Stargazing – Weekly Element Forecast – April 26th—May 2nd, 2010

Apr 26, 2010 | Special Messages

star-flashingStargazing News:

There is a terrific shift in the cosmos taking place that is likely to have a profound effect on everyone. The Sun is making the start of a four-week period in which it will encourage intense actions and personalities.. Today the Sun makes a brave leap forward through the zodiac. During this four-week transit, it will be turning up the intensity on just about every aspect of your life.

STARGAZING – Week of April 26th – May 2nd 2010


The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Air Signs, you’re quite the entrepreneur, ready to experiment with new and exciting ways to earn money. However, your bank manager may not see things the way you do. If you apply for a loan or try to raise capital to fund one of your ventures, you may meet with stubborn resistance. Try later in the year and you may have resounding success. For now, bide your time. Mercury is retrograde, so this isn’t the best time to buy or sell property. This is the time to work within to create the outer success and results. Don’t hold back from making lifestyle changes that you know deep down are necessary. If you continue with self-destructive habits, you won’t be helping yourself at all. Take a detached perspective and be prepared to embrace a new way of life. Your energy levels will improve, and you will feel so much better all around. A Full Moon in Scorpio midweek highlights finances. Try not to overspend if you go shopping. Your social life is excellent, Air Signs. Enjoy!


Your Love Week—Air Signs:

It’s hard to believe Mercury’s still retrograde this week, since it behaves almost normally around Wednesday’s Full Moon, but understand that things aren’t what they seem. On Monday, don’t assume you’ll get your way as Saturn opposes Uranus. Be careful about misreading friendships at Tuesday’s Moon-Neptune trine, and weigh all promises when these two planets square on Thursday. With the Moon in Libra through Tuesday afternoon, you’ll truly enjoy one-on-one situations. But after it enters Scorpio and is quincunx Venus, be careful in romantic situations. Retrograde Mercury could be deceptive at Wednesday’s Full Moon, when passion alters your view of reality. And when Ceres retrogrades that evening and forms its own quincunx with Venus, you may feel twinges of abandonment. The rest of the week becomes your personal stage for acting out. Uncertainty keeps life interesting, but resist the temptation for drama. Friday and Saturday are about partying and flirting under the Sagittarius Moon, but don’t let Saturn and Uranus run away with your imagination on Sunday.

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

An enlightened view of your finances creates a breakthrough. The more you are prepared to embrace a spiritual approach to money matters, the better off you will be. It may require a leap of faith, but it’s worth it. As Saturn in opposes Uranus on Monday, you may find yourself wondering if all your efforts are worth it. You work so hard, but your family doesn’t seem to appreciate it. It may be time to try another tack. Think how you can restore the balance between work and home, and make this a priority. You could find yourself liberated in the process. The Full Moon in Scorpio on Wednesday suggests that matters at home may be rather intense, with power issues at the center of the problem. Relax, let go, and try to go with the flow. Everything will sort itself out if you can do this. Mercury continues to be retrograde, so take care when signing important documents.


Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

This week invites true and less-than-true love. Monday’s Saturn-Uranus opposition brings you patience to wait, although once the Moon enters Scorpio on Tuesday and turns full on Wednesday, there’s no lack of temptation. Between a Sun-Mercury conjunction, Moon-Mars square, and Ceres retrograde, you could risk relationship security for wild pleasure. Mars hangs in Leo this week, inviting three unique trysts with the changeable Moon. Monday morning’s sextile probably involves strong coffee, given your jittery state. Anything is possible under Libra’s influence, including resistance or cooperation. Wednesday’s square with a Scorpio Full Moon is more about passion than emotion, and not everyone’s playing the same game. Think with your head as well as your heart. Let apologies flow and healing begin when the Moon reaches your sign late Thursday. Sagittarius hosts a Friday night adventure that could end happily. Big-hearted gestures are welcome this weekend, but you might also be faced with a decision about your future. Be careful and think twice about promises that by Sunday night you obviously won’t be able to keep.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Partners who refuse to change may be causing a lot of problems early in the week. You can see the benefits of others following your advice, but they are oblivious to your words. Why are your friends so stubborn and old-fashioned? An ongoing situation comes to a head once again as Saturn opposes Uranus on Monday. It may be time to talk and share your feelings about their behavior. You may need to try a different approach. You need to shock them out of their complacency. They will soon come around to your way of thinking. The Full Moon in Scorpio midweek may coincide with a meeting in which you learn something you can use to your advantage. This Full Moon brings powerful emotions to the surface You Water Signs need a lot of freedom right now. You don’t appreciate being pigeonholed or treated like one of the gang. Do your own thing and be proud. Be careful and watchful on your path!


Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Will this be a week to remember or forget? You can already taste the excitement in Monday’s Moon-Mars sextile. Look and feel your best Tuesday afternoon through Thursday evening while the Moon transits Scorpio and turns full on Wednesday. This Full Moon crisis potential takes issue with bold Jupiter and independent Uranus in Pisces. Monday’s Saturn-Uranus opposition is about ignoring the inevitable. With both Jupiter and Uranus quincunx the Moon on Tuesday, serious relationship talk is impossible, even with Ceres bringing everyone together. Both planets are making nice as they trine the Moon on Thursday, but fickle Ceres gives up and loses you in familiar territory. Beware the Sun-Mercury conjunction – retrograde Mercury contributes to epic misunderstandings. Everybody’s friends again by Friday’s Moon-Mars trine, but if you presume too much about someone else’s desires on Saturday or Sunday, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are all positioned to teach you some harsh lessons about good behavior. Jupiter makes extravagant promises Saturday and Uranus starts breaking them Sunday. Better luck next week!

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Tensions play out as Saturn opposes Uranus on Monday. Your friends may be challenging you to step out of your comfort zone, and currently you seem to be resisting. Try to look at things from their point of view and you will appreciate that they only want to help. Relationship issues come to the fore once again early this week. You may be stubbornly resisting changes that your partner is trying to introduce. Make sure you keep talking and sharing exactly how you feel even if you fear doing so. The more you can understand and respect each other’s point of view, the sooner you will reach a compromise. A Full Moon in Scorpio midweek means that conversations are going to be very intense. This Full Moon creates an air of mystery and intrigue. You could have a secret you wish to keep, but it may not remain private for much longer.

Tarot-HeartsYour Love Week—Earth Signs:

Mercury affects your love life this week, whether you’re in the fast lane or keeping someone guessing. Rethink your status during Monday’s lunar quincunx with Mercury and the Sun. Saturn remains a cautionary, sometimes judgmental, presence this week. You’ll resent the loved one who doesn’t give you any choices. This Full Moon is sure to kick up the heat, opposing Mercury at the fastest point of its retrograde. Don’t mistake this for romance as usual! While the Scorpio Full Moon and Sun-Mercury conjunction dare you to break rules and let romance blossom wildly, Thursday’s Moon-Saturn sextile turns you into an adviser when you’d rather be a player. With Friday’s pair of quincunxes similar to Monday’s, it’s like you haven’t gotten anywhere. And once the ringed planet Saturn, squares the Moon and is quincunx Neptune on Sunday, you’ll choose good behavior over romantic risk. You’ll be persuasive during Sunday’s Moon-Mercury trine – but does everyone know what he or she is agreeing to? Maybe safe really is better than sorry!