Dec 14, 2009 | Special Messages

WEEK OF DECEMBER 14th — 20th  2009

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your wish may be granted this week, Air Signs! On Monday the Sun in optimistic Sagittarius sextiles lucky Jupiter in Aquarius and a cherished dream may finally become a reality for you. Remember to always believe in yourself and your goals. After all, you’re an Air Sign and a true visionary! You have a lot of challenging energy swirling around you this week. On Monday the Sun in bold Sagittarius squares volatile Uranus and you may be caught up in a very explosive situation. Make sure you pay attention to your actions! On Wednesday the New Moon faces you with the past, one of your open enemies, and you may be ready to reconcile with a former rival. However, your competitor might not be keen to forgive and forget, so keep that in mind. You’ll go on a quest for inner healing on Sunday as the Moon in Aquarius opposes Mars retrograde in Leo. You need to take some time to process your recent life events so you can create more peace and serenity for yourself. On Sunday evening you’ll catch up on old times with a school chum.

Tarot-Hearts Your Love Week—Air Signs:
Jupiter and Neptune have been in Aquarius, and wearing the impetuous Air Sign for quite some time now. They’re plenty powerful all by themselves, but every now and then other planets serve as “triggers” for all that independent, rebellious energy. Take the early part of this week, for example, when the Sun meets up with both heavenly superpowers. Talk about exciting! You’ll be full of energy and ready to try anything at least once, especially if someone you’re sweet on suggests it. The first trigger will occur courtesy of Jupiter and the Sun on Monday, who will likely bring you a wonderful gift, not necessarily of the material type but most definitely heartfelt and extremely appreciated. Speaking of exotic friends, let’s delve a bit deeper into this week’s astrological agenda, including two of the main stars of that stellar show. The Sun and Venus are both wearing Sagittarius. Sagittarius is famous for its love of long-distance people and places. When the mighty Sun joins forces with loving Venus in that sign, it would be next to impossible for anyone to not meet up with someone lovely carrying a map and possibly a future invitation to a far-off place on his or her mind, and that could happen as soon as your eyes meet. You may also be the initiator, which will make you feel just as good, and that will likely occur on Tuesday, when Neptune gets involved. (Oh, and prepare for surprises, too. Startling Uranus will provide those for you, also during the early part of the week.) Once Wednesday’s New Moon arrives, whether you’ve only set eyes on someone this week or you’ve been gazing at them for years, it will be time to make a new start—a positive start that will make you both happy. When the weekend arrives, loving, affectionate Venus will meet up with extravagant Jupiter. Count on lots of hugs, and be sure you have plenty of mistletoe hanging in doorways! By the way, but don’t make any plans. Just let the Universe handle the details.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Make way for a new you! On Wednesday the New Moon takes place in optimistic Sagittarius and you’ll be inundated with positive vibes. You’re ready for a change and you want to become the person you know you’re meant to be. This is your time to revise your life scenario and use the powerful energy at your disposal. The Universe will send you on an exciting ride this week starting on Monday as the Sun sextiles lucky Jupiter. You’ll discover that good fortune is your companion. Now is the time to push through any stalled project or endeavor for which you haven’t been able to muster enthusiasm. Your belief in yourself and your talent will accelerate on Wednesday when the New Moon begins an exciting month for you Fire Signs. On Sunday your motor begins to slow down as Mars, the planet of energy and drive, turns retrograde in Leo until mid-March. Work matters will slow down a bit, for sure! Good luck comes your way on Sunday as Venus in Sagittarius sextiles Jupiter, the planet of blessings. This is a great time to put your life experiences into a novel, short story, or screenplay.

Tarot-HeartsYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
The Sun and Venus will be keeping close company this week in Sagittarius. If this pair doesn’t get you noticed, no one will. So if you’re single, be sure you get dressed up in your finest and get out there and have some fun. Do the same if you’re attached, but be sure to bring your sweetheart with you. It’s going to be a very busy week, Fire Signs, and it will be the kind of busy you like. Fun, travel, and interesting, exotic friends will take up your time, all brought to you courtesy of several planetary allies in the Fire Sign of Sagittarius. They include the Sun and Moon, who will get together on Wednesday to create a New Moon, the stuff that wonderful new encounters are made of, including (yes, really) love at first sight, if you keep your eyes and ears open for a wonderful new accent. You two will undoubtedly have a fine time, especially if you accept all those invitations to the parties you’ll be invited to from Thursday through Sunday. Be sure you’re dressed appropriately for anything that your partner or friends have on the agenda for you. On Thursday loving Venus will contact red-hot Mars and the two will keep you busy with nothing but romance for the rest of the week. Once Saturday arrives there will be a surprise due, the kind you’ll never see coming no matter how intuitive you are. Even if you could see it en route, why ruin the fun? Speaking of friends, make sure you have plenty of them around you this weekend. It’s time to hang the mistletoe and make good use of it. And if anyone can, by the way, it’s you! The week will draw to a lovely close on Sunday, when loving Venus and generous Jupiter will come together to bring you hugs, laughter, and lots of meetings with friends. Enjoy!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Water Signs, this isn’t the week to get lost in your own dream world! You need to pay special attention to your actions and watch what you’re doing and where you’re going, especially on Monday. Make sure you don’t talk on your cell phone while driving. Small talk isn’t usually your favorite activity, whether you’re having a good time with friends or engaged in a serious conversation about important issues. However, on Friday the capricious Moon in Capricorn in your sector of how you communicate conjuncts verbose Mercury and you’ll surprise your friends, family, and even next-door neighbors with your new urge to chat. Your sense of restless energy will be very strong on Saturday as Venus in fiery Sagittarius squares erratic Uranus in Pisces. You may find that you’re unable to stay in one place for long. You might be extremely inconsistent in your actions. On Sunday you may decide to take a back seat in a neighborhood organization you belong to and let someone else be in charge. You can live your life in quiet mode for a while.

