STARGAZING – Week of September 29th – October 6th, 2013

Oct 1, 2013 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

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Week of Sept. 30th – Oct. 6th, 2013

So just what does the cosmos have in store for you this next week. October may be a difficult month for many. There will be challenging times and seemingly blocked paths through the 18th’s Full Moon. Do not allow worry about the unknown to disturb you this month and do not commit yourself to anything major now.

Your creativity is highlighted, bringing good possibilities. Luck rises after the 17th. Just know that overall, you will need to be quick on your feet, flexible, and rely on yourself and your own special abilities. Work hard knowing that progress is just around the corner.

Romantic matters run from hot to cold this week, allowing love to flow in the most open, sensitive way. Flattery and surprising gifts might be par for the course! If you’re planning to wine and dine anyone, Thursday will certainly be the day to do it! By the weekend, however, love becomes rocky, especially Saturday afternoon. Pride and power struggles take over. Don’t allow yourself to be lost amidst a clash of egos. Pick your battles and remember that the Sun will come out tomorrow, or rather after the November 3rd total eclipse in Scorpio.

This Friday, a stressed-out New Moon in the relationship sign of Libra will set the tone for a difficult weekend when it comes to love and partnerships. Although New Moons are usually about a fresh start, the trouble here is that this new beginning will be excruciatingly painful to reach.

The New Moon in Libra will square Pluto and oppose Uranus, causing a cosmic flare-up that you’ll feel personally. A relationship you’re in can no longer keep going “as it was,” and you know this. If you’re not ready to evolve with your partner, then a series of events are likely to occur that make it clear that you’ll need to part ways. As Sinatra sang, “It’s over, nobody wins!”

If you are strong enough to endure the radical change necessary to make your relationship viable, however, there is potential. Use Sunday’s sharp energies to have a deep discussion with your mate. Perhaps you will need a third party present. Basically, opportunities of new relationships are not very high so you should focus on work and family life instead. Existing relationships will see verbal conflicts and differences of opinion. Your best bet would be to avoid verbal conflict and keep away from controversy.

Cardinal signs (Aries-Libra-Cancer-Capricorn) be warned: Life and love will test you this week. An edgy New Moon in Libra will bring an uncomfortable twist in a partnership matter. Don’t make any assumptions about the status of your love life. Do your best to avoid rash decisions and nasty tantrums with your partner. This week, you’ll make plans , and the Universe will then draw you into it’s own direction, depending on your karma, like some kind of a Cosmic Joke.

October begins with the love planet Venus in emotionally deep, complex and intense Scorpio. Her presence in this passionate sign lasts until October 7th, keeping desire, intrigue and jealousy in the foreground. We often look to the past with planets in Scorpio.
Venus’ presence there is a time to review old romances—some with regret, perhaps, and others with a renewed interest.

Hearts turn toward the future, when Venus blasts into fiery Sagittarius on October 7th. Her transit in this adventurous sign spurs a sense of restlessness and the need to widen your emotional horizons. You are easily bored and could, with some exceptions, become overly blunt in your assessments of others. Careful now!

It seems clear that relationships are likely to take some unexpected turns this week, especially around the New Moon. The harmony and companionship we seek in the peaceful sign of Libra may be upset with disruptive Uranus and Pluto challenging the Sun-Moon conjunction. (Libra is a cardinal sigh, as well as Aries (Uranus) and Capricorn (Pluto.) A Cardinal T Square always brings difficult decisions, obstacles, and sudden losses or surprises.

Radical changes of circumstances and moods demand flexibility throughout the month of October. If you’re looking for a breakthrough in a current partnership, or in finding a new one, the astrological odds are in your favor. Just be willing to face fears and to adapt quickly to catch this wild but exciting ride into your future.

