Stargazing—Weekly Element Forecast—Dec. 28 – Jan. 2, 2010

Dec 28, 2009 | Special Messages

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We are facing five very dangerous bubbles ready to explode.
Ted Kennedy’s Love Child comes forward – a daughter
President Obama will have a much harder time in 2010 than he did in 2009,
Disputes and tempers flare in his Administration.
A Republican lawmaker shouts again, “You lie!” at President Barack Obama
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WEEK OF DECEMBER 28th — January 2nd, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re ready to have fun celebrating the New Year, Air Signs. However, you’ll run into some hindrances in your plans on Thursday when Mercury, your ruler and currently retrograde, is quincunx Mars retrograde. Double-check your plans for New Year’s Eve and make sure all your information is correct before you leave your home. You’re the most motivated person on your block to ring in the new year of 2010, since you know instinctively that big changes are in store for Air Signs in the year ahead. On Thursday you’ll be buffeted by potent energy as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Cancer. You’ll spend New Year’s Eve in a whirlwind of activity, and you might find yourself propelled from one celebration to another. Remember, Mercury is retrograde until January 15th. You’re going to experience four Mercury retrograde periods in 2010 instead of the usual three. You’ll have more time to reassess your life goals than you normally do, and that’s great. On Sunday you need to listen closely to what a family member has to say to you. The Moon enters Virgo on Sunday and you’ll be ready to get organized and compose a new agenda for yourself for 2010.


Your Love Week—Air Signs:

Just about everyone makes New Year’s resolutions, Air Signs, and we all intend to keep them, but sometimes it doesn’t quite work out that way. This time, however, you’ll be especially dedicated to yours, which will likely include joint financial issues as well as matters of the heart. The first part of your resolution will begin on December 28 and 29 when serious Saturn meets up with Venus, the planet that isn’t just in charge of love but also holds the cosmic purse strings. She’s all done up in Capricorn, coincidentally, the sign that Saturn owns. Their joint efforts can’t help but put you in a terrific place, monetarily and romantically, as long as you stick to the budget you’ll come up with on New Year’s Day. The good news is that the Moon will help. She’ll be in the sign of Cancer on that day, an extremely good sign for the potency of your promises both to yourself and to others. And speaking of promises, remember that your partner will be counting on you. Start 2010 with a nice, solid base. Only you can make it happen. If last week’s secrets are still hovering and you’re still being given the third degree by loved ones asking about other loved ones, well, there’s only one thing to do. Talk your sweetheart into taking part in a secret of your very own: your whereabouts from Thursday through Monday! Yes, you’re are freedom-loving signs. When people put too much pressure on you, your first impulse – and it’s a good one – is to put some distance between you and whoever is trying to pressure you. Since it’s the holiday season, you have a wonderful excuse to disappear, too. You two simply need some time alone after all the excitement, parties, and company. After all, it’s true, isn’t it? Wouldn’t you just love to spend some quiet time alone with your partner? You know you won’t get any arguments out of him or her once you suggest it. Oh, and don’t worry about going anywhere fancy. Whether you book a bed and breakfast at the last minute or simply pull down the shades and unplug every electronic device but the television and the DVD player, well, neither of you will care. You’ll be so tickled to have “escaped” from everyone else that your New Year’s kiss will be especially warm and wonderful.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It’s party time!  You definitely won’t be bored this week, Fire Signs! On Monday the Moon in obstinate Taurus squares Mars retrograde in Leo and you’ll be at odds with someone in authority. You have a good reason to connect with your social network, thanks to New Year’s Eve on Thursday. Make sure you leave room for unexpected events that may throw your plans off course, since Mercury retrograde is quincunx Mars retrograde in Leo. Your urge to explore exotic destinations will increase in 2010 once your ruler, Jupiter, enters mystical Pisces on January 17th. New Year’s Eve will find you in an emotional state as the Moon in sensitive Cancer brings a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. You’ll laugh and cry on Thursday as you see out the old year and greet the new one. After your emotional venting, you’ll be filled with a new sense of power and determination over the weekend.

Your Love Week – Fire Signs:

Speaking of hugs, Fire Signs, there’s at least one person you’ll cross paths with this week who you’ll want to absolutely grab on to and not let go, and the feeling will be mutual. They’ll probably help you out of a rather ticklish money situation on Monday or Tuesday, something that could have turned out a lot worse if he or she hadn’t been there to guide you through the tough parts. Once that’s over, however, you’ll still need to be careful about the people to whom you give or lend your hard-earned dollars, especially if you don’t know them very well or their track record hasn’t exactly been stellar, according to mutual acquaintances. You’re famous for being generous, so saying no or even that you’ll think about it is tough for you, and that goes double if you’re looking into someone’s eyes when you say it. This is the time of year when New Year’s resolutions are on all our minds. Basically, those resolutions are promises we make to ourselves, promises that we swear we’re going to keep, difficult or not, so that we can accomplish goals and make ourselves into better people over the coming year. That makes those resolutions even more important than what we promise to others. Fortunately, with a handful of planets in serious Capricorn, all promises you make now are meant to be promises kept. Think of this as a commitment to a new start. Before you make promises to yourself, be sure that you’re being realistic. That’s the most important part. Of course, if anyone is game for taking action, it’s you, especially now with fiery, impulsive Mars in the sign of Leo. Your own personal resolutions for 2010 are just that – personal – but one astrological guess, with all those planets in Capricorn, is that you’ll probably be aiming your energies toward making your work situation the best it can possibly be. Just don’t forget about your sweetheart! Still, you really will need to think about yourself this week. Make one of your New Year’s resolutions to continue doing just that. You aren’t being selfish, just self-protective. No fair feeling guilty!

