STARGAZING—Week of Sept. 21st to Sept. 27th, 2015

Sep 20, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


The early work week brings a more serious, get-to-work tone. This is easier said than done because pleasure-loving Venus is in harmony with freedom-loving Uranus by Tuesday evening. Perhaps the best advice is to keep your nose to the grindstone on Monday and Tuesday, and then give yourself a break and go wild Tuesday evening.

sun-solsticeThe Autumn Equinox on Wednesday, September 23 shows that for the next three months communications planet Mercury although retrograde through October 9th, forms a challenging square relationship to death and rebirth Pluto. You will need to rethink something by winter solstice, and it is most likely in regards to some kind of current relationship.

This year’s Fall Equinox occurs between two eclipses that will bring up the hidden depths for you to review. The lesson of Pluto is for you to be in your power based upon your connection to the Universe. Pluto serves as a shovel, a base to help you dig up and release fears, ego, and self-worth issues that get in the way of a clear connection to Spirit and your spiritual side. Basically, your higher vision and your practical reality are trying to find a better way to work together.

Because re-structuring Saturn moved into adventure-seeking Sagittarius last week signaling that you are called to make more time and a better balance between your responsible world and your “life is supposed to be fun” world. Beginning or strengthening a meditation practice will be extremely helpful now.

On Thursday, the 24th, ambitious Mars moves into hard-working Virgo until November 12th. You can move mountains under this energy. Just remember to work smart instead of working too hard. If there is any way you can take off Friday afternoon, do so. Mars makes a challenge to Saturn at the end of the day Friday; and I promise you, it is best to surround yourself in a softer and more compassionate world Friday evening. The moon is in its introspective shine Saturday evening. Important beginnings or purchases are not advised. Go see a movie or throw a dinner party instead.

Moon-eclipseThe Moon ends the week with a bang, with a Full Moon eclipse in Aries, the beginning of the Lunar New Year. It is both the Harvest Moon and a Super Moon, so you definitely want to get out to see it. Hopefully it brings a slow, unconscious and gradual return to peace and prosperity in the personal, economic, and political arenas. The Pope arrives over the Full Moon weekend, which promises stormy weather and a possible hurricane at best. This Moon placement and unusual combination brings two special effects. First, the Moon is bigger than life! Second, as it moves closer to the earth and reaches its perigee, the gravitational forces will increase by 50%, leading to high tides, storms, flooding, and possible earthquakes. Don’t do any mountain climbing that weekend!

This eclipse is visible over parts of the Eastern United States. The strongest energy effect is with one-on-one relationships and anyone who has a birthday on that day. With all of these shifts and intense alignments, it’s certainly not the time to schedule any important, big events. Perhaps it’s best to watch the Pope at home on TV.

Aries and Libra continue to add to the turmoil of independence vs. relationship balancing that has been going on for the last one and a-half years. If you pay attention to your life now, you will see the opposite side of the coin next March, when there is another lunar eclipse exactly opposite this one. It is like the Universe is pulling you apart to re-integrate you into a better balance over the next six months, and it is also a completion of the same process that has been going on since February, 2014.

A Super Moon means that the moon is really close to the earth, and that means amplified emotions now. The Aries part of this eclipse wants you to get out and move your body. Dance under the eclipsed full moon.

Summer LoveThe Libra part just wants to curl up with someone warm and sip on an expensive bottle of wine. So do both! Cuddle, hug, and feel your love abound. Take the time to feel your emotions instead of logically analyzing them.