Stargazing — Week of Sept. 27th through Oct. 3rd, 2021

Sep 27, 2021 | Stargazing|Uncategorized

This is the week to dream big but, as Mercury retrogrades, take tiny steps. Mercury begins his retrograde cycle in the relationship sign Libra overnight on Sunday into Monday. The Moon is in Gemini, one of Mercury’s favorite signs. Enthusiastic, ambitious ideas will pop up early in the week. However chit-chat could set in, beginning on Wednesday. This can make for lots of talk and an abundance of ideas will flow; but don’t believe everything you hear now as many people are just floating ideas, and not sure which ones will get grounded.

Implementing enterprising plans may prove overwhelming, leading to stagnation and defeatism. Because Mercury turns retrograde on Monday it’s difficult to envision the true flexibility of brainstormed proposals; try not to commit to any contracts or plans – as you may be biting off more than you can chew.

The Moon trines Jupiter and Mercury on Tuesday and you could set some lofty goals, while it squares seductive Neptune and this could blind you to practicality.

Even though the Sun is ready to work on Wednesday, thanks to a trine with get-it-done Saturn, the Moon squaring Mars could easily dissipate all of your energy; Venus trines Neptune the same day, urging teamwork. The efforts could quickly devolve into socializing and chit-chat. It may be better to work alone if you really want to see results now.

Wednesday is an interesting day in that romantic Venus is in harmony with fantasy Neptune, which can have you off in daydream land. Also on Wednesday, the life-giving Sun makes harmony to grounded Saturn. So one part of you wants to float and drift in creative imagination land, another part of you is telling you to produce something tangible.

Thursday’s Grand Trine of the Moon, Venus, and Neptune continues this energy, making it a good day for unstructured vision quests.  The energy brings minor challenges throughout the day, so don’t take life too seriously and tend to projects already under way.

Friday continues the same energy and bosses or higher ups may not be open to your new ideas. The Moon opposes Saturn, squares Uranus, while Mercury is squaring Pluto.  Your new ideas will be met with resistance.  It’s necessary to create an action plan that shows an easy route to the manifestation of them if you want to be taken seriously.

Exhaustion sets in on Saturday with a T square in fixed signs between the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter. The morning energies will do much to recharge our batteries. Chill out on socializing, relaxing and resting leads to renewed mental energy at Sunday’s trine between retrograde Mercury and Jupiter.

Mercury continues to be retrograde in Libra until October 18th. All five outer planets have been retrograde, and four of them begin to move forward again in October. This suggests forward progress, starting gradually, as the month goes on.