Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast 2-8-10

Feb 10, 2010 | Special Messages

Mount Vesuvius


Eruptions of Mt. Vesuvius:

Mount Vesuvius (in Italian Monte Vesuvio) is a strato volcano east of Naples, Italy. It is the only volcano on the European mainland to have erupted within the last hundred years, although it is not currently erupting. The two other volcanoes in Italy, (Etna and Stromboli) are located on islands.

Mt. Vesuvius is a volcano that erupted on August 24 A.D. 79 blanketing the towns and 1000s of residents of Pompeii, Stabiae, and Herculaneum. Pompeii was buried 10′ deep, while Herculaneum was buried under 75′ of ash. This volcanic eruption is the first to be described in detail. The letter-writing Pliny the Younger was stationed about 18 mi. away in Misenum from which vantage point he could see the eruption and feel the preceding earthquakes. His uncle, the naturalist Pliny the Elder, was in charge of area warships, but he turned his fleet to rescuing residents and died.

Mt. Vesuvius had erupted before and continued to erupt about once a century until about A.D. 1037, at which point the volcano grew quiet for about 600 years. During this time, the area grew, and when the volcano erupted in 1631, it killed about 4000 people. During the rebuilding efforts, the ancient ruins of Pompeii were discovered on March 23, 1748. Today’s population around Mt. Vesuvius is about 3 million, which is potentially catastrophic in the area of such a dangerous “Plinian” volcano.

With the current movement of the earth plates deep within the oceans, we will experience volcanic eruptions all over the world in the next eighteen months. Vesuvius will be the worst, with almost no warning. …… for further information, along with my March 2010 predictions, join the subscription pages.  (Poltical upheval, a monarchy dies, a Great American is buried in late June, Prince William marries, financial chaos, South America and the Philipines experience Heads of State turnover…)



WASHINGTON – Worst winter ever? The second blizzard in less than a week buried the most populous stretch of the East Coast under nearly a foot of snow Wednesday, breaking records for the snowiest winter and demoralizing millions of people still trying to dig out from the previous storm.  (Predicted Nov. 30, 2010 on the X Zone Radio Show.)


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Week of February 8 – February 14, 2010

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You Air Signs will feel as if you haven’t a care in the world on Monday as Venus conjuncts poetic Neptune in Aquarius. In fact, you may believe you’re walking on air. Your positive energy will carry you over any obstacle or stumbling blocks you may encounter. Wise Mercury enters the sign of logical Aquarius on Wednesday and your brainpower will accelerate. You’re usually cool, calm, and collected, thanks to your flowing Air Signs. You always maintain a poised persona in public. However, this week you’ll wear your heart on your sleeve when Venus enters sensitive Pisces on Thursday. Your emotions will be at the surface, and you’ll pick up on the vibrations of those around you You’ll feel especially creative on Sunday. You’ll spend Valentine’s Day composing e-mails and letters to your family and friends to let your nearest and dearest know how much they mean to you. You’ll also decide to pay attention to your diet needs by having one small piece of chocolate instead of an entire box of candy in honor of Valentine’s Day!

heartsYour Love Week—Air Signs:

