Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast 3-29 to 4-4, 2010

Mar 31, 2010 | Special Messages

The California quake happened as predicted – with more to come! An entire city had to close down.

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What are the coming weather changes?

What happens to Lindsy Lohan in April?


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STARGAZING-March 29 – April 4, 2010

Welcome to Holy Week


The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

There is a Full Moon in Libra at the start of the week, which may bring issues and tensions to a head. You could find yourself laughing more, but you could also be crying more, too. This is why it isn’t helpful to make snap decisions or take swift action and come to regret it later. Wait a few days and then determine your next move. Your judgment will be much more sound. Think about making some surface changes to your home. It’s the little touches that can make all the difference. Your home is the one place where you can relax. The cozier, fresher, and more spacious it is, the happier you will be. Meanwhile, Mars continues to move through Leo, and now it’s in direct motion. You may find your partner continues to be very forthright and is always ready with a quick riposte or cryptic comment. You need to learn how to give back as good as you get. Venus aspects Neptune all week, beginning on Monday, which could coincide with a romantic crush; it might not last long, but it will be fun while it does.

Love_Birds__RosesYour Love Week—Air Signs:

Forget watching and waiting on Monday. Once the Full Moon enters Libra and squares Pluto, you’re a star on the dating scene. Monday’s energy brings a relationship status change or romantic attitude shift when the Full Moon enters Libra, conjuncts Saturn, and squares Pluto. Want a change for the better? Take responsibility for yourself. This week may seem unreal with Neptune visiting an Air Sign, but enjoy it anyway. Your brains and humor impress the right person Wednesday night, and with Mercury sextile Chiron on Thursday, you can even laugh at your brokenhearted past. If you’re with a Taurus, have faith in his or her mysterious ways Wednesday afternoon. For single Air Signs, a Taurus and Sagittarius may fight for your attention by mid-Friday. Don’t make any romantic weekend plans on Friday, because someone could change his or her mind. Go with the Archer for a fun weekend, although this fling could have consequences as early as Sunday night. Maybe they’ll be worth it. Anyway, the real magic happens on a spontaneous Sunday afternoon. What could be better than to catch Spring Fever?

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You might find it hard to put up with too much routine. Timetables and schedules leave you cold. All you want is to be allowed to journey far with the wind in your hair and the Sun in your face. This week you get a revelation that leads to a renewed determination to take action. Try not to overreact to the Full Moon; that would be a mistake. If you have decisions to make, wait a few days and then make your choices. You have been biding your time and coming up with ideas in order to enable you to flourish and thrive. You need to find a way to channel this very dynamic fire energy so that it doesn’t disrupt your life. Set yourself a few challenges and enjoy the process of working on obstacles in order to overcome them. You could exercise and work out more. This, too, would enable you feel calmer and more grounded throughout the day. You may decide to take a training course or brush up on some skills in order to get the jobs you want and deserve. Now you have the opportunity to put all of these plans into action.



Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

Whether single or partnered, stay optimistic and confident this week. Anything is possible. Different aspects in the Moon-Mars relationship could rock your emotional world early in the week. You’re eager, jumpy, and cute on Monday, but you’ll get pushy when your libido does the thinking on Wednesday. When the Moon squares Pluto, few are ready to commit, but this energy provides the gift of gab through early Wednesday. You may get lucky and creative in ways that never occurred to you. You’re all about reason and forgiveness if somebody gets mean on April Fool’s Day. It’s a Good Friday indeed when Mercury enters Taurus and the ever-changing Moon enters Sagittarius. By Friday afternoon, you’re the center of attention. Expect less talk and more action going into the weekend. And if you must talk, don’t mention “love.” That word pushes way too many buttons. Spending your weekend with the right lover could be the start of a life partnership. Talk about it later.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

As March draws to a close, it’s time to do some planning and goal setting, since you need an outlet for all the inspiration that is flowing your way. The Full Moon in Libra may encourage vivid and powerful dreams. If you feel restless and find it hard to sleep, take a long bath and add some lavender oil, which will soothe away your worries and help you to relax more deeply. Some of the dreams may be inspiring, while others could be more disturbing. Take the time to understand their messages, because they could be very important to your future. Venus and Mercury aspect Pluto, taking relationships to a new level, whether they’re business or romance oriented. Set yourself challenges, because they help you to see how far you have come and how much more you’re capable of. This is a good time to connect with siblings you may not have seen in some time. Arrange to get together and catch up on the latest news. If you need to work on an advertising campaign or business plan, this is your chance to gather any information you might need



Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Thinking about your partner or ex makes you grumpy on Monday. Try talking to him or her during the Moon-Jupiter or Moon-Uranus quincunx on Tuesday or Wednesday. Even if you have no Passover plans, you could be a last-minute Seder guest Tuesday night. It’s an interesting date while the Moon squares Pluto, but go easy on that wine! While the bright but waning Moon transits Scorpio between Wednesday and Good Friday, you’ll struggle between passion and “acceptable” behavior. With so much spiritual focus in the world, watch who you involve in your worldly games. Differences of opinion can be hammered out when you try to communicate. When the Moon trines those same two planets on Thursday and Friday, you could talk anyone into just about anything (although a Scorpio is likely to be the most fun). Relationships with Sagittarius could hit a wall on Saturday and Sunday. Communication is tricky as Mercury begins to slow down its pace. You can’t charm all the people all the time. Don’t hit on strangers, especially on Easter Sunday.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

It’s Spring and time to look to the future and make some plans. You might want to expand your options, which could entail study or a revision of some knowledge you once had. You have reached that time of year when it helps to take stock and reflect on what you want to achieve over the coming months. Slow down and use this opportunity to plan ahead and create some exciting goals for yourself. The week begins with a Full Moon .You get a chance to find out why current issues associated with your job and your overall wellbeing may be making you emotional. Are you ready to wise up? Face these problems head-on and stay cool. If you overreact, you could make thing worse. The weekend seems quite intense. New relationships might start up, causing your heart to beat just that little bit faster. There is a feeling of passion in the air, which you might find quite delicious. Overall, your love life looks spectacular. If you’re a businessperson, you may come up with some unique deals that will enable you to further your long-term goals and aims. Think big!



Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

If you made a promise or noticed someone new last week, you have until early Wednesday morning to upgrade your romantic reality. Once the Moon squares Pluto Monday afternoon, sing love songs or declare your intentions. If you’re going for dazzle and turn-ons, you’ll be utterly convincing while the Moon squares Pluto late Monday through early Wednesday. But stop selling as soon as Venus enters Taurus. Love is in the house, and you can savor what you worked so hard to get. Your three-week honeymoon begins mid-Wednesday, although passion could get prickly with a Scorpio or a Saturn-influenced lover. If a Sagittarius ex or rival is hovering in the wings, he or she could appear Friday to complicate your weekend. Try not to be bummed out at a time when everyone is celebrating. Be grateful for the love you do have. For those still seeking love, you might find yourself attracted to someone rather unusual on Friday. Explore the options this weekend. You’ll be on firm ground by Sunday evening when the Moon enters Capricorn.