Stargazing—Weekly Element Forecast—Feb. 15—21, 2010

Feb 15, 2010 | Special Messages


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Week of February 15 – February 21, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You Air Signs are very ambitious and keen to bring your dreams to life. Recently you may have found your efforts frustrated as you tried to get ahead. You need to be patient just awhile longer, especially since support from others may not be as readily available as you’d hoped. If you can bide your time and be prepared to go with the flow, your plans will work out. There’s a major and very positive focus on your finances this week. Uranus has been in an Air Sign for some time and Jupiter and Venus moved in together in the sign of Pisces recently, helping your self-esteem. Altogether, this is a very lucky combination bringing unexpected opportunities and windfalls. Monday and Tuesday are particularly good for closing deals and being in the right place at the right time. Mercury in Aquarius means you Air Signs are in a very communicative mood and happy to share your thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world. A focus on your work is bringing you many opportunities to find your dream job. Expect this to really come together after March 10th. You also get to greatly enhance your lifestyle over the course of 2010, tailoring it to your needs and desires. Go with the flow and don’t worry—be happy!
Heart__Roses Your Love Week—Air Signs: Air Signs, you’re in luck this week as Mercury speeds through Aquarius. This brings more compliments your way, which never hurts, and also more thoughts and ideas when it comes to your appearance. Since appearance is certainly part of romance, you take pride in creating the mood, whether you’re looking for new love or you’ve been attached for a while. Your clothing, hairstyle, and other factors can be quite alluring if you put some thought into what message you want to convey. Are you going for sexy, fun, or girl or guy next door? Whatever the case, take care of it now while you have the support of this communication planet. This may also affect romance, kids, and fun. Now is an excellent time for love matters, especially if you’ve been thinking about asking someone out. Mercury asks that you be very clever and creative and try to work in some humor. At the same time, this planet is opposing Mars. You may be pushed to socialize a lot more during this time, which is great for meeting people and dating more. But the trouble comes when you want to be alone with your special someone and not traveling around in groups. Since Mercury is opposing Mars retrograde, someone you bring in now could become very important indeed in your immediate future. Don’t close your mind to someone just because you don’t get along from the get go. You could find that he or she grows on you over time, kind of like a fine wine. With planetary oppositions, two sides are struggling against one another for dominance. So if you find yourself trying to manipulate your sweetie to get your way or demanding that your needs be met, you may want to rethink your approach. In this situation if someone wins, someone has to lose. Try to find a way where everyone wins a little instead. Your relationship will thank you later.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Since Jupiter in Pisces is a very spiritual combination of energies, you’re going to be learning a lot about the spiritual laws of wealth and abundance. If you didn’t know such laws existed, it’s time to start reading up on them. They may change your approach to money for a long time to come. Mars is still retrograde in Leo, a Fire Sign, through march 7th. If you’ve been frustrated at the way things have been going, don’t worry. Relax, focus, and know that your plans will begin to take off fairly soon – after March 10. If you’ve been thinking of moving or making changes to the home you’re in, this is the time to plan for it. Jupiter in Pisces will bring many opportunities your way. You may want to start a home business or alter the family dynamics. You’ll be doing a lot of socializing. You may also acquire a large extended family, which is going to be a lot of fun. Meanwhile, Mercury is in Aquarius, so you have access to great ideas, some of which people would gladly pay for.
Heart__RosesYour Love Week—Fire Signs: Mars is moving in retrograde motion through Leo, a Fire Sign this week, indicating a return to ideas about yourself that you may have held in the past. You may notice how much progress you’ve made toward certain personal goals or just find that you want to pull out all those old clothes and rework them somehow to seem more contemporary. Meanwhile, Mercury is moving in Aquarius, providing more friendliness and a humanitarian feeling all around. Your relationships may center around the workplace now, and you could find that you meet even more exciting people by hanging out in groups at lunchtime or after work. Make sure to look your best as often as possible because you never know who will cross your path! The fact that these two planets are opposite could mean that the trouble lies in balancing what you are and what you need versus what your relationships are and need. It’s easy enough to get out of balance, but keep trying to gently put them back in order. On a higher note, you may feel incredibly inspired by your current partner. You could find yourself composing love poems, writing down your story together, or standing under your lover’s window to sing a personalized song. So inspired are you that it’s annoying as heck when Mars, moving in retrograde, wants to mess it all up by taking you out of the country, or at least out of the mood. The opposition relationship can be troubling to your existing relationships because part of you wants to look and learn about the other person, while another part of you wants to leap into it full force, ignoring any warnings to slow down. Part of you wants to explore the field, experience, and learn, while the other wants to commit completely. This may give rise to talks between you, or perhaps arguments, but try to listen at least as much as you speak lest you throw the baby out with the bathwater. What you have is worth preserving, so tread carefully, and allow your feelings to flow through you. You do not have to make any decisions; the Universe will guide you if you just trust a little more!