This week is about the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Aquarius. Venus is like a ray of sunshine, bringing love and affection to all it touches. Neptune emphasizes the soul connection between you and another person. When they come together in an Air Sign, love is in the air and romance is all around you, but it’s connected with a new kind of attention. Others are drawn to you now, they want to spend more time with you and ask you questions about how you do what you do and how they might benefit from your experience. You’re also radiating a particularly attractive energy, which could draw prospective dating partners left and right. Some may come from your pool of friends, and some may even come from the people you work with. Not all of this attention is romantic in nature, but you’ll enjoy it just the same. From here, it shouldn’t be too long before you’re happily involved with the man or woman of your dreams. Other signs like your love company, so it’s with great excitement and joy that you welcome the conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Aquarius this week. Venus is a natural aphrodisiac and brings about attraction, lust, affection, and sweet exchanges of all kinds. Neptune is the planet of metaphysics, spirituality, and a higher calling. Together, these two planets are like the archangels of love, sprinkling pixie dust over everything they touch. If you’re currently involved with someone, the mood suddenly becomes lighter and more loving. If you’re looking for a new dating partner, that person seems to appear out of nowhere. This is an excellent time to think about taking a personal day to get outside, see something new, and create a brand new history together. Shared experiences build relationships over time, and the way you two are going, that history’s going to be very long indeed. Remember to challenge each other’s mind. As an Air Sign, you need as much mental stimulation as anything else. Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You Fire Signs will feel scattered and restless even though you have some things that you absolutely must complete in February. You’ll combine business with pleasure at social events this week. Don’t take on too many commitments. The New Moon will bring out wanderlust and the need for change and variety, but a lack of direction will frustrate you. You’re an optimist, Fire Signs! On Wednesday you’ll paint a rosy picture of a certain situation in your life as Mars retrograde in Leo is quincunx extravagant Jupiter. However, you’re overestimating your chance for success in this matter, so take a second glance at the situation. On Friday a relative you haven’t seen in a long time will contact you and want to reestablish family ties. You’ll feel more focused. This New Moon in Aquarius on February 13 will help you have a fresh perspective and stimulate your thinking. Many insights and ideas will get you excited over the next month. Interactions with others will be complicated by misunderstandings and leave you confused. On Sunday you’ll receive thanks for everything you do for the people you love. Get ready to blush bright red as you listen to words of praise on Valentine’s Day. There will be unexpected, exciting developments as next week opens.

hearts Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

With Venus forming a conjunction with Neptune in Aquarius this week, you, Fire Signs, have an opportunity to completely change the course of your dating life. This conjunction is a very powerful one with some pretty serious romantic overtones. Under its influence, you may be tempted to go up to a complete stranger and profess your attraction or engage in some vivid fantasies about a co-worker or friend. If you’ve been meaning to break through that barrier, it may take some courage, but you’re more than up to the task when Venus is involved. It acts like a natural attractive force, bringing very interesting new dating prospects and even more reasons to love your existing partner. If it’s been too long since you had a break together, this is the week to do it. If you can get away for a quick vacation, it’s great time to do it. And even if all you can spare is an afternoon, you’ll likely find your union strengthened. Since the aspect sextiles the Sun now, it’s “all systems go” as your ego agrees to support whatever the heart wants. You’re in the perfect place at the perfect time this week. As a fun-loving Fire Sign, you’re used to being the only one onstage and may have trouble sharing the spotlight. But as these two planets form a romantic alliance, you’re likely to find that when you put the good of all ahead of your personal gain, you’ll have a lot more success with it. Aquarius, as the humanitarian of the Zodiac, wants to make sure everyone is healthy, happy, and secure. So take some time to make sure your partner, friend, or significant other is seeing things in your union the way you are. If not, listen with an open heart and try not to correct or become defensive. You’ll find that the more you can do this, the more your sweetie will learn to trust you and the more your love can blossom. Be aware that if you have drifted apart lately, there could be a tug of war between you and someone else. But if you don’t play this game, there’s nothing for him or her to struggle against.

The Water Signs

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Your sense of self-esteem will accelerate this week, Water Signs! You always try to give 100 percent to your tasks. However, on Wednesday you’ll become very frustrated at your inability to complete a project that’s important to you. You may have to downsize your goals a bit this week. On Thursday lovely Venus enters Pisces and you’ll project a very appealing persona to others. You’ll notice that you attract a lot of attention in the coming days and weeks. An opportunity to change your residence and move to a new location will open up for you on Saturday as the New Moon takes place in Aquarius. This could be because of a romantic liaison. On Sunday the Moon in Pisces conjuncts Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, and you’ll view your life events and experiences optimistically. Your problems will begin to seem more manageable to you. You’ll radiate joy to everyone you meet and spread your kindness to others on Valentine’s Day. On Sunday you’ll invite friends and family over for a party in honor of Valentine’s Day and the Chinese year of the resourceful Tiger. For a complete Chinese Astrology report, join my subscription pages!

