Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast 8-17

Aug 17, 2009 | Special Messages

crystalballPsychic Predictions

Psychic predictions vary from psychic to psychic. Although no two psychics will predict in exactly the same way, they can receive similar messages. Psychic predictions have been sought after by thousands of seekers for centuries, and the 21st Century is no different. These predictions, for the most part, can be very helpful to others. The insight can bring a feeling of inner confirmation to the querent. The words spoken can become a reminder to your inner being of what is hidden within your subconscious. Many do not know what their inner thoughts are, because they have not been taught how to “tune in.” Perhaps they are afraid of what they may discover regarding their true needs and desires. The truth comes out in a reading, for the querent to hear, meditate on, and chose what action they wish to take regarding the messages. One important thing — nothing is set in stone. Sometimes a psychic message can prevent or avert an action that would have occurred if the message had not been given. This is such a deep and interesting subject. If you believe that everything happens for a reason, then know that everything we see and hear are messages we need to hear and experience in some way.

Following are three predictions for late summer and FALL – 2009

The flu arrives late September, killing thousands across Europe and North America. There is a race against time for a cure.

sarah_palin-sml Sarah Palin is gone from politics. She has not lived up to the standards demanded of a politician. Never leave an office early – finish out the term you were elected to complete. This is called “good character” Sarah.

The Hurrican Season is late, but promises to produce three very damaging storms, one a Category Five. A storm will destroy several Atlantic Islands, including Galveston, Texas, as the storm sweeps along the Texas coast. Another hits the Carolinas, while a third hits Florida’s West side and the Gulf Coast. (Hurricane Bill will come up into North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Philadelphia.)

2009 is predicted to be a grim year at best. What aout the financial picture, stock market and coporations? Join our subscription magazine to find out. Also – what do the Stars say about the Hollywood Stars?

The rest are on my psychic pages in the on-line magazine, and you can subscribe to Psychic Visions Plus to receive monthly updates.

Stargazing – Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week Of Element Forecast August 17th – 23rd

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Communication is important this week. You could lose out if you don’t pay attention to the way you get your message across. You may wonder whether to be less or more communicative about sharing details. You may have to work by intuitive feel and go with the flow. If you’re open and sensitive to what others are telling you, you’ll find it easier to connect. This is important in meetings or situations with clients in which you need to negotiate the best deal. With care, you’ll not only do the right thing but succeed beyond your wildest dreams. However, early in the week a combination of influences might indicate some confusion about how to proceed. Stand firm and believe in yourself. The big news this week is a New Moon in Leo, which takes place on Thursday. This brings an opportunity for a fresh start in your relationships at all levels. If you want to cement new alliances, get engaged, or create a new business partnership, this is the time to do so. The same applies if you’re ending a relationship and beginning life as a single person. Whatever new phase you’re beginning gets off to a great start. Meanwhile, Mars energy is great if you work for yourself. You’ll be catalyzed into action, especially early in the week. However, do be careful and don’t take any risks or gambles on Tuesday. If you enjoy gambling and were thinking of hitting the casino – don’t. It’s best to wait for another day. You stand to lose too much money if you go gaming at this time. This week brings you a chance to get started on projects and ideas that have been on your mind for some time. If you get a move on now, you’ll catch the Moon’s positive tide. As the New Moon also emphasizes communication, you may find that a message or phone call pushes you to take action on an issue sooner than you might have otherwise, which has to be a good thing. You may be tempted to splurge over the weekend even if you can’t really afford it. Try to strike a balance between having fun and sticking to your budget. You may need to make a big decision on Sunday. Choose wisely.

heart-love Your Love Week – Air Signs:
This can be a very sociable week in which partners certainly aren’t shy in coming forward. If you have been feeling at all left out in the cold, then this will make up for it. So, how do you feel? Nothing like a spark to get you out of the doldrums! Prepare for a very, very sassy week, Air Signs, and stop overanalyzing this one. Just enjoy the company, understood? With the planetary aspect at play, romance and passion burn brightly, and there is the opportunity to discuss virtually every topic under the Sun. It’s a great time to go out for a memorable evening, as it will make quite an impact. If you quiet your mind and listen, you may learn something from your airy soul. It’s imperative that you enjoy yourself now!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Monday is great for coming up with ideas and brainstorming, but it may not be so good for detailed work. Although Mercury conjuncts Saturn and helps you to focus your efforts, there’s also a danger of mistakes and mixed messages, so mind how you go. You seem to be in a very businesslike mood, but make sure that others are as serious as you are about getting results. If you need to sign major contracts, it’s important to read the small print. You may also find yourself being cajoled into helping out for little or no money. If you’re happy with this, fine. If not, you know what to do. Tuesday needs some extra care when Mars squares Uranus. You and your partner may be more prone to accidents than usual. Take particular care around the home, as this seems to be the main danger zone. Don’t take a risk with financial dealings, especially if you aren’t certain whether or not it will pay off. It’s better to bide your time and take baby steps toward realizing your dream. Venus probes you and now it’s time to ask yourself how you really do feel about your lover. Be honest. Are you secretly tempted to mother them? He or she may find you way too clingy and want to get away. Be careful not to appear overbearing. The most exciting news for you Fire Signs this week is a New Moon in Leo. This brings you a chance to create changes in any area of life you choose. This New Moon brings you an opportunity to make a fresh start. You may decide to change your patterns of belief, as these create the circumstances in which you find yourself. You may begin a journey or perhaps decide to publish a book. You have a two-week window of opportunity that will enable you to catch the Moon tide. You have to take the first steps and harness the power of the waxing Moon. You seem to be in a serious mood at work and as determined as ever to reach your goals. But do make time to relax and socialize. It will help you see things in perspective. By the weekend you’re in a much more independent and egotistical mood, which lovers may find preferable. On Sunday, you realize that something has to change, especially where your finances are concerned. Get at it now, Fire Sign because Mercury retrogrades in September, and you need this positive energy boost to ensure success.

