STARGAZING — Week of October 8th through October 14th, 2018

Oct 8, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The Libra New Moon is on Monday, giving you a two week window to rebalance your personal relationships. It can be noted that this New Moon, Venus which is now in her retrograde cycle, and “Let go and let God” Pluto are all tied together now. Libra wants you to live in balance and seeks a sense of luxury. Perhaps it’s not a time for a wedding, it is a time to sign contracts and the best time of the month to begin something new. Although normally a social New Moon, the tie-in to Venus in Scorpio along with death and rebirth Pluto adds an extra dose of private deep emotions to the days ahead. Be willing to be vulnerable with those in your inner circle and keep healthy boundaries with those people who know what you “should” do better than you know yourself.

At the same time, the wounded-healer Chiron has temporarily moved backwards into Pisces where it has been since 2011 (and gave us a teaser of its coming path through Aries over the summer). As the ”teacher of healing” centaur finishes his run through Pisces, this is a good time for compassion and forgiveness as well as opening to a higher vision that comes from your spiritual center. It’s time to tune in to a deeper calling now.

It is like there is a feeling that there is some new project or opportunity waiting in the wings for you, but that it is off in some fog bank just beyond your reach. Releasing the past and opening your intuitive side helps it clear up more quickly. A re-balancing occurs between partnership and individuality, and mundane practicality and spirituality.

scorpio horoscopeMercury moves into Scorpio on Tuesday until the 30th, and also a bit more in early December due to the coming Mercury retrograde cycle. Conversations become deeper and more profound over the next three weeks. Superficial conversations are annoying now. Deep level, focused research is also favored. Don’t allow yourself to become obsessive.

Open to innovative new ideas on Wednesday as mental Mercury and inventive Uranus dance together. At the same time, relationship planets Venus and Mars are in a difficult relationship which could ruffle some relationship feathers. It is best to wait on those relationship conversations that you already know are not going to be easy.

End the day early on Thursday and keep a low profile in the evening as the life-force Sun challenges obsessive Pluto.

Friday carries a red flag warning that signals a power struggle with authority figures as the Sun squares Pluto. Keep your head low, your mouth shut, and be careful driving on the roads.

The weekend is a lot of fun under a party Sagittarius moon.