Stargazing – Week of Sept. 19th through Sept. 25th, 2022

Sep 19, 2022 | Stargazing

Ambitious Mars moved into idea sign Gemini in late August and will stay there until late March, 2023 due to his coming retrograde cycle starting October 30th. Then there are two eclipses coming in October and November and another Mercury retrograde starting December 29th in Capricorn. As you can imagine, your priorities are changing in the coming months, yet you will need to constantly adjust to the shifting energies. Begin by simplifying your life this month. Reduce clutter, do a body cleanse, and/or pull back from the world just a bit so you remember what is important vs. what is just busyness.

With a Cancer Moon, Monday evening into Tuesday morning would be a great time to meet a friend at a restaurant different than you normally visit.

Trust issues arise this week. When opportunity knocks, will you open the door? Or will you turn off the lights and pretend no one’s home? If you are distrustful, fear failure, or are overly conservative, you may prevent yourself from investigating and accepting your lucky break. Some out-of-the-blue opportunities could arise from some social connections on Monday or Tuesday, thanks to the Moon’s sextile to Uranus and Venus as well as an exact trine with master Venus and Uranus. With a lunar trine of Neptune on Tuesday, however, circumstances could appear to be to good to be true, leading to some fears of unworthiness as Mars opposes Pluto that same day.

The Moon trines generous Jupiter on Wednesday, dangling more alluring enticements into our world.

The annual Autumn Equinox is on Thursday September 22nd making this a very active and busy day. While a lunar sextile with Mars favors taking decisive steps, matters risk coming to a screeching halt when the Moon forma a stubborn T-square with Saturn and Uranus later in the day.

The sky action for the next three months adds to a dance that has been going on for the last month, but with some added energy; such as an Aries Full Moon, Mercury retrograde, and the Sun in Libra, on the opposite side of the sky as Jupiter retrograde in Aries. The lower mind (Mercury) is opposing higher minded (Jupiter.) Make sure your bigger ideals and ideals can find a place in your daily life. Practice communicating your higher truth in a way that all can understand.

Also note that the triple challenge of 2021 between restrictive Saturn and revolutionary Uranus are in play for one final push, and we are fast approaching that crescendo in late October..

The short explanation is to create greater freedom in your life while still taking care of your worldly responsibilities. Esoterically, practice communicating a higher vibration of knowledge and show abstract concepts to people in a way they can hear, in order to revolutionize their value systems.

On Friday, Mercury retrograde moves backwards into Virgo to help you finish projects started in the past couple months. This is a good day to review situations before making any long-lasting decisions. Be sure to tend to the details of your life. This is also the halfway mark of Mercury retrograde so begin to think and prepare for future projects.

The New Moon is on Sunday September 25th. (3 degrees Libra). It is a somewhat complicated Moon because there are several conflicting energies that tend to pull you in different directions. This New Moon in Libra wants happy relationships. However, adventurous Jupiter in Aries is ready for a new quest and ready to pioneer something new.

Sunday doesn’t know which way is up as it draws in the energies of Mercury retrograde along with Venus while opposing hazy Neptune and judgmental Jupiter. This New Moon is also trine Pluto, so if in doubt, look to your tried and trusted leaders and authority figures for guidance. Their wisdom and experience could prove to be extremely helpful and wise.