Stargazing—Week of September 10th – September 16th, 2012

Sep 14, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of September 10th – September 16th, 2012


September 2012 looks like a nice flowing month, except for the weather disturbances. The only real intensity is during the third week leading up to the Fall Equinox where there is plenty to focus on, work through, and talk about. Join my Subscription Pages for details.

September gets off to a pleasantly smooth start, and you’ll want to enjoy it while it lasts! Why? Because with Pluto and Uranus swinging back into action in the third week, well, let’s just say things won’t be going quite as smoothly by then.

Venus and Uranus keep the good times flowing on September 13 with flirtatiousness and romantic fun! Then, the New Moon in Virgo rises on September 15, bringing practical matters to the forefront and encouraging you to get your priorities in order.

This weekend offers a fresh start for lovers, with the efficient New Moon in Virgo on Saturday night. Refining your manners and appearance while taking a more careful approach to relationships can help to smooth out some rough spots in love. Personal improvement, rather than absolute perfection, is an achievable goal that increases the chances to find happiness with another person.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You seem to be in a buoyant yet focused frame of mind. Upbeat Jupiter can draw lucky coincidences your way. The more willing you are to make these opportunities happen for yourself, the greater your success will be. Mars might coincide with a determination to get fit and look good. You might be willing to put a lot of time and energy into this, but don’t burn out. Mercury in Libra may help inspire some seductive opening lines. You seem determined to succeed, and you’re passionate about your goals. Nothing can stop you once you make up your mind. You might feel more vulnerable than usual with the Sun Virgo, but this position also gives you a chance to rest and reflect. If you feel like taking a back seat for a while, do it. Your mind, body, and spirit probably need the rest. The New Moon is helpful if you want to start a new spiritual practice such as meditation, working with dreams, yoga, or tai chi. This is a good time to begin. A meeting on Thursday could turn out to be a pleasant surprise. You might find this person to be extremely good company and want to meet again. The New Moon in an Earth Sign helps if you want to reorganize your finances or apply for a loan or mortgage. Mercury in Libra could coincide with a desire to travel or study.

Your Love Week—Air Signs: Breaking your usual patterns is a surefire way to spice up your relationship life when Venus aligns favorably with spontaneous Uranus on Wednesday night. Your “live and let live” attitude generally makes you pretty easygoing when it comes to relationships. However, Saturday’s New Moon in analytical Virgo pulls back the covers on closeness, revealing where there’s work to be done. Open, detailed discussions with your partner can help pinpoint the adjustments that are needed in a close relationship. But if you’re single, you may need to dig in deep and clarify your own desires before putting expectations on others. Taking care of business on the home front is a priority on Friday and Saturday. Resolving domestic issues isn’t an easy exercise, yet it clears the decks for more fun to come on Sunday. The Moon and the talkative planet Mercury enter Libra, making it your time to step into the spotlight — and you’ll enjoy it even more when you graciously share it with a loving companion. The weekend is quieter until Sunday, when the Moon enters Libra. Still, the peace and harmony you desire may be shaken by exposed secrets and unexpected events.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

