STARGAZING — Week of September 19-25, 2011

Sep 20, 2011 | Special Messages

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The Autumnal Equinox continues the difficult Uranus square Pluto (revolutionary, destructive) energy, and it adds to the life-force Sun’s stimulating balance and sharing into the mix. It will be interesting to see if Congress plays nicely together on the Jobs Bill put forth by President Obama under this compromising influence (even though Uranus and Pluto really don’t want to compromise). For the next three months, you will be adjusting the things you want to do on a creative, passionate level with the things that you must do to be responsible in this world. There is a planetary pattern called a Yod going on, giving you the feeling of being caught between worlds. A Yod would look like the letter Y if you drew lines between the planets involved, kind of like a divining rod. The key is to find your balance between inner and outer world needs, blend in playful, creative, and heart-warming activities- then find a half-step solution to blend “want to’s” with “have to’s.” The planetary alignments are changing, and historically this brings change, revolutions, and the closing of one phase while opening another. Things may smooth out by the October 11th Full Moon in Aires, representing new beginnings.


Week of Sept. 19th – Sept. 25th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The force is with you on Monday when the Moon in Gemini trines Saturn. It’s time to turn your dreams into realities. The opportunity to travel may emerge. Get ready to pack your bags. Your intuition will be on target on Tuesday. Follow your hunches in all circumstances. You’ll encounter a frustrating scenario. Maintain a sense of humor when dealing with life’s annoyances. Unexpected events will jostle your agenda on Wednesday. You’ll search for solitude. It’s time to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. A health matter may flare up on Thursday. It may be wise to schedule a medical checkup. You may change your life’s direction. You’ll be eager to walk on the right road. The Sun enters Libra on Friday. Celebration is in order. Buy a party hat to celebrate the Fall Equinox. Don’t get bogged down in some confusing details. Look at the big picture in a certain situation. A loved one can be especially demanding. This person may require lots of your attention. The urge to explore new horizons will kick in on Saturday. You’ll be in an adventurous mood! Restless feelings will be strong on Sunday. The Sun opposes your ruler Uranus. A rival may appear on the scene on Sunday. This person is jealous of you. Ignore his or her antics. A family member will be disagreeable on Sunday as well. Next week you’ll be eager for excitement!

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Shared activities with your partner (or someone new!) kick into high gear during Mars in Leo. Additionally, these energy influences can widen your social life by inspiring you to explore new locations, activities and cultures. Socializing can either motivate or irritate you—or both!. It all depends on the company you keep. A friendship may turn lusty, or you may meet someone hot during a friendly gathering or group project. Plus, this week’s launch of Libra influences will energize all you Air Sign’s creativity and flirting skills, especially during the weekend! A misunderstanding may unhinge romance on Saturday. Getting in touch with your instincts will deepen passion on Sunday.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Miscommunication may arise in a relationship on Monday. Strive to tell it like it is with a loved one. Consider asking a loved one for aid. This person is ready to rush to your side. Social invitations will come your way on Monday. You’ll be the flavor of the week, Fire Signs! Strive to think positively on Tuesday. Banish negative thoughts from your mindset. Avoid dishonest folks on Wednesday. A colleague may spin a web of lies. Also a business endeavor may hit a snag on Wednesday. It may be time to go back to the drawing board. Rely on your gut instinct on Thursday. Don’t allow others to influence an important life decision. Self-doubt will vanish on Friday. The Moon in Leo conjuncts Mars and you’ll be ready to conquer the world. A romance may heat up on Friday. If you’re single, consider asking someone special on a date. You’ll be in a courageous mood and standing up for yourself will be easy. You may feel confused regarding a certain situation on Saturday. Consider asking a trusted friend for advice. Remember, two heads are often better than one. Relationship issues loom on Sunday. Think about clearing the air with an associate. Use safety precautions while playing sports. Wear a helmet if riding a bicycle. Keep your eye on the ball!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Mars traveling through the Fire Sign of Leo energizes your charisma and flair for theatrics, but it can also make you impulsive, hotheaded or insensitive to the needs of others. You’ll have little patience for fearful folks with closed hearts. This weekend, an imaginative expression of your feelings can bring a romantic interlude on Saturday! Romance can be found through someone from afar or while learning something new during Mars in Leo. Expanding your vision of what (who!) you’d like in your life is also indicated. Libra influences add to the social vibe. Your sense of adventure draws admirers during the weekend, so look for romance while trying something new!

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Use discretion on Monday. Watch your words when chatting with others. If you aren’t careful, you’ll betray a friend’s secret. Don’t procrastinate. You’ll miss the boat if you delay in a certain situation! Flexibility is the word for Tuesday. Events may take place that are out of your control. Try to go with the flow. A friend may ask you for a loan on Tuesday. Be sure you have the funds available before agreeing. Your emotions will be heightened on Wednesday. The Moon in Cancer opposes Pluto. You may play the role of drama king or queen. Put your own needs first on Thursday. It’s time to pamper yourself! Don’t get bogged down in the past. Concentrate on building a positive future. A deal may need to be renegotiated on Friday. Consider asking for expert guidance in the matter. Don’t take less than you’re worth! Good news regarding your finances will emerge on the Fall Equinox. A business project will demand your full attention. This particular endeavor should prove to be quite lucrative later. Get ready to spend an economic windfall. You may experience fuzzy thinking on Saturday. Hold off on making important decisions. Your thoughts could be very scattered. Put on your detective hat on Sunday. You’ll be able to uncover the truth regarding a complex scenario.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: Mars in Leo brings out your leadership ability when assisting others, which may draw the admiration of a potential paramour. It’s time to get out there and share your creativity, leadership or expertise. Look for romance during public events or work-related activities. As such, look for romance while volunteering for a cause or during a work project. You’ll be motivated to move forward with your goals, whether they’re personal or professional. Libra influences can make intimate encounters especially sweet! This weekend, mixed messages abound on Saturday, but love flows on Sunday! An activity shared with a lover or close friend brings satisfaction.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Get ready to breathe a sigh of relief on Monday. A certain situation will work out in your favor. Use your time wisely as we approach the Fall Equinox and new Moon. Productivity is your key to success on the job. You may experience anxious moments on Tuesday. Remember not to sweat the small stuff. Call on your mellow side. It’s wise to mind your own business on Wednesday. You’ll get in trouble if you meddle in another’s affairs. Your assertive side will be on display. Don’t be too bold when dealing with others. A loved one may feel neglected on Wednesday evening. Consider telling this person how much you care. Curb your sweet tooth on Thursday. Venus is quincunx Jupiter. Don’t overindulge your appetites. Also, rely on your common sense. Avoid slick salespeople. Strive to be a team player on Friday. Pursue your job ambitions with gusto. You may consider walking on the wild side! Your judgment could be off on Saturday. Don’t jump to conclusions in a certain situation. A friend will repay a favor on Saturday. This person will thank you in a big way. New vibrations will surround you on Sunday. Mercury enters Libra. Finding the right balance in life will become your main priority. A time-consuming project will demand your attention. You may need to put leisure activities on hold.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: An intimate date, without distractions, will fire up passion during Mars in Leo. Mars can also cause your deepest longings and desires to surge to the surface. A burst of energy surrounding your home may prompt you to host a party for friends or dine in with your sweetie followed up with other sensual delights. Creating a beautiful ambiance can be a great outlet for your artistry, especially this weekend. If you feel unusually antsy or irritated, take some quiet time to get centered. This weekend, sensitivity inspires love on Saturday. Romance can be found during an entertainment-related activity on Sunday. For the next eight weeks you Earth Signs are a magnet for admirers!