Stargazing—Weekly Element Forecast

Sep 14, 2009 | Special Messages

STARGAZING—Weekly Element Forecast
September 14 To September 20
with Elizabeth Joyce


The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Feel like getting away from it all? Despite whatever may be happening in other areas of your life, Air Signs, this week there is a chance for you and your lover to enjoy a romantic break together. Plan a day’s outing, and spend some time sharing your thoughts and feelings. This is a great time for your love life overall as you are willing to look past each other’s faults and see the best in each other. With Mercury retrograde you may meet up with past lovers and be offered a chance to heal old wounds and make amends. You may also date those who resemble past lovers in behavior and temperament. If you are traveling abroad expect delays—and be ready for detours that may open out on new vistas just waiting for you to explore. Be careful if you need to sign documents or commit to projects or agendas. It’s better to hold back, but if you have no option, keep all your paperwork and be prepared for changes to your original schedule. Use this chance to think outside the box and see your life from a fresh perspective. The opposition between Saturn and Uranus takes place on Tuesday and may coincide with a desire to be free of the endless cycle of payments that seem to have you trapped like a hamster on a wheel. You may be actively seeking a way out that also enables you to become financially independent. Meanwhile, Mars’s energy is great for putting your heart and soul into exercising and working out. The powerful opposition between Saturn and Uranus may possibly coincide with events in your life over which you seem to have no control. They have a karmic component to them. Saturn has been encouraging you to dive deep within and uncover those patterns that may be getting in the way of your success and happiness. The week ahead could bring another such pattern into the open. Having recognized it, it can no longer operate unconsciously, which will bring powerful changes to your life over time. Mars continues to push you to take action and plan your next moves. If you’ve been procrastinating, this is your chance to catch up. Venus offers a time for perfect entertaining and networking. Be happy!


Your Love Week – Air Signs:
It’s okay to take matters of the heart very seriously this week, Air Signs. In fact, your lover is very excited by your grounded approach to things. Although this will be temporary, coloring inside of the lines once in a while is good for relationships. It’s a way to face your fears in matters of the heart. Please don’t avoid contact with people this week simply because you’re in an antisocial frame of mind. In fact, this should be the last thing you do, because your lover needs extra attention now. You need to be a beacon of light and strength. All signs point to yes as far as making a difference is concerned. Be open to suggestion. You’re the only one who can make this work, and that special someone is depending on you!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Job and career issues continue to be of real importance this week. Fire Signs. You’ve been under pressure for some time, since Saturn has been in Virgo. This week an undercurrent of change that has been gradually asserting itself encourages you to see your career goals from a fresh perspective, and this may make all the difference. Uranus is opposing Saturn on Tuesday, so there’s a chance that a move is going to shake up your current plans and force you to think on your feet. If you need to move fast, you may have very little time to find another job, especially if you’re going across the country. You may even need to relocate in order to keep your job and this, too, may create waves. Mercury is still retrograde, so if you’re thinking of buying property or exchanging contracts any time before September 29th, be prepared for changes to your schedule; if you’re able to wait until after this date, so much the better. There seems to be a lot of activity taking place for the rest of September, Fire Signs. Financial issues may have plagued you ever since Saturn entered Virgo in 2007. The good news is that there isn’t much longer to go before it moves into Libra, end of October, and life gets easier in this respect. There may be some intense discussions about money and financial issues and how these relate to your employment status. In the meantime, as Saturn opposes Uranus, this energy may bring events that make you feel financially vulnerable. The point of all of this isn’t to frighten you but to help you change your perspective on the whole issue of money and the real truth about it. You’re slowly learning that money is energy and that the more deeply you explore this issue from an empowered perspective the more you realize that you have access to infinite abundance. While you may not reach this level of understanding overnight, you will if you persist in getting to the heart of your money issues. In short, Uranus in Pisces is teaching you to meditate upon spiritual truths if you want to feel truly wealthy. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday offers you the chance of a fresh start in this area. You have a two-week window of opportunity that enables you to make a successful, fresh career start at some level.


Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
All signs point to many fiery evenings when a new connection is made this week. Relish the passion. In addition, if you’re feeling reflective, it may be because of something that special someone said to inspire some new way of thinking. Welcome it, because your old ways are getting just that: old. A rocky dating relationship could very well come to an end this week. Good riddance! Admit it, bad times have far outweighed the good, right? It’s okay to fess up, and it’s okay to move on. Be strong. This, too, shall pass. You’re at a turning point, but a change in attitude is imperative if you don’t want to be at a breaking point, too. New love and a new life awaits you, Fire Signs. If you want change, don’t look for a catalyst, just make the move. New inspiration will lead to new ways to love. See the full circle?

