Stargazing- Weekly Element Forecast 11-16-09

Nov 16, 2009 | Special Messages

I will be in Mahwah New Jersey between December 11th and 15th giving Reconnection Healings and The Reconnection.

Meditation is scheduled in NJ for Friday evening – Dec. 11th. – 7:30 pm
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Stargazing—Your Weekly Element Forecast
Week of November 16th to November 22nd, 2009

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’re usually so caught up in your daily routine that you ignore some of the most basic aspects of your existence, Air Signs, namely your personal well-being. That isn’t good, because you get frazzled very quickly if you don’t rest, eat right, and take care of yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically. You’re eclectic and offbeat, and you know instinctively that you don’t need to have your life in perfect order to be happy. In fact, you’re usually at your best when you’re in the midst of unique and unusual scenarios. You thrive when you can express your independence and put your distinctive personal stamp on the endeavors in which you take part. On Monday the Moon in zealous Scorpio trines daring Uranus, in Pisces and you’ll be bursting with the desire to explore new horizons. You may decide to forsake your normal routine and head off for a locale you’ve never visited before so you can experience new sights and sounds. Have fun! Also on Monday you’ll take a renewed interest in maintaining your physical self. You may decide to schedule a medical or dental checkup, or consult a personal trainer to help you get back on track physically. You’ll know the right questions to ask a close associate this weekend. Your companion is under stress and unable to effectively communicate with you on Saturday. You’ll be called upon to help ease the heavy load he or she is currently experiencing. You may notice a dip in your vitality on Saturday, when the Sun enters Sagittarius. Your biorhythm may need a quick pick-me-up, so consider stepping outside during the day for doses of sunlight. Once you put on sunscreen, feel free to turn your face toward the radiant Sun! A lawsuit finally comes to a positive conclusion for you on Sunday, when the Moon trines Saturn in Libra. You’ve waited a long time for this issue to be resolved, so feel free to celebrate. On Sunday you’ll pay attention to your own needs and enjoy yourself, when the Moon in Aquarius sextiles Mercury in frisky Sagittarius.
Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Air Signs:
Thanks to a merry team of planets in Sagittarius, your home will be a very, very busy place this week. You may actually need to ask someone to help you with your social schedule. No, that isn’t a joke, although there will be a lot of that going on from dawn until dusk. In fact, the fun will start on Monday with a secret confided to you by a co-worker. It’s high time you were rewarded for your efforts in the department of professional issues, Air Signs, so when those kudos come along now, courtesy of Monday’s New Moon, you’ll have no choice but to accept, even if it means working some serious overtime when you’d least like to. Although your rewards may not appear immediately, there’s definitely a raise, bonus, or promotion in your future. But here’s the rub: your sweetheart probably won’t understand how long it actually takes to become recognized for what you do or how hard it is to become accomplished. Fortunately, you do. By the time the emotional Moon teams up with chatty Mercury on Tuesday – both of them wearing friendly, outgoing Sagittarius, even you will be amazed at how agreeable you are, especially to new admirers, and how easy it will be to get along with just about everyone. That definitely bodes well for the weekend, when the Sun will also enter Sagittarius, bringing you face to face with someone new, exciting, and oh, so exotic. Enjoy yourself, certainly, but even if you fall in love, resist the urge to hop on a plane to Nevada. Wait just a little while, until you’re sure. You also understand the benefits of the offer that’s coming your way, starting with what you two will be able to afford to do this week, say, on Thursday, when sexy Mars in Leo will meet up with loving Venus in showy. This pair wants nothing more than to splurge on matters of the heart. Even though you’re famous for being detached, you’ll have to ruin that reputation now, but you’ll do so happily.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You can be very blunt, Fire Signs, and your fiery nature usually inclines you to take action quickly, sometimes before you’ve thought out the correct response to the situation you face. This week you’ll follow your hunches and listen to your inner voice before you react to circumstances, when the New Moon takes place in perceptive Scorpio on Monday. You go out of your way to offer advice and help others, due to your big heart. However, at times you can be a bit too self-important. It can be very hard for you to admit you’re in error when you make a mistake. On Tuesday you’ll find it easier to make amends to someone you’ve wronged, when Mercury in bold Sagittarius sextiles Saturn, the taskmaster planet currently in Libra in your zone of communication. You’ll start to weigh your words carefully during the two-year period Saturn transits, and yes, you’ll certainly benefit from thinking before speaking! Your sixth sense will be very strong during the early part of this week, and you’ll find that you have prophetic dreams. Make sure you write down your nighttime reveries for future reference. On Saturday you’re in store for a real treat when the beaming Sun enters Sagittarius. You’ll be blessed with exceptionally positive energy during the next several weeks as the radiant Sun glows in a vibrant Fire Sign. This is a great time for you to throw a party, have fun, and enjoy yourself. After all, you love to get together with your friends and family and have a good time, and what better reason for a celebration than the Holiday Season? Make sure you pamper yourself this weekend and celebrate your life on planet Earth. Your relationship with your child or a young person you’re close to will blossom on Saturday, when the radiant Sun enters frisky Sagittarius. Your urge to have fun will accelerate, and you may skip your normal routine and head out to a beach, park, or miniature golf course, with or without a child in tow!
Lovers_Kissing Your Love Week – Fire Signs:
