Stargazing — Week of Sept. 20th through Sept. 26, 2021

Sep 20, 2021 | Stargazing

This week alerts us to the fact that strategic planning can go a long way. The early days of the week are best for thinking and planning; such as designing ad or setting dates for courses, or going over written contracts.

Some stagnant energy arrives mid-week as we experience the Fall Equinox; weather changes, and a change of seasons. This tends to throw in the monkey wrench in your work and slow down or stall your plans.

The Pisces Full Moon is on Monday September 20th at 29 degrees Pisces. The energy is talkative as communications planet Mercury makes harmony to big idea Jupiter in Aquarius; it’s time to communicate higher ideals and innovative ideas. Also, the inspired Full Moon in Pisces conjuncts Neptune, making it an excellent day for writing or creative visualization.

At the same time, ambitious Mars opposes the Sun, making it a difficult time to get things done. Then Mars and the Sun move to make harmony with hard-working Saturn in the coming week. You can put you high ideas into practical action. So talk about your ideas at the Full Moon, and then get to work creating them in the week that follows (otherwise, it is just all show and no go.) Pisces is a visionary, and its opposite, Virgo, puts those visions into practical use in the mundane world. Pisces dreams it and Virgo brings it down into manifestation.

Avoid forcing your ideas onto people – and allow extra time in traffic on Wednesday morning. The Fall Equinox is on Wednesday, Sept. 22nd, in the mid afternoon, which can pull on your energy to slow things down a bit.  Verbal Mercury is challenging “my way or the highway” Pluto which means it is good to take a breath before impulsively speaking or cutting someone off who cuts you off in traffic. Bosses may squash your innovative ideas as well, leading to a feeling of not being understood or appreciated. It’s best to take a lot of deep breaths and put off making any decisions until another day.

You might wake up early on Thursday when Venus makes a challenge to “expect the unexpected” Uranus. Ease into Thursday morning if you are able. It’s a tricky day because everyone is being so sensitive and quick to internalize requests for revisions.

The Moon is in Taurus on Friday and the energy is activated and restored, as it conjuncts Uranus and charges into full speed ahead, not really caring about the feelings of others, when it opposes Venus later Friday afternoon.

Luckily, an extremely productive energy returns for the weekend as Mars trines Saturn, and your best-laid plans can now be carried out to perfection. An exhausting square of the Moon with Saturn Saturday night brings in a night to get to bed early.

A zesty air trine between the Moon, Sun, Mars and Saturn keeps things moving along smoothly on Sunday. Even though it’s the weekend, this is an excellent day to work on projects and focus on any pile up of housework, duties, and chores.