Stargazing — Week of Sept. 6th through Sept. 12th, 2021

Sep 6, 2021 | Stargazing

All five outer planets are retrograde this month. This suggests that you have the opportunity to finish old business and do behind the scenes preparation for that which is to come later this year and into 2022.

What is it time to release? Communications planet Mercury enters the shadow period on the 10th then turns retrograde Sept. 26th -Oct. 18th in relationship sign Libra. The pre-retrograde shadow from Sept 10th-26th often shows you the activities that need your attention during the retrograde phase. Libra includes re-balancing your relationships, improving your appearance, making cosmetic improvements to your home or office, or going easy on kidneys, adrenal glands and sugar intake.

The Virgo New Moon is on Monday, September 6th. For the USA the Labor Day festivities will be overflowing with expansive, goodhearted vibes. Rarely is a public holiday filled with such a large number of astrological transits. Just kick back with friends or family; or enjoy some me time by exploring your true passions. All though the Labor Day holiday, the New Virgo Moon is good for work, especially if you need to get organized, or cleanse your body or home.

Labor Day is often considered the unofficial first day of autumn, and this year it coincides with an exuberant forward-looking New Moon in exact trine with pioneering Uranus in Taurus.

The powerful, transformative trine between Pluto and Mars, on the same day, makes this an excellent time to plan for the weeks ahead, while another trine between Venus and Jupiter is absolutely bursting with harmony and compassion. This latter aspect is especially romantic, making this a perfect date night. Perhaps go out and watch the fireworks display, then enjoy a quiet dinner, then find a place where you can make some fire-works of your own.

The rest of the week is filled with similar emotionally satisfying energy due to a series of lunar conjunctions with Mars.

Mercury with Venus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday;  combine this with the Moon’s trine with Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter on Tuesday through Thursday and you’re looking at a stabilized week where you can get some thongs done.

This energy may be a bit difficult because ambitious Mars in Virgo is willing to accomplish a great deal; Mars makes an uncomfortable relationship (an inconjunct) to Jupiter who wants to go off into nature on an adventure. Perhaps the best way to handle this energy is to complete something on your “to do” list and then sneak away for some time in nature. Because Venus is making harmony to Jupiter, pick an easy project then go out to a beautiful, natural location.

Get your “gotta get it done” work done early on Tuesday, because the Moon goes into its quiet phase in the afternoon, and that’s usually nap time. She moves into social Libra on Wednesday and Thursday. There are pleasant emotional moon relationships both days, making for a good time to share with friends. On Friday, both the Moon and Venus move into intense Scorpio.

scorpio horoscopeThe Moon takes you to emotional depths through Saturday, and Venus remains there until October 7th. Scorpio supports research projects or activities that require focus. Spend time with people you trust, sharing and finding deeper levels of communications. Superficial chit-chat is not a Scorpio thing.

Saturday is a stubborn and skittish day, due to the Scorpio Moon’s opposition with Uranus and Square with Jupiter at the same time, in fixed signs. With a lunar trine of Neptune on the same day, it’s better to seek escapism rather than confrontations.

Note that over the weekend, Mercury moves into the shadow of its coming retrograde cycle from September 26th-October 18th. Start to set up projects that you will be dealing with during the communications breakdown cycle.

Plan ahead – to create more balance and beauty in your life.