You love to spend time with people, Fire Signs. In fact, you live for socializing, laughter, and good, long hugs. What could possibly be better? Well, this week, at least, there may be something just a bit better on your agenda, at least in the department of romance. Monday’s New Moon will bring together the Sun and Moon and urge you to spend as much time as possible alone with your sweetheart. If there’s any way at all you can manage to escape responsibilities, duties, and the company of electronic devices—at least during the evening hours, when you’re with your loved one—you really should. Your partner will be all too happy to cooperate, especially on Wednesday and Thursday, when Venus, the goddess of sighs, forms an exciting square with her ancient lover, red-hot Mars. If anyone can talk you two into spending time alone together, it’s this pair, and if anyone will be in the mood for just that, it’s you two. While you’ve never been afraid to mention what’s on your mind, you’ll be even more willing than before to let anyone and everyone know exactly what’s on your mind—and that’s even if they don’t ask you for your opinion. Heaven help them if they do, especially on Thursday or Saturday, when no-nonsense Saturn meets up with the emotional Moon, absolutely demanding that you let your feelings emerge through your mouth. Now, if you’re already attached, you’ll have to force yourself to practice the art of tact, which won’t be easy. But once your sweetheart sees that you’re really trying to be diplomatic in all matters, he or she will be so grateful and receptive that the perks you receive will be well worth the effort you put in. If you’re single and doing your best to win someone over—which won’t take much at all now, by the way—let your words flow. In fact, be yourself, 100 percent. After all, if you want someone in your life for a good long while, that person should see the prize they’re getting! Once the weekend arrives, complete with the Sun in your own sign for a month-long stay, you’ll be just about inseparable.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’re good souls, Water Signs! Your empathy is distributed among your friends and acquaintances, you won’t walk away from someone in need, and your sympathetic ear is always available. You’ll start your week off with a burst of energy and inspiration! On Monday the New Moon takes place in Scorpio and you’ll be filled with the motivation to explore all of your artistic urges. Don’t be afraid to sign up for a pottery class or display your homemade jewelry at a crafts fair. You know you tend to shrink into your shell a bit, so remind yourself that you have a lot of wonderful qualities and talents, and yes, it’s OK to toot your own horn now and then. You’ll begin to be aware of all the unlimited possibilities life offers to you. Your sense of optimism regarding your opportunities will increase, and you’ll be ready to go out and create the lifestyle that suits you best. You may decide to go back to school, move to a far-off locale, or color your hair. The choice is yours. On Tuesday wise Mercury sextiles pragmatic Saturn, and you’ll decide to become your own best friend for a while and extend your kindness to yourself! That’s wonderful news, since at times you can be your own worst enemy and sabotage your own efforts. Now you’ll resolve to help yourself first and foremost. Your ability to communicate with a close associate will be difficult on Thursday, when Venus in Scorpio squares assertive Mars in proud Leo. Your friend won’t be willing to accept that you may be right on certain issues, and you won’t be able to sway his or her opinion in your favor. Let the matter go right now and wait until this person is a lot more reasonable. This week, remember to repeat to yourself, “charity begins at home,” and look in the mirror while you do! You need to be especially careful when you confront an adversary on Thursday, when the vulnerable Moon, conjuncts powerful Pluto. Your rival isn’t willing to take second place to you in any contest, so keep that in mind. Just to be on the safe side, you may want to keep a very close eye on your homemade jelly when you enter it in a neighborhood competition for best condiment. You and a friend will explore your brainy interests this weekend. You may take in an intellectual movie and analyze the flick later over a steaming cappuccino. Your standing in your community gets a boost on Saturday, when the bright Sun enters Sagittarius in your sector of community affairs. You may decide to become a part of a major fundraising drive in your area or volunteer to take part in a community project sponsored by your town. You might have your picture taken for your local newspaper and find yourself listed among the movers and shakers of your area. Some of the people you’ll meet through your community efforts will prove to be very influential to you. You may decide to help a worthy cause and devote your spare time to making the world a better place!
Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Water Signs:
You and your sweetheart will probably want to get away together now, Water Signs. If you can afford it, you really should take the time, choose a place you’ve both been dying to go, and hit the road. It doesn’t have to be a faraway, exotic location, although that would definitely be best. If you can arrange it, go. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in sexy Scorpio, so if you’re attached, why not check out one of those “couples only” resorts? Talk about sparking up your fire! If you’re single, you can still go to a resort or take a single’s cruise. Wouldn’t that be delightful? Check out the newest ships, get a deal, and at least make plans. The Sun, Mercury, and Venus have all set up shop in that tender place, and to make things even better, they’re wearing sexy, intense Scorpio. When it comes right down to it, you’re going to be a sensual magnet. The thing is that magnets attract all kinds of things. If you’re homebound, make a day of it with friends. Thursday would be terrific, as long as you’re prepared to be the center of attention, and for the possibility of a rather “indelicate” situation coming up. Remember, once you turn it on, your type of ethereal magic can easily make someone jealous if he or she isn’t the only lucky recipient. Be careful where you toss those lovely glances, because once they’re out there, you may not have an opportunity to take them back. That goes double when Venus will get into an exciting, exotic square with her ancient lover, Mars, creating the potential for all kinds of interesting situations with your current lover (or someone new, if you’re unattached). This is the perfect time for new beginnings—and it isn’t like you haven’t been thinking about new beginnings for some time now, anyway. If it’s a romantic matter you’ve been mulling over—and when isn’t it? —you’ll find that the heavens are quite receptive to helping you solve the issue, especially if you two have a falling-out on Wednesday or Thursday. Your mission (which won’t be easy because you’re a Water Sign, and all personal encounters enter first through your heart and then through your brain) will be to forgive and forget. To let the matter go just as soon as possible and allow your partner to do the same. If that means you two should spend some time alone on Friday, go ahead. The Capricorn Moon on duty that day will give you the resolve you need to stay apart and the ability to think things through objectively. Either way, you’re all set up for an amazing weekend starting on Friday, when the emotional, romantic Moon will enter your house of one-to-one relationships and then dash off into your house of intimate moments, where she’ll spend Saturday and Sunday. Enjoy it! Choose your companion wisely. So, once Saturday’s startling, cerebral Aquarius Moon arrives, you two will be able to come up with brand new solutions to old problems.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn

