Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast 7-27

Stargazing  Weekly Element Forecast
with Elizabeth Joyce
Monday  Sunday
July 27th  August 2nd

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The Air Signs
Gemini  Libra  Aquarius

New Adventure are coming to you Air Signs for the next six weeks. Get ready! Recently you’ve felt so bogged down by your duties and responsibilities, it felt like you were walking in molasses. You have the advantage in all your life situations early this week, so keep that in mind as you go about your routine. You can say goodbye to your sense of stagnation on Monday, as Venus in lively Gemini trines optimistic Jupiter in Aquarius, both are Air Signs. You’ll discover that your zest and curiosity regarding life returns, and you will be buoyed up with the feeling that yes, life has a lot to offer you, and vice versa! Because you’ll begin your week with a burst of positive energy. this is a great time to start any new projects you have on the back burner and bring those endeavors firmly to the forefront of your life. You may find you have success if you buy a small lottery ticket, but make sure you only wager as much as you can afford to lose, since your good fortune might not extend as far as you think it will! One ticket a week usually does the trick. Friday your urge to escape into another realm gets the better of you. You might find it very hard to concentrate on reality, and want to spend your time happily immersing yourself in a fantasy novel or movie. That’s fine for a while, but remember, you’ll need to come back to planet Earth in short order, even if it’s just to pick up groceries at your local supermarket. It’s true, you are Air Signs, but you can’t survive on just air! Saturday Venus enters conscientious Cancer, and it’s a great time to go over your dietary needs, since you have a tendency to absent-mindedly eat whatever is at hand. A major energy shift occurs for you on Sunday, as clever and impish Mercury, enters practical and earthy Virgo. You’ll find yourself devoting a lot of your time and thoughts to your childhood experiences, and you may begin to dissect the events that happened in your life when you were younger. A new urge to revisit your birthplace might crop up, and you could start planning a family reunion very soon.

heart-love Your Love Week  Air Signs:
Bored? Socially, a certain somebody will certainly appreciate your extra attention this week. It should add some spice. If you’re single, go out with some friends. Partnership is in the cards for you this week, and what could be sweeter? Don’t miss the passion! Why not consider it? You may be surprised. Love comes in many different packages. For you Air Signs attached, as difficult as it may seem, you must follow through on that promise you made last month. Your lover is depending on you. Perhaps this situation will make you realize that it isn’t in your best interests to promise the world out of desperation. She or he will accept realistic promises, too. Your emotions are a bit skewed, so avoid any squabbles with your sweetie. You may say something that you really regret. Try to compromise.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Fire Signs, you know you’re retaining negative emotions regarding certain events that took place in your life. This week you’re going to discover that you’re able to release your toxic feelings and finish with them once and for all. You’re allowing matters to take their own course this week, and that isn’t a good idea. You’ve been a bit on the lazy side recently, and your belief that “it will all work out for the best” isn’t helping you right now. On Monday Venus in Gemini trines beneficial Jupiter, the planet of blessings, and you’ll be ready to dispose of any negativity you’re holding onto. It’s a great time for inner cleansing, so feel free to vent and then let go of emotions and thoughts you no longer need or want. On Thursday Mercury in Leo opposes excessive Jupiter and you may discover a real mess is building in your life due to your own neglect and inaction. It’s time to roll up your sleeves and become proactive regarding your life. If your roof is leaking, don’t just put pots underneath the wet and moldy shingles to collect the drips. Call a roofer! On Friday your commitment to transformation solidifies, as Venus enters intuitive Cancer. You’ll devote the next several weeks to discovering who you really are and what makes you tick, and that’s wonderful. You Fire Signs are so busy and outgoing that you aren’t often able to spend the time needed for your own personal growth. Now your highest priority will be your own self-awareness and development. Hurray for you! You may decide to zoom into fantasyland for a bit this weekend and spend your leisure time just goofing off and watching escapist movies for a while. On Saturday the capricious Moon in Sagittarius is trine nebulous Neptune, and you’ll find it hard to concentrate on your routine. By Sunday you’ll be back to your regular agenda. In fact, your desire to get busy will be in stark contrast to your attitude of the day before! Your ability to express yourself to others will increase.

heart-love Your Love Week  Fire Signs:
When you come down from that cloud, you’ll see that not everything is as it once seemed. You need to take things more seriously this week. Listen carefully to your lover. She or he has been trying to tell you something, but you haven’t been grounded enough to understand. You’ll find what you’re looking for today in nature. Take a stroll with your lover. It will be the remedy that you need for whatever ails the two of you. Do you feel like you were stabbed in the back again? Is this a pattern lately? What could be the catalyst? In a situation like this, you need to look inside yourself for the answer. That is where the blame lies. The inherent trouble in paradise that you and your lover are experiencing is really weighing on your mind. Perhaps a July break is imperative here. Not a break up, but some fresh air. Absence will definitely make the heart grow fonder, and that is what you both need. Your sweetie will be impressed with your perceptiveness and find it sexy. It will ground both of you. Simply state you feelings and go with your inner instincts. Closeness improves next week, Fire Signs.

The Water Signs
Cancer  Scorpio  Pisces

Time to put yourself first this week Water Signs. Thats a rarity!