Week of Sept. 30th – Oct. 6th, 2013

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

As October opens, tact may be needed to help you resolve a difference of opinion with someone. However, with Mars currently active in Scorpio, don’t let him or her take advantage of you. It might be time to stand your ground! You might feel as if you’re banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to love and relationships this week. On another note, a change in your social routine might not be such a bad thing, especially if it encourages you to move in new circles. However, concerning romance, you may be torn between keeping it light or allowing things to get more intense. Work affairs can go well, especially if you’re job hunting or you want to request a new assignment. There is also an element of luck at work, perhaps generated by your own faith and optimism. By being generous toward yourself and others, you may find it all comes back to you in wonderful ways. By appealing to the ideals of someone in authority, you may stand an even better chance of getting what you want. Don’t count on too much help this week, as someone may be uncooperative. Stressful situations could set you back, so do yourself a favor and try not to get involved. If there’s a disagreement at home or someone is trying to pull a power trip, leave things alone as much as you can and focus on doing something positive, such as connecting with a good friend, watching a movie, or generally getting out and about. Advice from someone you trust may help, too! Don’t let doubts stop you from having an adventure. On Thursday, the Sun in Libra will clash with Uranus. Peace and compromise might seem out of reach, because everything you thought you knew about your relationship is likely to be tested. Then, on Friday, a New Moon falls in the Air Sign of Libra. You’ll want to make a change in your personal life and development, but it’s an uncomfortable one. Square your shoulders and do it anyway.

  Your Love Week—Air Signs: Sometimes love hurts but this week, Air Signs, it might even sting. If, however, you’re able to see the events of this week as a necessary growing pain, you’ll reach the other side. What’s there? The Light brings opportunity for new romance, but first, the pain. You might feel as if you’re banging your head against a brick wall when it comes to love and relationships. When it comes to love, all you need to remember is this: You’re only as sick as the secrets you keep. On Tuesday, this advice will serve you well when the Sun in Libra, squares off with Pluto. Expect nothing but anxiety if you’re holding something back from your mate. Fortunately, the strain will quickly pass. For the rest of the week you’ll enjoy extraordinary communication aspects that will surely help you nurture your love life. You might feel extra vulnerable with a lover — even overpowered. These feelings may be so uncomfortable that by Thursday your reaction might be to bail. Ask yourself if this is warranted or if you’re having a crisis due to any underlying intimacy issues. If it’s the latter, a breakthrough is possible thanks to Friday’s New Moon in Libra, the sign of balance. Peace and compromise might seem out of reach, because everything you thought you knew about your relationship is likely to be questioned. You’ll want to make a change in your personal life and development.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Although someone could be rather pushy, try not to read too much into what they say or do this week. Instead of wondering about their motives, focus on what’s important to you. This can be your kind of week — fun and stimulating. However, everyone having a good time will mainly come down to you. You seem to the one sending out invitations or arranging get-togethers. In romance, there is a chance that your head and heart may not be working in unison. Be sure about your feelings before you say something you might later regret. There may also be duties and responsibilities to attend to at home. Don’t set your sights so high that you can’t possibly achieve all you want to do. You may have a thirst for the unusual and be tempted to explore movies or literature that can satisfy this desire. You could be torn between getting your message out to the world and reflecting on your current situation. On the plus side, you can access deeper levels of insight, imagination, and intuition, all of which can help you make the right choices. You might feel compelled to follow someone’s lead, but that may only make you more determined to rebel and do your own thing. On balance, you may opt to do more, say more, and explore ideas and options. However, Neptune in Pisces highlights your dreams and fantasies. Something you have often imagined could show signs of coming true.

 Your Love Week—Fire Signs If it’s not your boss aggravating you, it’ll be your spouse or partner. Most likely, it’ll be both. Your mate isn’t exactly showing waves of support for your career aspirations these days. Why? Because your ambition is clearly cutting into your snuggle time, and quite honestly your lover is feeling the pang. Unfortunately, you’ll have little patience for any whining. A clash of ideology between you and your partner on Thursday might be more than you can handle. For you, it’s a matter of pride and principle, and you may become glaringly conscious of the fact that your mate doesn’t share one or more of your core values. This could prove to be a deal-breaker for you. Expect the unexpected when it comes to romance, Fire Signs. If that’s your forecast, then you know that Uranus, planet of sudden shake-ups, must be involved. Indeed he is. He’s already been trekking through the sign of Aries, awakening you to the possibilities of new, groovier kinds of love since 2011. Well, on Thursday, the Sun will oppose Uranus, which will wake him up and get his juices flowing. Try to use Friday’s New Moon to send a message of tough love to your mate. At the same time, keep in mind that you can, and deserve to have it all—but not all at once. If communication doesn’t improve after Friday’s New Moon, you may decide that you and your lover have a case of irreconcilable differences. In your love life this will translate into a shocking turn of events. Don’t worry, trust the Universe, because it could turn out to be everything you’ve ever hoped for.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Friendly relationships could be difficult to maintain this week – certain people may be cranky. Perhaps you can play the mediator and help bring things to a satisfactory conclusion. Try to watch your words, because what starts out as a simple statement or opinion could put certain people at odds. Fortunately, harmony can be restored with the right attitude. At the same time, you may be experiencing an influx of invigorating, motivating, and enterprising energy. Making the most of this may help power career plans or encourage you to take steps toward achieving a goal. You might be feeling more determined than ever to show what you can do. While family affairs should proceed nicely, you may find that midweek brings disruptions due to career matters, or someone’s jealousy. Perhaps you’ll have to forego a get-together in order to stay late at work. You might also be tempted to make a big purchase, but right now financial affairs might need sound and capable handling. If a private concern or worry prevents you from enjoying life, it might be best to get things out in the open where they can be resolved. Gradually, the week shifts into gear with the emphasis on going places and doing things. Try not to let financial matters stress you out. If you’re feeling under the weather because of ongoing problems, this is the time to get expert help and feel better for doing so. Romance may brighten your weekend if you’re open to it!

