Stargazing — Week of Sept. 23rd to Sept. 29, 2019

Sep 24, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

We enter Fall and reluctantly leave Summer behind, along with two squares and a sign change this week.

On Monday the 23rd the Sun moves into Libra, bringing the Northern Hemisphere the Autumnal Equinox. Libra, the sign of balanced scales, is one of two days in the year that there is an Earthly balance between Light and darkness. The Fall Equinox is a Stargazing reminder to take a moment and align yourself with the heavens, visualizing that all parts of your life are in balance.

The normal conversation at this time, and for the next three months, is to talk about re-balancing your life. Although the actual balancing gets a bit more complicated now due to a planetary T-Square. This energy gives you a feeling like one shoe off and one shoe on. With every move, you must be careful to shift to maintain your equilibrium. The test here is patience, as usual.

The moon in Cancer wants to nurture and be nurtured. Pluto and Saturn are in serious and responsible Capricorn opposing the Moon telling you to get to work, be practical, and quit your complaining. The third part of the T-Square is asking you to share and play nicely with others, while balancing self-nurturing and worldly responsibilities.

Tuesday is a good day to communicate your higher philosophy and dreams. Write them down and set the condition they will manifest this next year.

You can be stingy with money or love, or both on Wednesday as Venus makes its last square of 2-19 with Saturn. This can create a Scrooge type of energy where you feel lonely and/or are not getting enough of what you need in terms of love and money. It also awakens the fact that you need to focus on your duties and responsibilities to others. It’s also a good day to maintain healthy boundaries in relationships.

Thursday is a time to get to the bottom of things because intense Mercury comes into a conflict with Pluto. It’s not a good day to force your ideas onto others, and avoid letting others do this it to you. This square of darkness is your one last opportunity this year to look into the depths of some deeply hidden secret. The truth just may come out.

The New Moon occurs in balancing and harmonizing Libra on Saturday, September 28th. It does make a slightly uncomfortable relationship to eccentric Uranus. One part of you wants to share in relationships, and another part of you is more comfortable being independent. One part of you wants to fit in with the world, and another part wants to do something wild and rebellious.

This energy can begin taking on a concrete form within your inner vision. Meditate to find personal meaning for the coming month. It would be helpful to focus your intention on your goals and ideals in order to help bring them down from the idea and dreamy realm into the mundane world.

A Libra moon on Sunday is great for social interaction. Consider taking a short retreat from the world or providing some higher service as with this energy you receive help in taking action.