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A lucrative deal, or a meeting with someone who may become a good friend in the future, may come your way this week, Water Signs. There could be passion and romance in the air. Tuesday brings good fortune as Venus conjuncts Jupiter. You’ll have more confidence, especially if you’re going to attend an interview or be involved in important meetings. The best advice of all is to make sure that you use your imagination, since it will help you dream up creative ideas. It’s also good to develop a meditation practice as well as to listen to your intuition regularly. This a good week for romance. It looks like you can have it all. However, there are also a couple of bugbears to deal with. Mars and Saturn continue to be retrograde. Mars is currently in retrograde, which suggests that you feel you’re going backward and not making any progress. Frustration may have set in by now as you wonder why those golden opportunities seem to have evaded you. Don’t worry. This phase isn’t going to last too much longer. Be patient and do what you can.
Heart__RosesYour Love Week—Water Signs: This week, Water Signs, you’re dealing with an increased workload, thanks to Mars retrograde helping your in the area of your employment. This could mean that projects you thought were finished need to be reviewed or reworked somehow, or someone from a past working relationship comes back for something brand new. Since this planet is opposing Mercury, it’s up to you to take the material of your dreams, including the kind of mate you’d like to manifest, and turn it into reality. Since Mercury is the planet of messages and communication, you may be having very strong dreams or psychic flashes now, especially when you come in contact with possible dating partners. But when Mars and Mercury are in opposition, it means that they aren’t necessarily getting along. The responsible, work-oriented part of you wants to get things done, while the dreaming part wants to get lost in the cosmos trying to manifest the perfect partner. In time, you can bring the two extremes into balance. But this week it may feel like they’re anywhere but on the same page. This week may prompt you to plan how you can share some of your deepest feelings with your current dating partner. Some of your time together may be spent in your home (or your partner’s), giving your union a comfortable kind of rhythm.. Your home life is detracting from your career, or vice versa, and chances are no one will be happy by the resulting tug of war. Your partner may want to spend more time with you than your career will allow right now, or you may feel the same about his or her situation. Try not to get overly demanding about your needs. Speak up, certainly, but keeping it gentle will go a long way toward helping matters. If you’re finding it hard to date and simultaneously work long hours, then accept that something’s gotta give at least temporarily.

The Earth Signs Taurus,

Virgo and Capricorn

Monday may bring a new relationship your way, especially if you’re single or if you’re looking for something different. Expect passion and plenty of attention. You could also be offered a new job or a chance to combine talents with someone else and start a new business. There are many scenarios that could come out of this week’s energy. Another piece of good news is that Venus conjuncts Jupiter on Tuesday, which makes this the best day for social events, dating, and generally mixing and mingling with others. Even business meetings should work out well. The presence of Jupiter, Venus, and Uranus in Pisces is excellent for helping you Earth Signs gett answers to all kinds of problems. It’s also very good for connecting with friends, business associates, and anyone else you may not have seen for some time. This week is going to bring you many opportunities over the months ahead. But early this week you also get a chance to shine. Meanwhile, Saturn continues to be retrograde until May, so frustration is still very apparent right now. Easy does it! Be kind to yourself.
Heart__Roses Your Love Week—Earth Signs: This week, Earth Signs, you’re trying to make sense of romance in your life and find new ways to make it more satisfying. Mars retrograde in Leo is forming an opposition relationship with Mercury in Aquarius now, which means that you may need to go out of your own way to make sure someone’s feelings aren’t hurt in your discussions or through your action (or inaction). There’s all too great a chance of this, particularly when it comes to new relationships. The experience may mean that things seem to come out of nowhere for you, surprising you and even making your conversations disjointed. Your job may also be annoying, but try not to bring it home with you. Your partner has problems of his or her own and may not be able to handle yours as well. This week could have you thinking twice about what kind of role money really plays in your life. Are you one of those people who spends all his or her time working so money is never an issue? If so, your relationships may be suffering because of it. With Mars opposing Mercury, relationships are definitely coming to call in a big way. You may have managed to stay unattached for this long, but with someone dark haired, and a bit smoky and sexy coming in now, you may not stand a chance. Since these two planets are pulling against one another, you could find that you’re feeling pulled as well. It’s hard to be completely diplomatic, since one or the other energy is likely to win out. But trying to at least listen to both sides—of your nature or the relationship—means you’re likely to get more of what you want down the line. Remember, all of this is only temporary and will change in early March. Holding your tongue now may mean the difference between keeping your relationship around and damaging it forever. Believe in it and it will all work out for the best.