Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast

Aug 10, 2009 | Special Messages

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Stargazing – Your Weekly Element Forecast

Week Of Element Forecast August 9th – 16th

Air, Fire, Water and Earth

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You start your week off on a sparkly note, Air Signs. Your sense of positive optimism will carry you through until the weekend, no matter what issues or events you encounter. You’re ready for a fresh start and you’re pulling out all the stops in your effort to reinvent yourself. However, on Monday Mars in Gemini squares stern Saturn in Virgo and you may discover that you’ve made an error in your new life blueprint. It’s possible that you aren’t in need of a major overhaul in your appearance or the way you dress. Instead, it might be a good time to take stock of what is really bothering you and work toward solving your underlying life issues. After all, a new hairstyle won’t make your life better, but a more positive attitude might just do the trick. On Tuesday the Moon in enthusiastic Aries sextiles idealistic Neptune in Aquarius and you’ll feel as if you could accomplish anything, and you’ll be right! Hold that thought on Friday as the Sun in forceful Leo opposes extravagant Jupiter, since you may run into a naysayer who will do everything possible to dampen your dreams and hopes. Stay clear of this person. Don’t pay attention to anything he or she says or insinuates about a plan you have for your life. All systems are go for you as you experience a personal power day, thanks to the entry of the magical Moon in Gemini. Your faith in yourself and your abilities will switch on and you’ll radiate a very appealing aura. It’s a great time to get involved in new activities and mingle in social settings. You may find a new friend waiting for you if you join a new club or volunteer your services to a worthy organization. Yes, you’ll succeed in your efforts to remake an important corner of your life, so keep repeating that thought over this weekend. You may get a lot of attention on Saturday as the Moon in social Gemini conjuncts Mars. You might decide to strut your stuff on stage and read one of your poems at a literary open-mike event or play a musical composition for others.
heart-loveYour Love Week – Air Signs:
This week, breathe, center, calm. It’s OK! The love week from hell is over, and you’re open to a fresh start. Opportunities definitely abound, but look before you leap, for there are murky waters still lingering in your periphery. It may be best to take it slowly in matters of the heart this week, although please don’t avoid them altogether. This advantageous time will soften the potential blow of dealing with the mundane. Don’t forget to thank your lucky stars. Who said the fun has to stop here? You’re on a winning streak as far as affairs of the heart are concerned. Opportunities definitely abound, but look before you leap, for there are murky waters still lingering in your periphery. Don’t worry about impressing that special someone with a fancy date. In fact, she or he is much more interested in a quiet movie night this week. What could be more auspicious than that? Enjoy this trend.

The Fire Signs Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You’re very blunt individuals, Fire Signs, and usually you don’t hold back on giving your opinion to the people in your life. However, this week you may be on the receiving end of a close associate’s lecture, and you’ll have to listen to what he or she has to say, like it or not. On Monday militant Mars in Gemini squares stern Saturn and you and your friend will have some difficult moments together. Consider whether or not your associate has a point before you immediately discount their remarks. Slow down! ! This week you’ll be raring to go. However, before you can rush off to your appointed destination, the Universe presents you with a few roadblocks. You won’t be able to dance around the obstacles you encounter in your mad dash to get where you want to go and do want you want to do. That’s OK! This is a great time for you to sit down and think over your plans. In all honesty, you may have no choice but to slow down and reflect for a bit, due to the delays you’ll encounter. Your head may be lost in the clouds on Friday, as the bright Sun in Leo is opposite Jupiter. Your thoughts will be filled with utopian plans for you and your life. That’s fine, but you won’t be willing to think about practical details or attend to the mundane routine of daily life. It’s great to plan to spend a year traveling through the India on a spiritual quest, but you need to make sure you have the time, money, and resources before you pack your bag or call your travel agent. Your enthusiasm and high spirits will be in full motion by the weekend. As the Moon in peppy Gemini conjuncts Mars, the path will be clear for you to proceed in your endeavors. You’ve felt stifled in your interactions with an associate, but now the dam will break free and you’ll be able to state your thoughts and feelings regarding a matter that concerns both of you.
heart-loveYour Love Week – Fire Signs:
So, did you do it? Did you make the move? Was it worth the effort? Thought so! Nurture this new love. It will require tender, loving care in the beginning, but Lady Luck is shining down and chances are this has the potential for real goodness. If you’re already in the throes of a relationship and the hot and heavy is hibernating, perhaps some TLC will assist with a much-needed awakening! The stars have news for whoever said that good things wouldn’t last. Baloney! Fire Signs, your love light is shining, and that’s fantastic! You’re smack dab in the middle of a great trend as far as love is concerned. Relish it, burnish it up, and curl up with it! You exude sexuality and there will be no shortage of kisses for you this week.

The Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You can’t be everyone’s best friend. You’re blessed to have been born as a very kindhearted Water Signs, and that’s lovely, but at times you try too hard to be understanding of everyone you know, and sometimes that’s just not possible. On Monday angry Mars in Gemini squares stern Saturn in Virgo in your sector of rivals and competitors and you may be dealing with someone who views you not as a friend but as more of a foe. You may need to face the fact that this person has their sights set on challenging you. Keep your guard up and remember: it’s OK to go for the first-prize trophy in any contest. Yes, it’s nice to be the winner, and you owe it to yourself to make every effort to succeed. You’re a Water Sign and you’re used to experiencing a multitude of feelings and emotions during the course of your day. However, you’ll feel especially discombobulated at the beginning of this week. You’ll undergo a rapid transition from anger to wistfulness and back again to anger. Your tangled emotions may be caused by a confrontation with someone of influence in your community, so try not to take any perceived slight to heart. Remember, not everyone you encounter is going to like you, even though you have sterling qualities! On Thursday the Moon in mellow Taurus trines Saturn in Virgo and you’ll reflect at length on the qualities you want and need in a friend. It’s a good idea to be selective about the people you choose to associate with, so draw up a list of pros and cons and then actively seek out new companions. After all, a snob or very narcissistic person might not be a good candidate as a best friend forever. A brand new interest beckons on Saturday as the Moon in versatile Gemini sextiles the bright Sun in. You’re ready to bring excitement and amusement into your life, and your new opportunity to have fun will certainly revitalize you. Your new endeavor may bring you a plethora of new associates as a positive bonus!
heart-loveYour Love Week – Water Signs:
Enjoy this week’s trend of snuggling. Are things a little better as far as matters of the heart are concerned? Thought so! Don’t stop now, while your honey bunny is relishing your attention. This week pretending could lead to a missed opportunity, in turn leading to a very unhappy you. Not a nice combination. With some honesty, things will be on the up and up and you’ll be beaming! So it isn’t what you expected, but surprises are always nice, right? You’re bored of the same old thing anyway; so welcome this change of plans. This honeymoon can last, according to the stars, and not interfere with your strategic planning. Why not enjoy the best of both worlds? She or he will certainly appreciate it.

The Earth Signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Earth Signs, you usually don’t enjoy doing two things at once. That’s fine, because that’s you and you’re perfect; at least, you like to think so! Everyone wants you or at least everyone wants you to do something for them! After all, you could win a prize as the Zodiac Signs (Earth) that devotes the most hours to volunteer work, and you’re very solicitous of others, especially when someone you know is ill. However, you do have a breaking point, and on Monday, as fiery Mars squares industrious Saturn in Virgo. You may stress out quite a bit due to the needs of others. This is a great week to step back and devote some tender, loving care to you! It’s OK to leave voicemails and text messages saying you’re under the weather, need some rest, and won’t be able to do any favors for anyone for a while. This week your urge to take your time will be even more pronounced, especially on Thursday as the Moon in mellow Taurus sextiles Venus, in domestic Cancer. You won’t want to stir yourself from looking at the sky from your hammock. Your own backyard will be the most comfortable address you know. Try not to become a couch potato, as inviting as that thought is for you right now. Speaking of home, you’ll realize that you were a bit too hasty in offering your residence as a temporary sanctuary to a friend or family member on Friday. The Moon in lazy Leo opposes excessive Jupiter and your house guest won’t be in any hurry to vacate the premises! You find it hard to confront others at times, particularly close associates, so you may have to find the courage to boot this person from his or her perch at your kitchen table – or plan on buying lots more groceries! On Saturday you’ll be ready to get back into your regular routine as the Moon in friendly Gemini activities trines exuberant Jupiter in Aquarius. You won’t hesitate to take up the reins of a community project that interests you a lot. Yes, it’s hard work, but you know how to run this particular fund-raising event efficiently, so off you go!
heart-loveYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
Your attention to detail will be appreciated this week, Earth Signs. Solitude will be necessary, but being a recluse? That’s a bit much. You need to get out of the house and change your perspective. Hibernation is only making matters worse. In fact, this week it’s probable that you’ll lock eyes with a captivating water sign, but that requires going outside of your safe zone. Understood? There’s a rock-star mentality that you have this week, thanks to the Cosmos,, and it won’t last, so live it up, but make sure that the apple of your eye is aware that you do have a serious side that will be revisited next week. But who says you can’t harness some of this feisty passion during one of those “serious” times? It could do a world of good. After all, that wild, sexual energy that surrounds you can be tapped any old time that you need it, Earth Signs.