Stargazing — Week of October 9th through October 15th, 2017

Oct 10, 2017 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Conflicting planet line-ups and two planets changing signs this week lead to stress and confusion, especially if you’re not in the mood for changes.

Monday is a bit challenging in that both the life giving Sun and Mercury are squaring Pluto. This is part two for the duo because the first one occurred last Spring. Avoid pushing your way through, or dealing with people who think they know better than anyone else under this obsessive and forceful combination. Intense power struggles are at the top of the addenda. A positive way to handle Pluto challenges is to release that which you are done with- stay in your power but know when you need to fish or cut bait.

On Tuesday, Jupiter moves into Scorpio for a year. Jupiter helps you do projects in a much bigger way. It is associated with publishing, travel, spirituality, belief systems, coaching, ministers, import-export businesses, and taking a risk on bringing your big ideas into manifestation. This is a big change of focus from Jupiter traveling through Libra. In Scorpio, Jupiter’s quest is to dive deep and dig up the dark, hidden secrets including subjects of sex, death, and other people’s money. Scorpio also rules over taxes, so the tax codes could change over the course of 2018, including the IRS codes and state taxes. The rest of 2017 and 2018 will bring lucky times to anyone with the sign of Scorpio strong in their charts. Scorpio helps you focus your intent like a laser beam, but you must be passionate about where you put your energy. Scorpio energy will help you heal old wounds and release self-defeating behaviors.

Mars squares Saturn early on Wednesday, October 11th, and that can mean mechanical problems on the highways, or those annoying things that break around the house. Allow extra time for whatever you do on Wednesday morning under this hurry up and wait energy. Patience will be needed and this energy is a repeat of the square that occurred last January.

Thursday evening supports pleasant conversations. The Moon is in Leo to start the weekend and that means open your heart and have some fun.

On Saturday, Venus enters one of her favorite signs, Libra until November 7th. This is a great cycle for improving or creating relationships. Because we tend to be more diplomatic and idealistic while Venus is in Libra, there is a danger we may gloss over the disappointing and troublesome parts of a relationship. Try to add, “No, I’m uncomfortable with that,” to your “Yes, I’d love to,” and you’ll have smooth sailing in your love life during this time. Practice your diplomacy in difficult conversations under this graceful energy.

Sunday ends the week in an uncomfortable manner because the Mercury-Uranus opposition can overload your circuits. Too much to do and there’s only a certain amount of time in a day. This is a one time only transit, which can also bring some new and unusual insights.

Jupiter transforms belief systems and Scorpio takes you down to the emotional depths of your being, that vulnerable place. Scorpio will also having you make some big choices in the coming year, and not all of them easy!