Stargazing—Week of Sept. 2nd through Sept. 8th, 2019

Sep 2, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Staying centered this week can be a challenge with so much static coming from a disturbing atmosphere. An unusual number of planets are making connections with each other and almost every area of life will be under scrutiny. However, with Mars in Virgo, your stalled projects will begin to move forward. Just keep moving through the highs and lows (and the highs are not that high, and the lows not that low). This is a busy week that combines high energy days and days where you just want to take a nap.

It all begins on Monday, Labor Day when Venus is in conflict with Jupiter. This brings a warning that if you apply Jupiter’s boundless optimism to your personal relationships or to the status of your bank account, you could wind up being in big trouble. On Monday morning, the Sun aligns with Mars to get you moving. Exercise is a good thing, but don’t overdo it as Jupiter is also in play and Jupiter tends to overdo whatever it does. These energies continue into Wednesday, Sept. 4th, when Venus makes it’s only opposition to Neptune this year. The energy triggers confusion; what is real and what’s not?

If you need to focus, Tuesday has a planetary aspect between mental Mercury with ambitious Mars and the life-giving Sun. With the Moon in Scorpio, you can really delve into projects that catch your interest. Be aware that it isn’t so good if you must do things that your heart does not want to do.

The three heavy-duty planets that went retrograde in April that are a part of the triple alignment in Capricorn next year are gradually moving again. Re-structuring Saturn moves forward on September 18. “Burn your bridges behind you” Pluto starts moving forward in early October. The point is that you can get practical and re-focused on the goals that fell to the wayside over the summer.

It’s going to be hard to keep your head on straight mid-week because Mercury is busy in three different ways to five planets. Virgo’s compulsion to details gives way to impulsive Mars as the Sun joins Mercury in Virgo and they both collide with Mars on Wednesday. This over-stimulation energy is a reminder not to fall prey to hoof-and-mouth disease. On Wednesday, when the Moon is in its quiet void-of-course phase, it’s a good time to do quiet projects that are already underway and not initiate important new projects. Your thinking may not be clear Wednesday morning, so hit the snooze button a couple times and watch your dreams.The good part is that this trio is kept in check by trines from the discipline planet, Saturn, on Thursday and Friday, September 5thand 6th.

Thursday morning is better for critical thinking as structured Saturn is in harmony with idea planet Mercury. Make a plan and work the plan.

Friday afternoon would be a good time to slow down the pace. Better yet, sneak off into nature under a Sagittarius moon. 

There are two more roadblocks to be dealt with over the weekend of Sept. 7thand 8th. On Saturday, Sept.7ththe first and only Mercury-Neptune opposition occurs. This energy indicates a tendency toward lies, misunderstandings and confusion.

Then on Sunday, Sept. 8th, Jupiter squares Mercury and the Sun. This signals a time when it’s easy to slip up because things look better than they really are.

On Sunday morning, quick Mercury trines eccentric Uranus, urging you to do something out of the ordinary. At the same time on Sunday morning, Venus makes harmony to Saturn. If you need to diplomatically establish better boundaries in all types of relationships, this is quite helpful because you will be supported by prudence, patience, and tact. If you somehow managed to keep calm and carry on amid all of the planetary chaos, this is the time and energy that give you an extra spurt of energy to make any project or event a huge success.