STARGAZING—Week of September 20th — Septembr 26th, 2010

Sep 21, 2010 | Special Messages

Week of September 20—September 26, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The most important planetary event for you Air Signs this week is Mars and Venus’ stimulating presence in Scorpio. You’re inspired with excellent ideas and you’re taking the initiative in the right circumstances – and it’s all to the benefit of your career. To the outside observer it appears that your luck is uncanny. But in fact, you’re aware of everything that’s going on, and you’re able to calculate the right moves to make at the right time. However, Saturn in Libra makes you a bit sullen this week and you have a tendency to withdraw and ruminate over your worries. Try to muster your optimism. Your horizons widen considerably. On the job, Saturn is making you particularly conscientious; you do everything with your whole heart and soul- even graphs, tables and filing. Your bosses love it but your colleagues may poke fun. Couples, the Moon in Aries midweek accentuate Saturn’s negative vibes, making you cranky, hard to live with and even harder to satisfy. If you’re single, retrograde Neptune in your sign is making you dreamy. You’re thinking about a past love story that crashed and burned and wallowing in ‘if-only’s’ and ‘what-if’s’. If you’re in a couple, you’re withdrawn and it frustrates your partner, who feels neglected. Try to share your dreams with them. Your inner flame of joy is all but snuffed out, yet your mysterious aura attracts admirers. You’re happy to have them, but not likely to fall head over heels. Wrapping up with your finances, Uranus retrograde can provoke unexpected expenses, but Jupiter flies to the rescue, bringing you the necessary funds to cover all your bases. Be aware that your finances are subject to the mood swings of the Mars/ Venus duo. At moments you may be seized with spending fever; try to keep your feet on the ground.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:

Monday you’re in love or dreaming about it. Before the Moon leaves Aquarius, it lights a fire of ambition under you. Mars and Venus prime you for bold moves and happy accidents on Tuesday. You feel the anticipation of a seasonal change or romantic transition. The Moon enters Pisces, shifting you from strategy to fantasy. You’re generous and self-indulgent as the Sun opposes Jupiter and Uranus. By Wednesday night, the Fall Equinox begins Libra’s (an air Sign) month in the Sun. Starting Thursday, a good relationship gets better or a promising new one starts. The Full Moon entering Aries Thursday help you focus on the sweet and sour of a healthy, balanced relationship. Neptune adds imagination and intuition to the mix Friday and Saturday. On the weekend, Chiron makes you feel whole again whether you’re single or coupled. Even Pluto’s mixed signals on Saturday and Saturn’s second-guesses on Sunday are just the nature of love.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week, beware of the Mars/ Venus duo. This pair works to put you in a big hurry, makes you stubborn and likely to over-indulge. You’re likely to go overboard when eating and drinking, suffer from a lack of sleep and move so fast you’re accident prone. Take care! These two planets do help you out on the job though. Your ideas are good and you’re keeping them to yourself, nurturing and developing them. Venus and Mars may announce some excellent news this week; if you’ve been searching for a real estate investment you could finally find the dream home that fits, and with the price that’s right for you. Concerning love, if you’re in a couple the routine is making your partner less and less attractive, and someone else who’s just wandered into your life more and more tempting. Be careful how you handle this. If you’re already with someone, the Moon puts retrograde Neptune in a bad mood indeed. There’s tension between you. If your heart is free and looking, Saturn blocks any potential new connections. Conversations with new faces stay on the superficial level. Singles, passion comes your way, in the form of a person either unavailable or very complicated. Pluto retrograde meddles in your professional life, creating conflict and making sure the solutions you’re searching for, continue to elude you. Your finances on the other hand look robustly healthy, under the watchful eye of the Sun. The recent Mercury retrograde could have throw a hammer in the works though, if you’ve got a contract signature hanging in the balance. To wrap up, your finances are under the watchful eye of Pluto retrograde, which encourages you to be cautious.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