Tarot-HeartsYour Love Week – Water Signs:
Monday’s astrological agenda calls for a great big change in your career situation, Water Signs, but then, you haven’t just been expecting this for some time, you’ve been making plans for it. You won’t just be happy when it happens, you’ll be delighted, and your partner will be, too. The good news is that the higher-ups are also pretty darned pleased about the situation, and whether you know it now or not, they’ve been planning it for some time. There’s just something about the holidays – OK, and the beginning of the year – that makes everyone in business think in terms of getting the show on the road. And speaking of work and shows, you’ll have Mars in Leo for several months making sure that absolutely everything you do is noticed. It certainly is the Holiday Season, but everyone has to work through it, so don’t whine about overtime. Be sure you’re on top of things. Relationship-wise, of course, it goes without saying that you’ll be taking a bit of time away from him or her to do what needs to be done, but if you impress on your partner what you’ll be gaining, it should be just fine. With so much on your plate this week, you’ll be lucky if you can grab a few hours alone. But since you Water Signs have always been so good at privacy, you’ll manage. You may become a familiar face at the mall this week in whatever spare time you have, thanks to the Sun and loving Venus in extravagant Sagittarius, oh, and thanks to the fact that the Holiday Season is your favorite time to shop. The fun part for you will be hiding everything so well that no one—absolutely no one—will be able to find his or her gifts—not the kids, not your sweetheart, not anyone. Just don’t get so carried away that you forget that plastic turns into paper in less than a month, and that means bills in the mailbox. Nobody’s saying you can’t be generous, of course. You’re probably famous for it. Just don’t get too crazy, even if you’re trying to impress someone new. Remember that your company is the most wonderful gift of all.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You are more intuitive than you know, Earth Signs! Your hunches are strong, even if you don’t always listen to them. You’ll be seized with wanderlust this week! The urge to explore new landscapes could take you to the farthest reaches of the globe or cause you to pack your bags and move across town. On Tuesday you’ll have a flash of insight as the Sun sextiles Neptune. Be sure to pay attention to what your inner guides tells you. The New Moon on Wednesday may help you decide to move camp. You’ll be overloaded with household chores on Thursday as the Moon in Capricorn squares stern Saturn. Your own needs will go on the back burner as you spend time attending to others, at least for a while. You’ll strive to get to know yourself better this weekend. You’ll want to safeguard your secrets starting on Sunday, when Mars turns retrograde. Don’t confide anything to even your closest friends that you don’t want bandied about your social circle until Mars turns direct in March 2010!

Tarot-HeartsYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
Your home, family, and emotions will be a very busy place now, Earth Signs, and for the entire month, in fact. You won’t mind it at all; in fact, you’ll probably be delighted. After all, ’tis the season, the season you prepare for all year long with shopping trips as early as August and last-minute stops as late as this week (OK, and maybe next week, too). Oh, and the decorating? Well, you’ll probably be doing what’s left of that around Wednesday, when the New Moon in Sagittarius focuses on your home and family, courtesy of the Sun, the Moon, and loving Venus. All of them will put you in the mood to add the finishing touches to your celebrations. Earth Signs have never been famous for keeping quiet about anything. Don’t be surprised if someone you care about asks you to pretend you haven’t seen or heard something, and if (at first, anyway) you feel obliged to agree. But here’s the rub: if you do, you know you’ll end up feeling guilty about it in the end. See, you just aren’t fond of keeping secrets. Saturn, the cosmic taskmaster demands that we take responsibility for all our actions, including telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth at all times and not just when it’s convenient. You’ve never had a problem with any of that when it comes to yourself. You take your lumps and you take them immediately. When it comes to others, however, you shrug your shoulders and let them make their own decisions. Right now that’s definitely the right path to take. No fair feeling guilty, either. Your mission for the week is to stay uninvolved. If you’re lucky enough to be doing the visiting and not the hosting, you’ll receive plenty of Holiday invitations now, especially on Saturday and Sunday, when at least one long-distance offer may arrive. Think it over before you accept, and longer before you decline!