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water Signs, you’ll be in a mental and emotional tizzy this week. On Monday the Moon in Taurus squares nebulous Neptune, and you’ll find it hard to concentrate. You’re certainly want to be in a good mood this week! On Monday Venus conjuncts Pluto, and you’ll radiate good vibes to others. On Thursday you’ll be eager to see in New Year’s Eve by shooting off fireworks. However, your expectations for ringing in 2010 may be so high that you’re sure to be disappointed unless you’re taking off some place exotic ! You’ll spend New Year’s Eve visiting a new area as the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Cancer in your sector of travel. It’s also possible you’ll hunker down in your living room, and ring in 2010 with a bowl of popcorn and a movie that takes place in Paris. You’ll want ay hello to the new year of 2010 in a big way! On New Year’s Eve the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Cancer and you’ll have a strong surge of potent energy by your side. This is the second Full Moon in Cancer this year, and the Universe is definitely trying to say something to you. On New Year’s Day, the Moon, is opposite Mercury retrograde in Capricorn and you’ll reminisce quite a bit. Remember that once you close your memory book, it’s time to focus on the future and the opportunities waiting for you in 2010. Come up with a practical plan for welcoming in the New Year. On Friday you’ll focus on the wonderful opportunities you have ahead in 2010, and Sunday you’ll put a fresh spin on your New Year’s list of goals with entries designed to allow you to make the most of your personal power.

Your Love Week – Water Signs

That pack of sturdy, responsible Capricorn planets is still on duty as the year comes to a close, Water Signs, making sure you know just how much your loved ones really care for you, and prompting you to do the same for them. Don’t worry if your elders are a bit high maintenance during the early part of the week. You’ll be able to smooth things out as only you can, and well before New Year’s Eve arrives, too, much to the delight of everyone who will be spending time with them. There’s a whole pack of heavenly energies out there determined to make this a fun, unusual week for you. That’s exactly what will happen once Monday night passes. Don’t panic. This little bump in the road won’t amount to anything major. The culprits, however, are intense Pluto and serious Saturn, who will get together with loving Venus during Monday night and the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Together, they could definitely make either you or your sweetheart just a tad bit cranky, but you’re both exhausted after all that activity last week, so a little bit of irritability is to be expected. Get some sleep so you’ll be up for the celebrations by the time Thursday rolls around. Then it’s time to do it all over again, especially if you’re having the gang over to your place. There’s also a Lunar Eclipse that will occur on Thursday. The good news is that it will be in tender, home- and family-oriented Cancer, so one and all will be empathetic and understanding, and lots of nice, warm hugs will be passed around. This bright light will give you a chance to reveal your feelings, or if you two have already talked it over, make an announcement to assembled friends and family. And what better time than midnight on December 31st? Don’t worry if you’re single. This Eclipse contains all of the most astrologically perfect ingredients to change that—and what a story to tell the grandchildren!

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth Signs, this week you may be tempted to reinvent the wheel! However, you could discover that you’re wasting a lot of time tinkering with perfection. Remember to look ahead not back this week! On Thursday Mercury retrograde in Capricorn is square Mars retrograde and you’ll be tempted to spend New Year’s Eve with a wistful glance back at your past life experiences. Yes, time is moving on and the people you know are changing. Also, you may spend New Year’s Eve coming up with a plan to alter a situation in your life that doesn’t need any adjustment! However, on Friday it will be easy for you to visualize new possibilities for you and your life as the Moon in Cancer trines inventive Uranus. Compose your resolutions for 2010 with an eye to the future. On Sunday your mind and heart will be in sync as the illuminating Moon enters Virgo in your sector of self. You’ll discover that you’re capable of working out any dilemma you encounter.

Your Love Week – Earth Signs:

That pack of planets Capricorn in hasn’t gone anywhere, so you’ll continue to be the star of the show for the rest of the week—and the New Year, too! There are two major things for you to concentrate on now, however, in addition to the fact that all those planets will make you darned near irresistible to absolutely everyone, which we’ll get back to in a minute. First off, keep in mind that Mercury, the god of communication, is still moving retrograde in your sign, so old memories, old friends, and even a former lover will likely come along shortly, if they haven’t already made an appearance. If you’re single, think about it before you sign up again. Take a pass unless you have new solutions to old problems. If you’re attached, keep your partner close by your side, and again, take a pass! Like last week, a parade of earthy Capricorn energies will make this a plenty exciting time for you even if it wasn’t already New Year’s week. Of the four planets who will be on duty and making sure you’re safe, cautious, and only spending time with those who have strictly honorable intentions toward you, however, loving Venus will be the star of the show. The second astrological star of your show is the Lunar Eclipse on Thursday – yep, right on New Year’s Eve – which will activate your axis of relationships in a very exciting way. There’s no doubt that 2010 will arrive with quite a few surprises for you – immediately! It makes sense, too, because she’s literally “in her element” in your house of lovers. So anyone you cross paths with will definitely feel the vibes you’ll be putting out. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be concerned only with love and romance, but it sure will be tough to turn your attention in any other direction, and why would you want to? As if this lovely lady and her entourage won’t provide enough encouragement to keep you pleasantly distracted from anything too serious. Thursday’s Lunar Eclipse will turn the volume up even further in your love life, activating your axis of friends and lovers. So don’t be surprised if someone you’ve only thought of as a “bud” makes a point of being the first kiss you enjoy in 2010.