you discover a newfound confidence developing. Saturn is retrograde until late May, so there’s a possibility that events out of your control may cause delays. Be patient. Both Venus and the Sun move together zone early in the week, bringing a wave of positive energy to your home and security.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week—Water Signs:
Water Signs have a unique opportunity to meet new people and begin a brand new romantic relationship this week. Your focus on community, social groups, and self-employment is highlighted now as Mercury and Pluto form a close relationship now. You’ll likely be invited to tons of social gatherings, so put on your party shoes and get ready to dance the night away! Remember, it isn’t the quantity but the quality of people you meet now. Be prepared to flirt, but don’t give your affections away until you’re pretty sure the person has something in common with you. Your friends are anxious to introduce you to tons of eligible people. Practice your best banter and get ready to deploy it at a moment’s notice. With Saturn squaring these two planets, the only potential drawback is that you’re concerned about the timing of things. Don’t rush it or feel compelled to move any faster than makes you comfortable. You’re doing fine just the way you are, so don’t let anyone tell you differently. Water Signs have the support of several planetary aspects to ease the way for love to take hold this week. Pluto, the planet of change and transformation, is transiting your house of communication and siblings, while conjunct Mercury, planet of communication. If you want to make a point, this is the week to do it. No one will be able to ignore you, since your words will be filled with that much more oomph and verve. If there’s a touchy subject you need to bring up in a love relationship, just be careful about barging in without concern for the other person’s feelings. The presence of Pluto can change things forever, so you want to make sure you’re saying exactly what’s on our mind in the clearest and gentlest way possible. You’re sure to be on the receiving end of some positive words as well, so get ready to accept compliments, flattering reviews, and kudos of all kinds. Love is blooming in all areas, so be ready to meet new people anywhere you are, from the supermarket to your workplace.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

The Sun and Venus move into Aquarius, Earth Signs, brightening your financial situation. It’s time to reflect on your goals in this area and consider where you want to be in the weeks and months ahead. Both planets move to aspect Saturn later in the week, so you may want to talk to your boss about your earnings or discuss the payment for a project with the relevant person. However, Saturn is now retrograde until May 30, so you may not get what you’re hoping for right away. You need to be patient and you’ll need to be more careful where your money is concerned. There may be a few challenges to face, but you can overcome these by making wise choices and the best use of your resources. You’ll need plenty of patience, too. Jupiter has just moved into Pisces, so your love life should improve by leaps and bounds. You and your partner will have many opportunities to enjoy being together. Doing so seems to deepen the bond between you.

Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
You need to watch how you express yourself this week, Earth Signs You will have to be ultra-sensitive to how your partner is feeling before you make certain suggestions. It is just that others are very edgy, and it is only too easy for them to take things the wrong way, or perhaps make a meal out of a plate of air. It may not have crossed your mind that you can blend your favorite activities and your love life, but this week it’s possible. With Mercury having recently turned direct, people see you as a communicator and mediator. The way you’re perceived is changing, and you’re primed and ready to accept all the praise the Universe has to send. Since Mercury is joining Pluto there, you’re thinking about how to transform the way you project yourself to the world. Are you sick of being prim and proper? Do you long to let down your hair, or perhaps the reverse? Anything is possible as you become the person you want to be. The only challenge lies in Saturn squaring these planets. Your career could require you to be one thing while your personal life demands another. You’re caught in the middle trying to establish peace between these seemingly opposite forces. Don’t get too caught up in the timing of events. It will all occur when it’s right. Meanwhile, sharing activities that don’t remind you of your work or career paves the way to greater intimacy.