heartsYour Love Week—Water Signs:

Water Signs are emotional souls, but never more so than at the present time, as Neptune, is caught up with loving Venus in a very harmonious aspect for romance. Venus makes it possible for you to share your deepest feelings with someone else, whether you’ve just met or you’ve been together for a while. Neptune adds that special quality, a kind of spiritual dimension, to your time together. You may lose all track of time or just never want the date to end. Either way, since the aspect is falling in your house of past lives, dreams, and institutions, your connection with this person is very strong and may have taken place before, in another life. As you take the time to explore each other on a very deep level, know that you’re strengthening all that makes you better by reflecting the same in your significant other. Emotionally, it’s important to protect your heart without becoming so toughened that you forget to melt a little into your special someone. This balancing act isn’t for everyone, but you’ll be able to pull it off without too much trouble. Sometimes Water Signs can think very deeply and become preoccupied and serious. They’re very happy-go-lucky on the outside, and they’re generally pretty deep inside. Getting to know a Water Sign can take some time, even if you have some help on your hands. At this time, Venus is forming a very supportive relationship with Neptune, bringing all kinds of love energy into your life. When these two planets contact each other, it’s a sure sign that soul mates aren’t far behind. Venus indicates the love aspect of your relationship and Neptune shows that it’s a truly spiritual or once-in-a-lifetime connection. Attached Water Signs can use this moment to draw closer to their intended, while the unmatched can use it to attract a brand new committed partner to their side. The only trouble possible is some strife between your home life and inner feelings and your desire to have this person in your life. Move slowly and cautiously. Give your heart away only when you’re ready.

The Earth Signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Get ready for a shift in how you think, feel, and act! You’re a creature of habit, Earth Signs, and that’s fine with you since you love your routine. On Wednesday your efforts at personal wellbeing will receive a boost as wise Mercury, enters logical Aquarius. You’ll start to exercise, diet, and relax your mind by practicing yoga. On Thursday your consciousness may change a bit as your ruler, Venus, enters dualistic and creative Pisces. Your inspiration level will kick up a few notches and you’ll discover that it’s very easy for you to read between the lines, especially when dealing with others. Make sure you pay close attention to your hunches in the days and weeks ahead. On Valentine’s Day you’ll volunteer your time and spend the day helping others. You Earth Signs believe in being all that you can be. This weekend you’ll hear from an associate you’re on the outs with. Your associate is the same person he or she was when you first had issues, so keep that in mind before you reconcile. Remember, Sunday starts the Chinese year of the Tiger. Tigers don’t change their stripes.

heartsYour Love Week—Earth Signs:

Earth Signs, you’re poised and ready to make a breakthrough in a love relationship. With Venus coming together with Neptune in Aquarius this week, love is definitely in the air. Venus brings affection and admiration in equal measure, so don’t be surprised if someone you’ve had your eye on is about to return the favor. Neptune is a dreamy planet, perfect for melting into each other at any point in your union. Together, they’re very powerful indeed. This could mean a promotion, a sudden idea that’s worth millions, or just a very creative time of cranking out wonderful work. You’re due for some kudos, and you may find them showered upon you during this time. The only challenge is that this aspect shows that the developing relationship won’t always be comfortable for your ego. Relax into it and let go of expectations for now. In time you may find that they’re exceeded by whatever has transpired. This week,, you have an opportunity to deepen an existing love relationship or develop new rapport with someone you’ve just met. Venus, the planet of affection and commitment, is now coming together with Neptune, the planet of soul mates. This is a very romantic aspect in which two people can truly lose themselves in one another. In particular, Neptune wants to dissolve the barriers between things, so it’s crucial to be strong about boundaries while still allowing yourself to enjoy the loving vibes. All those love hormones are actually making you stronger, healthier, and more vibrant. Just check your complexion this week and see if you aren’t glowing just a tiny bit more. You’re radiating all that positive romantic energy into the Universe and it will come back to you in time. The only slight difficulty lies in the tense relationship this forms, indicating that your ego may not always see eye to eye with your heart. In this case, trusting your heart is the better idea.