Trust Fire and Air Signs to treat you right on Monday. You might experience doubts or performance anxiety when the Sun is quincunx Chiron and the Moon. A Sun-Jupiter opposition finds you “wasting” Tuesday with someone who deserves your time. Things get friendlier Tuesday if you ignore the teasing from Jupiter and Uranus. Summer ends on Wednesday, and Thursday the Full Moon enters Aries and opposes the Sun. Now you question roles and relationships from a power position. Maybe you’re planning a future together as the dreamy Pisces Moon conjoins Saturn and Uranus. But the Full Moon in Aries makes Thursday a wake-up call. In real relationships, real people have real needs. Imagination and kind words take you there on Friday and Saturday. Dare to dream and desire after Friday. Unless your desired partner is offended, the Taurus Moon helps manifest this new romantic reality Saturday and Sunday. By Sunday evening, you’re past old emotional mistakes.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Uranus retrograde in Pisces plays with your nerves this week. You have a hard time keeping your cool. If there’s a conflict, your comebacks are likely to be memorable! There are few opportunities on the career horizon, but that doesn’t dampen your enthusiasm. You’ve got your goals clearly in your mind’s eye, and you’re laying the groundwork for a project that’s near and dear to your heart. You don’t get much support for it from bosses and colleagues, but you’re moving forward anyway. Mars and Venus in Scorpio make you Water Signs feel like the world is your oyster. You’re attracted to all things beautiful and eccentric and you’re having as much fun as is humanly possible. In spite of all this light-heartedness, you’re not neglecting your career or other responsibilities. Mars makes sure you’re authoritative, ambitious and very sure of yourself and Venus helps you get your ideas across, creates opportunities and endows you with amazing powers of persuasion. You’re talented! In the love department you’re oozing with charm and breaking hearts. You’re interested in flirting and having fun; not in tying yourself down to something serious or complicated. Couples, you’re driving your partner wild with desire and they’re ready to follow you to the ends of the earth. The Sun adds passion and understanding to your relationship. Singles, you’re content to live within your dreams. It’s also possible that someone else is in love with you and that you haven’t noticed it yet! Financially, matters for your wallet look good. The Moon could provide you with some extra cash at the end of the week. Your financial sector looks stable enough for a little splashing out.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Monday the Moon conjoins Neptune before entering Pisces, blurring the real with the imaginary. Who’s feeling the magic? Who isn’t? When the Moon enters Pisces and sextiles Pluto on Monday, spend face time with someone important. A Moon-Mercury opposition grounds you Tuesday while you review all the delicious possibilities. Entwine your lives Tuesday as the Moon trines Mars and Venus. Wednesday the Sun enters Libra, and Thursday the Full Moon enters Aries, opposing the Sun. If you’re new to love, the push-pull between real people is an eye opener. Late Wednesday, the Fall Equinox unlocks your romantic intuition. Channel your impulses to benefit your relationship on Thursday. Don’t let Friday’s Moon-Venus quincunx put your mouth ahead of your mind. Friday puts a happy face on these power games. You know where you stand when the Moon enters Taurus. On Saturday Pluto squares the Sun and trines the Taurus Moon, guaranteeing romance on someone else’s terms. Sunday could be dramatic if you let it.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The Moon in Pisces at the beginning of the week can cause stress, fatigue and a slight risk of accidents in the home. Try to take it easy, and not to rush through your day. The Sun in Virgo is protecting you by endowing you with excellent energy and useful ideas. You have a hard time putting those brilliant ideas in order, much less communicating them. This hurts you especially in your professional life. The higher ups tend to look down their noses at you and downplay your best qualities, which doesn’t help your floundering confidence levels at all. Concerning matters of the heart, if you’re single, Pluto retrograde is making you suspicious and selective. You may meet new faces, but they won’t seem wonderful enough to linger on. The Sun moves into in Libra on Wednesday announcing an encounter with someone new but beware because you may be struck by shyness, or have a hard time finding the right way to approach this person or to get your interest across. Your inner doubts are your worst enemy. Couples, Jupiter and Uranus retrograde make your conversations escalate into arguments. This has the advantage of adding a little spice to the daily humdrum; at least you’re not bored! Virile Mars and beautiful Venus power up your relationship with tenderness and passion. You share unforgettable moments. In the professional sphere, Saturn throws a hammer in the works, sapping your motivation and will power. At work you do the bare minimum, which is not a boss-pleaser. Your finances look stable; there are no money worries on the horizon.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

When the Moon enters Pisces on Monday, use your imagination whether you’re looking for a date or trying to please your sweetie. Monday and Tuesday are the Sun’s last full days in Virgo until next summer. Don’t be shy or unimaginative. Relish the experience of love or looking for love. Tuesday’s Moon-Venus trine delivers the perfect gift for givers and receivers alike. A few hours after Wednesday’s Fall Equinox, take the time to make impossibilities possible. Start planning when autumn begins late Wednesday, because Thursday’s Aries New Moon throws you into the action. Be strong and focused. By Friday’s quincunx between the Moon and Venus, way too many people are interested in you. A Moon-Mercury quincunx on Friday is the voice of reason, and come Saturday you’re in a better place about love, lust, and friendship. Go with the flow when the Moon’s in your sign Saturday and Sunday. What else can you do? Remember, the planets conspire to help you have it all this weekend.