Stargazing — Week of Sept. 18th through Sept. 24, 2023

Sep 18, 2023 | Stargazing

Be careful who you trust during the time of the Fall Equinox. Make an exit through the door if any gossip enters the office. The week is bouncy, between clarity and confusion.

Monday starts the week off at its energetic peak, making it easy to concentrate and brainstorm.

Tuesday September 19th is a good day to start slowly, because it could feel like there’s a fox in the hen house.  That jabbering gossip could lead to hurt feelings and stubborn resistances, which is largely due to someone manipulating things behind the scenes. Don’t trust anything that comes to light today, especially if it puts someone in a bad light, as jealousy and smear campaigns abound.

Wednesday is more positive. The dreamy, schmoozy atmosphere makes it a perfect time to tune into your creative and artistic side. The sun is on the opposite side of the sky from Neptune, and that can produce weird dreams or waking up and needing to hit the snooze button. Anything that requires a deep focus or serious thinking may seem like a difficult task.

Thursday is another ambitious day. Your courage and confidence provide the push needed to show the world what you’ve got. Schedule a happy hour after work with some good friends, or perhaps a new date.

The Autumn Equinox is on Friday, September 22nd. Bewildering vibes return, when competent people could be targeted for takedown by jealous and resentful types. Best to stay alert and watch your back.  

The weekend’s positive vibrations promote socializing and stimulating conversations on Saturday. Sunday’s Grand Lunar Trine in earth signs opens up the gateway to success. Even though it’s the weekend, you could impress people and higher-ups with influence by putting in some overtime to problem-solve and bring projects to a close.

The earth and air elements are strongest for the next three months. Combine this with several planets in action signs, and you can bring your ideas into manifestation. Your ambition and activity will rise and fall cyclically through the October eclipses.  Think hard work one day and couch potato the next. Idea planet Mercury is in harmony with “think big” Jupiter in Virgo and Taurus respectively. This only adds to the need for expansion and brings talent out into the open with expansive new ideas that can be brought into form if you are willing to work for them.