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

This week’s energy is learning about relationships, Water Signs. Partnership issues dominate this week, as Saturn in Virgo moves to oppose Uranus in Pisces. Relationships of all kinds may seem a little shaky as you seek to bring about changes that are long overdue. You have been hinting that you need more freedom and a chance to explore fresh options. You dislike having to follow the same routines, and want to bring inspired thinking into your romantic life and business affairs. Those you associate with need you to remind them that it is time to think out of the box. Meanwhile they are also showing you the power of a disciplined approach to life and what can be accomplished as a result. You may need to find a compromise. Discussions are important, especially if you can speak from the heart and allow the power of transformative love to bring change your way. This takes a special approach free from judgment and manipulation. If you can do this, you will be able to work miracles. Try not to sign important financial agreements until after September 29th—especially loans or mortgage deals. Mercury is now retrograde, but will have turned direct by then, helping matters to be processed more smoothly in October. The powerful opposition between Saturn and Uranus on Tuesday may affect your relationship with friends and groups both online and off. You may have noticed your allegiances changing, particularly as this aspect has been in effect for some time. This latest meeting between the two may bring the next installment in the saga. Perhaps you’re tired of groups or friends dictating to you, finding their ideas and ideals too limiting and restricting. Maybe being with them feels more like a duty than a chance to have some fun. Something needs to give. You may be moved to let them know exactly how you feel, which will certainly change things between you. By following your heart, you’ll either make new, more adventurous friends or those you currently hang out with will change. There’s no doubt that you don’t want to be too bound to any group, no matter how free and enlightened they are. You need to be able to do your own thing. This is quite important to you at this time. You may find that friends become lovers and lovers become friends. There are many possible variants. All you need to do is go with the flow. Whatever happens, just remember that it’s for the best and will ultimately enhance your life.


Your Love Week – Water Signs:
Connections will be made this week, and that means for love, too. So don’t be shy when he or she asks you out for after-work cocktails. Something good is in the works. Things are looking positive on the relationship front this week. Dining out will lead to an auspicious occasion. You may also learn a thing or two about human nature. Compromise will be important, too. Steamy evenings are in the works for you Water Signs, if you can just overcome that obstacle. Get over yourself and stop looking for a new romance. Why? What’s wrong with that certain someone who dotes on you now? Why won’t you settle for the perfectly good choice that is right at your fingertips? Breaking hearts for selfish reasons brings bad karma. Remember that, and stop wasting time!

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

A romantic affair will be at the center of a number of changes this week. You’ve had intense energy with your love affairs for some time. More recently, you’ve been challenged to loosen up a bit and drop limiting beliefs and perspectives that may have prevented you from enjoying a fulfilling love life. Life certainly isn’t going to be boring. It isn’t only your lover who is full of surprises. Other people in your life seem to be acting out of character and doing some very unexpected things. All of this is helping to keep you on your toes. It’s through your relationships that you’re learning so much about yourself and about why it’s important to be flexible and adaptable and keep an open mind. An event this week may seem to be particularly shocking, but try not to jump to conclusions. You can’t expect everyone to be like you. It’s time to accept your place in a world that is made far more interesting by the sheer variety and colorful nature of the people in it. Saturn opposes Uranus on Tuesday, which suggests that an ongoing process is at work. You’re beginning to lose some of your rigidity and open up to dating people who are wilder and perhaps more interesting than your usual choice. This process is intensified on Thursday, so expect a few interesting developments. You may be in a radically different relationship position by the end of the week than at the beginning. Try to handle intense discussions carefully and thoughtfully, as they could change the course of your love life for better or worse. Try to talk from the heart. A New Moon in Virgo on Friday gives you a two-week window of opportunity for a fresh start. This is the best time to begin a new relationship or even end one and go single for a while. It’s a good time to start your own business, too. This New Moon is the most potent one of all for you Earth Signs this year. It means you have carte blanche to make changes at any level of life you choose. Whether you want to start your own business, develop new streams of income, begin a relationship, or anything else, you have two weeks to catch the Moon tide. Go for it!


Your Love Week – Earth Signs:
Weird dreams lately? Feelings of déjà vu? It’s no surprise, as the planetary configuration screams “past-life influence” this week. Did that certain someone make your heart skip a beat? Are you surprised by this? Old lovers reappear in mysterious ways, and old feelings will manifest themselves in the most intricate of moments this week. Don’t be surprised or ashamed if you see an old lover’s face in a current lover’s expression. Now it’s the perfect time to join forces with your lover in a domestic challenge. Whether cleaning, refurbishing, or painting, your attention to detail will be sexy to your lover. And you know what that means…hot loving this week! Painting the walls could easily turn into body painting! Ever tried it? There’s a curiosity to this week that will keep you and your lover satisfied.