Your keyword is moderation, Earth Signs, thanks to your practical personality. You choose your words carefully before you speak to anyone, and you do your best to make sure you never give offense to others. It’s also true that occasionally you’re too guarded in your interactions with your associates. You know what you want out of life, you just aren’t sure how to go about obtaining your heart’s desire. This week your thinking process will expand and you’ll be able to visualize the right course of action you should take in your quest for fulfillment. On Monday, when the New Moon takes place in Scorpio, you’ll open up a bit with your contemporaries. You may also decide to broaden your list of friends and acquaintances and become chattier with your neighbors. Of course, you’ll still keep your personal matters to yourself, but you’ll find that you’re more comfortable talking with others than you have been before. On Tuesday wise Mercury in philosophical Sagittarius sextiles Saturn, in Libra and you’ll be filled with bold, new ideas on the best way to achieve happiness in life. You’ll start to accomplish your goals now that you have the self-confidence and belief in yourself that you need. On Friday you’ll be privy to secret information that will help you understand a puzzling event that occurred in your past. The Moon in Capricorn is quincunx Mars in Leo, and deception, hidden matters, and an issue that perplexed you will finally become clear. You may have to dig a bit for knowledge from someone in the know, but your efforts will pay off for you, due to the peace of mind you’ll experience.You may be extremely restless and fidgety. You may find you’re becoming extremely angry at your nearest and dearest, and your anxiety level will be quite high. It’s a good idea to arrange some downtime so you can rest and relax as much as possible. Unexpected events will alter the course of your weekend, so try to be flexible when you compose your agenda on Saturday as the Moon enters unpredictable Aquarius. Leave room for schedule changes, since you’ll be confronted with a quickly shifting scenario!
Lovers_KissingYour Love Week – Earth Signs:
You’ve always been known for choosing your words carefully, Earth Signs, for choosing every syllable carefully. That trait will go double this week, courtesy of several planets in intense, magnetic Scorpio. All of them have set up shop together and are all set and ready to cut right to the chase when—not if—you’re asked a question—any question. That said, before you answer anything rather touchy, warn the asker that you’re going to be blunt. It’s only fair, and you’ll be giving him or her a chance to think things over. Of course, anyone who’s been around you for a while knows your marvelous, dangerous economy with words and the way that you manage to say in two seconds what others need five minutes to stutter through, so they’ll also recognize the danger when they ask you for your honest opinion. Your friends will be more than friends to you this week. Those who already feel like family will be even closer to you. As for the rest, well, if they don’t pay their dues, you won’t want to deal with them at all. After everything you’ve done for them, you’d be perfectly justified. But speaking of friends, let’s talk about a certain loved one who will want to cross that bridge and become more than a friend. The matter will likely come up bright and early on Monday, due to the meeting of the Sun and Moon in sexual, intense Scorpio, which will also affect your house of lovers. In a nutshell, if there’s ever been any type of spark between you two – any at all – it will most certainly light up now, so prepare yourself for that flame. By Thursday, one of you will find the courage to broach the matter and say what’s on your mind and in your heart. With red-hot Mars in action, there’s no worry about being misunderstood. The only problem may be in separating yourselves when you need to work. On Friday, however, you’ll need to warn your family member of impending danger, especially if he or she looks curious about an issue that could open up a can of worms. Your family members will need to be just as cautious over the weekend, especially if they’re bold enough to talk about your current partner.