 Your Love Week—Water Signs As October opens, it all depends on your relationship status. If you’re in a committed relationship, you might experience some domestic tension. If, however, you’re dating someone new, you can expect romance to be much happier. Good news! Mercury, happens to make nothing but gorgeous aspects this week, so you might escape the planetary fury some of the other signs will endure when it comes to love. On Tuesday, Mercury will be at a perfect trine to Neptune, now in Pisces. You and your partner might feel as if you’re sharing the same mind or can read each other’s. Best be careful because a domestic squabble might lead to a breaking point in a family situation or committed relationship. You may need to be the voice of reason, because all of your friends having a romantic crisis. In fact, you and your lover might be looked upon as the ultimate “power couple” — the duo with an ability to remain invincible together no matter what the circumstances. You’ll communicate about matters of the heart to your lover and to others with inspiration and ease. Then, on Sunday, Mercury and Pluto will be at a gorgeous sextile. Attend a social event with your mate. The mental stimulation will deepen your connection.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

As October opens, Earth Signs, you may find yourself face to face with an as yet unresolved issue. You may be determined to see it through this time. One of the biggest problems may be overcoming your fear. Perhaps you have a mental block you can’t seem to move beyond. This is your chance to redouble your efforts. Fear can be your greatest ally if you’re willing to learn and change the energy to make it so. Partners and significant others may be tetchy and expect a lot of you. Trying to discuss difficult or complex issues could be a problem. It might be better to stick to your own agenda and avoid the complications that a conversation seems to imply. Take care of your health, especially midweek when restlessness or frustration could cause a minor accident. Say yes to an invitation that could arrive like a bolt out of the blue, especially if it’s linked with your career. Something exciting may be in the pipeline, although you might have to move out of your comfort zone in order to take advantage of it. You might also find a change of scene could be just what’s needed to get you out of a rut and give you a new lease on life, especially if you’ve felt stuck lately. Someone special could have some ideas on this score. Smooth over any rifts concerning a friend or loved one this week with attention, a compliment, or a small gift. You might be tempted to drastically overspend. Have fun but take care.

 Your Love Week—Earth Signs You might feel like you’ve dodged a relationship disaster bullet this week — especially when you look around the lives of your Cardinal sign friends. In your case, however, love is grand. That’s because you’ll have the most supportive communication links to help you and your mate continue to forge open, honest dialogue about whatever is happening in your little romantic bubble. It’s not so much that your relationship is in trouble this week, Earth Signs. The unfortunate reality for you is that every other dynamic in your life may be stressed to the point that you inadvertently take things out on your mate. Feeling undervalued, under appreciated or just plain used in some area of your life, such as parents or at the office? If so, this week you may reach a boiling point. On Tuesday, the Sun will rub elbows with Pluto. Because the Sun affects your feelings of Self-Worth, it’s possible that you’ll feel manipulated or even taken advantage of by someone close. Try to keep any spiteful reactive feelings in check. The urge to withhold love may be strong, but a !@#$%^&*-for-tat approach will only make things worse. Stress at work is likely on Tuesday, and strain at home on Thursday. Remember that your partner is your ally — he or she is on your side — not against you. Don’t use the security of your relationship as an excuse to use your mate as a symbolic punching bag this week. That approach will cost you. Then, on Sunday, Mercury will be at a friendly angle to Pluto helping you make up, mend fences, and appreciate your partner’s enduring fidelity..