heart-love Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
As the days grow shorter, Fire Signs, you’ll find that you and your lover are apt to work on rekindling what seems stagnant. ‘Tis the onset of autumn and – wow! – it’s off to an exciting start! Sparks will continue to fly this week. Enjoy the excitement and relish the attention that you’re getting from that special someone. On the other hand, if you’re feeling a bit lost and lonely, or without a current partner, remember that you’re entitled to enjoy yourself during her or his time of “taking space.” On the contrary, if you’re feeling smothered and repressed love, loathing, and longing all in one breath this week, you’re on the right track. Renewal or change is coming at September arrives, for sure.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Communication with partners and those you deal with on a regular basis may become blocked on Monday. Both of you may be stubborn and refuse to listen to the other. But whatever the problem, it will melt away within a couple of days. In business, if you’re attempting to close a deal or sign an important contract, be careful. There’s a chance that you may not have read the small print carefully enough. Only commit if you feel 100 percent certain that everything is as it should be. If your gut instinct tells you to hold back, then do so. However, this is a good time for brainstorming and collecting ideas that could be useful in the future. Tuesday brings a tense aspect between Mars and Uranus, which could cause you to do something on the spur of the moment that you regret later. If you feel yourself getting very impatient or frustrated, then try to hold back. It’s better to bring about change slowly and build solid foundations. Be extra careful if you happen to be doing any do-it-yourself work at home. If you’re working with electricity, be even more careful and call in the experts if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you’re self-employed, don’t be tempted to take a risk, as it may not work out the way you hope. When Mars (in Gemini) squares Uranus (in Pisces), you may find yourself in a financial tight corner and looking for some way out. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes or anything dubious. It’s best to create a plan that will enable you become successful over time. A New Moon on Thursday brings a wonderful opportunity to get started on a new fitness routine or change your lifestyle so it becomes more balanced. This is also an excellent time to give up any bad habits and replace them with good ones. This New Moon brings a two-week window of opportunity to make a fresh start. If you’re beginning a job this week, you’ll fit into your new surroundings very well and your efforts will blossom along with the waxing Moon. Now is also the best time to take on new projects that will have an impact on your career. They’ll help you build your reputation. On Sunday, a new friendship may have a powerful impact on you and your life, Water Signs.

heart-love Your Love Week – Water Signs:
Is this the person you’ve been dreaming of or simply someone to fill a void in your soul? Regardless of your watery charm, she or he can see right through your façade and will notice your indifference hidden behind smiles. So if you’re interested, stop dilly-dallying and invite him or her to a party or dinner if you want to be more intimate. But, avoiding the inevitable will only make that certain someone cling to you even more. Be honest. If you’ve been thinking about taking a break from your current romantic situation, the stars aren’t in favor of that decision this week. Your intention will be misconstrued, so it’s best to postpone any serious love decisions until the end of the month.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

You may have many wonderfully bright ideas but be stuck for words on Monday. Mercury conjuncts Saturn, which is great for helping you create a plan or define your terms, but it isn’t so hot for meetings or conversations in which you need to achieve something credible. You might want to wait a few days, by which time you’ll have more of an impact. Long-term partnerships look especially sweet this week, as Venus continues to move through your opposite sign of Cancer. Whatever issues or problems you may have been facing will be easily forgotten. Monday may also bring obstacles or delays to travel plans. It will only be temporary, so try not to fret too much. You may find your progress blocked if you’re trying to arrange a deal or perhaps dealing with legal issues. Everything will be flowing once again within a day or so. Don’t take a risk at work on Tuesday. It may not pay off. Watch your step, as you may want to dive into a situation that you aren’t that well prepared for. You may feel you’re justified in taking a risk, but is it worth the stress and hassle? If a negative outcome is really going to bother you, it’s better to take it much more slowly. The New Moon on Thursday gives you the chance for a fresh start. If you want to heal any ongoing problems, this is a good time to start counseling or therapy. If you’re combining assets in a business or marriage, you’ll be equally blessed. The next two weeks is a great time for realizing your dreams. Think about planting the seeds of your desires in your subconscious mind by whatever method suits you best. Explore the idea that you create your reality. You may want to look into parallel lives, or present life regression work while you’re at it, as these hold yet another key to bringing your heart’s desires. Make a note to write down your dreams on a regular basis. They’re going to give you some valuable guidance. The Sun moves into Virgo on Saturday, which brings opportunities for travel and adventure to you Earth Signs. On Sunday you may want to research a subject in depth in order to improve your chances of success.

heart-love Your Love Week – Earth Signs:
In retrospect, was it all worth it? This is the time to ponder that, because with summer winding down, you tend to be a bit wishy-washy about recent affairs of the heart. Are you afraid that good things won’t be consistent? Is that any reason to run away? It’s time for you to own up and act like a mature adult in this relationship. Remember, those are hearts that you’re toying with – yours and theirs. No, you haven’t completely lost your marbles, Earth Signs. It’s simply the present planet configuration playing games with your emotions. Take a deep breath. The summer is waning, and crisp, snuggly cool nights are on the horizon. Soak in as much sunshine as you can while it’s still plentiful, and remember to smile and be nice. It pays!