STARGAZING—Week of Sept. 14th through Sept. 20th, 2015

Sep 13, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


This week of September 14th through 20th is the “I’ll give you one more chance” week. It brings the only Jupiter/Neptune opposition of 2015, the last Mercury retrograde of the year, and Saturn’s farewell to Scorpio.

Lovers_sunset_beachRelationship changes and financial priorities are at the top of the list for action this week. Boundary-setting Saturn moves into Sagittarius on the 17th and continues through 2017. Cautious expansion is called for in the next two years. Success comes if you are willing to work at it over time, rather than expecting immediate gratification. Adding a bit of drama to all this is the communications planet Mercury turning retrograde from September 17th to October 9th. This retrograde breakdown cycle is in Libra, so there is even more emphasis in looking at all types of relationships including beliefs and behaviors in relationships. Remember the 3 R’s – review, revise, and rethink – as well as reorganize.

Sunday’s Solar Eclipse was a cosmic punctuation mark that signals a clean break with your emotional energy, so you can move ahead in a positive manner without any baggage. The analytical Virgo New Moon eclipses the Sun to momentarily stop our logical train of thought. Nevertheless, we tend to be too impatient for our own good with instantaneous Uranus in the mix, and we always want useful information available to us at a moment’s notice. However, most times the events in our lives do not arrive in an instant, The Universe is just not MacDonalds. Powerful and meaningful life event changes occur as a process, and more than one person is usually involved.

The early workweek has a social theme, so you can take advantage of the Libra moon by connecting with people. Tuesday is the best day for social interaction. The energy is constantly changing this week. On Wednesday, do-it-big Jupiter in Virgo is in opposition with visionary Neptune in Pisces.

Neptune-EarthJupiter/Neptune at first glance, looks like a face-off between your hopes (Jupiter) and your dreams (Neptune) but if you use the earthy Virgo energy as a grounding device, you will be able to gain a positive footing in the world of endless possibilities. Although Jupiter in Virgo can sometimes feel like a hypercritical influence, it also comes in handy when your floating through Neptune’s foggy clouds, to separate fact from fiction. While you’re reaching for the stars, keep your feet on the ground, and remember that if something sounds too go to be true, it probably is.

Like a seesaw, part of you wants to accomplish large projects and the other part of you wants to pull away from the world to meditate or nap. To work with these energies, you can take a power nap and then bring your dreams into reality through practical and diligent effort.

Thursday the 17th is the significant day this week. Saturn finally ends its two-year run through secretive and emotionally intense Scorpio, and moves into Sagittarius, the sign of freedom and travel, through 2017. Bring large projects into a workable form using cautious expansion as your keyword phrase.

Mercury RetrogradesThe second shift on Thursday is Mercury turning retrograde in Libra until October 9th. The Libra-Aries polarity has been activated for the past 1 ½ years. Combine Mercury retrograde in Libra with the lunar eclipse coming on the 27th, and you get another opportunity to balance relationship needs with independence needs; the arrival of the Pope on that day signals the perfect time to heal your inner pain regarding relationships of all kinds. It would be good to pay attention to your relationships now because November changes the theme to a new direction for you. Practice diplomacy and add beauty to your life during the next three weeks. A Sagittarius moon for the weekend is great for a party, gathering, or outdoor adventure.

This year Mercury has turned retrograde in the three air signs, Aquarius, Gemini, and now, on September 17th, in Libra. This is the last time you will need to use the three “R’s,” Review, revise and renew. For the next three weeks take a look at the things you’ve already done, rather than what’s ahead. Then take the time to pat yourself on the back. On the same day Mercury retrogrades, Saturn ends its backward travel through Scorpio and re-enters Sagittarius, where it will remain until 2017. With this switch, you will feel like you have crawled out of a dark swamp, finding yourself in a beautiful field of Light with a white horse waiting for you to jump on his back and gallop away into a new adventure. This next three-year journey promises to be more of a lonesome cowboy on a trail ride than the brooding, self-serving fistfights we just left behind with Saturn in Scorpio.

Hopefully, you can adapt to and like your personal changes, because there’s going to be a lot of changes as September comes to an end.