STARGAZING—Week of September 3rd through September 10th, 2017

Sep 1, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Although this will be a busy week, not much is happening in the Cosmos. Everyone is getting back to work or school, so there’s lots of activity and traffic as well.

For the USA Labor Day holiday on September 4th, the Moon continues in social and friendly Aquarius. It would be wise to end your social or other activities by late afternoon Monday because the Moon makes minor challenges-the kind where you don’t want to be in traffic or having to talk too much. As the evening progresses, the Sun opposes Neptune, and that means your energetic life force wants to pull back and perhaps fall asleep on the couch watching a move. This is a daydreaming time, so you could have some vivid dreams.

For those who must return to work on Tuesday, allow extra time in traffic because Mercury is ending his retrograde cycle (since August 12th) At the same time, ambitious Mars is moving into hard working Virgo until October 22nd. Mars send a message as it changes signs that summer is over and it’s time to get to work.

Make the most of this sluggish time because on Wednesday the mood changes. The Full Moon in Pisces marks the conclusion of this last lunar month. The Full Moon is on Wednesday the 6th just after midnight (14 degrees Pisces/Virgo).

The Full Moon is aligned with Neptune, so there is a certain dreamy or fantasy-loving tone to your emotions. That’s great for romance or a vision quest, as long as you know the difference between fantasy and reality.  At the same time, the Sun in Virgo wants to produce something tangible and useful. Ideally, you can bring a higher vision into practical service in the world. It’s time to finish up your projects and manifest those creative ideas into the world.

Both the fire and earth elements are strong now, so there is a lot of help in bringing your creative ideas into form. Be patient and adaptable with your ideas because communications planet Mercury just ended his three-week retrograde cycle on the 5th, and it normally takes about ten days to come out of its storm and get back up to normal speed. With Mars in Virgo for six weeks, there is help is building and creating if you are willing to get assertive with working towards your goals.

Love Yourself through Change Candle/Heart GraphicThe Moon moves into Aries on Thursday and Friday. Projects that require physical effort are favored, as is exercise. The thing about Aries is that their attention can shift quickly. It is best to pick projects that keep you moving and do not get bogged down in problems that require patience. Then take a deep breath and a time-out. Roll up your sleeves for the activities on Saturday.

Saturday the 9th is a day to focus, meditate and strengthen your purpose. This will propel you to accomplish your long-term goals. It’s a good yard sale day because the Sun is making harmony to “Let go and let God” Pluto.   Time to clear and clean out your “stuff” and make some money from it under a make-money Taurus Moon. Mercury re-enters Virgo on Saturday evening, the sign it started its retrograde cycle in last month. This helps you get organized and tend to details through the end of the month, and into October as well. Mercury is ruled by Virgo, and brings you precise thinking, excellent craftsmanship, and perfect timing.