It’s an interesting week full of variety. Mars in Scorpio encourages you to focus on achieving a major goal through sheer willpower, but don’t burn out in the process. You could be busy making plans and dealing with details, and this phase will continue for much of the week. Monday might be a good day to plan ahead financially, work out a budget, or come to grips with a money problem. You’ll be much better at sorting out any details. There is some promising activity in your career, so you could be reviewing your options and making new connections in order to advance your goals. Now is a good time to research, plan ahead, and regain your bearings so you’ll have everything at your fingertips in order to make great progress. Later in the week you might need some space to do your own thing. A short trip or break could be just the ticket, so go for it. On Saturday, there’s a New Moon in Virgo, which is great for starting a contract, diet, workout routine, or new project at work. Mercury in Libra helps improve relationships through conversation and negotiation. Use the New Moon to help kick-start important projects. This New Moon helps if you’re about to take out a loan or perhaps begin a new moneymaking venture. There’s also a chance of a romantic meeting when you move out of your comfort zone and do something different.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Discretion is a critical element in your personal life this weekend, so think carefully before expressing any strong opinions. The New Moon in refined Virgo, colors Friday and Saturday in sharply drawn lines of appropriate behavior. Your enthusiasm and sense of adventure are usually delightful, but they may need to be tempered now, depending on the company you keep Productivity and pleasure go hand in hand on Friday and Saturday. Taking care of tasks provides opportunities to connect with others while demonstrating your competence. But if you have a critical partner, don’t let your annoyance close your mind to what’s probably good advice. A lunar shift into Libra should make Sunday a lively, spontaneous, and unpredictably exciting time. Saturday’s Virgo New Moon stimulates extra interest in developing your skills. Quietly demonstrating your talent by being of use to others makes you more attractive; it’s not all about looks, fun and games, because competence is especially appealing now. Just understand that you’re a work in progress, so give yourself time to improve instead of trying too hard to impress others. A bit of self-restraint can go a long way toward earning the sense of security that leads to greater intimacy.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Meaningful conversations could help resolve issues and initiate new projects and plans. Relationships of all kinds are in focus, so this is a good time to connect with others and make beautiful music together. Dating could be much livelier and more interesting with Mars in Scorpio. You may be drawn to powerful people who are fascinating and mesmerizing but also potentially controlling, so watch out for that. On the other hand, you have great passion to create and be inventive. This could lead you to take risks in order to reach an important goal. Mars in a Water Sign means you’re very determined. You’ll fight for what you want and you won’t let anyone or anything deter you. There is a focus on your social life, which might encourage you to do more networking and socializing. You’ll benefit if you can to get out and about more. Saturday’s New Moon is helpful for all new beginnings. If you’ve been thinking about finding a business partner, this is the time to look. If you want to get engaged or take your relationship to a new level of commitment, catch the Moon tide and go for it. You can use the New Moon in Virgo if you want to start that website, blog, or bestselling novel. This New Moon is perfect for joining community projects, dating groups, or online communities. The more you participate, the better off you’ll be.

Your Love Week—Water Signs: This could be an important weekend in your personal life, since Saturday’s New Moon is in Virgo. While it might bog you down with petty issues, there’s a greater chance for you to clean up any messes in a current relationship. Be specific and let logic rule to clear the way of any emotional roadblocks. Emotions are at the core of your desires, but logic can be the key to fulfilling them. A New Moon in analytical Virgo gives you a fresh opportunity to think clearly and express yourself with precision. Untangling knots of misunderstanding and engaging in complex conversations show that even reason and logic can create a pathway to your heart. Participating in group activities can be the key to your relationship life this weekend. Volunteering for a cause or contributing to a collective process can provide a path toward intimacy with your current partner, or an opportunity to meet someone new if you’re single. Shared beliefs are the glue that’s needed to turn an initial attraction into something real. Or if you’re single and looking, casting a more critical eye on potential partners can help you make wiser choices moving forward.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Relationships should continue to be very passionate and intense, something you may find exciting but also disturbing at times. There might be a tendency to engage in power games, which could cause arguments. You need to tread with care whether your relationship is romance or business oriented. You’re very much in your element, excelling at all kinds of activities that demand precision, focus, and attention to detail. This is a good time to get your message across and get feedback for plans that are important to you. This is a good time to take a break or journey and generally move outside your comfort zone. If you need some space to explore and break out of your mold, go for it. The New Moon is helpful if you’re about to begin a long trip, sign up for a class, or perhaps begin a lawsuit. As of Saturday you can catch the Moon tide, which will help you in your quest. This New Moon is your chance to catch the Moon tide and enjoy greater romantic and creative success. It’s a good time for a first date or furthering a budding affair. Any New Moon is excellent for creating a fresh start in any area of life that you choose. Starting Saturday, get going on your brightest dreams, and let the Moonbeams carry you to success.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Saturday’s Virgo New Moon should give you a fresh start in matters of the heart Earth Signs. This detail-oriented sign leaves nothing to chance, so plan your weekend social activities with care. Putting a little extra attention into pleasing others can have a bigger impact than you expect this weekend. Refining your approach to meeting new people may feel awkward at first, but it’s all part of an important learning process. This New Moon on Saturday is almost like getting a fresh start in relationships. Updating your appearance and tinkering with your approach to meeting others can increase your enthusiasm and raise your confidence. You have a right to have opinions about who you’re with, and what you do together, as long as you don’t go too far; reason may guide you, but ignoring others’ feelings won’t help your case. Working on a project with someone else is a good way to find out how well you two can get along. Plus, with this lunar transit, technical discussions and detailed conversations about the meaning of life can be surprisingly sexy.