STARGAZING—Week of October 6th – October 12th, 2014

Oct 4, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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WEEK OF October 6th — October 12th, 2014

  At Yom Kippur we begin the fall eclipse season as well as Mercury retrograde and a Uranus/Sun opposition. This face off indicates a time of trying to change the status quo while simultaneously trying to keep everything in balance, along with keeping your monthly bills paid. Whenever Uranus is involved, you usually lose something in order to gain something of more value. These eclipses will have far-reaching consequences. This energy promises to be a major positive influence on national and global power struggles.

On a personal level, Wednesday’s eclipse is a watermark, and signifies the end of a cycle, be it 7 years, 14 years or 28 years. This is a week of completions rather than initiations; freedom, release, and change is in the air.

  The October 8th Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse, creating a “Red” Moon, and can be seen in the Pacific and western North America. It occurs in Libra, asking you to look deep within your emotions to re-balance independent needs with sharing needs with your relationships

Consider where you are out of balance in terms of partnership and taking care of your own needs. Remember that Mercury is retrograde until the 25th, so do not carve your decisions into stone. Adaptability is more important than knowing exactly how things in your life will work out. Venus is opposing Uranus now. That can have a “are we friends or lovers?” tone to it. Uranus wants freedom and Venus wants partnership. This can be exciting or disruptive- expect the unexpected. Uranus is a lot of fun, but planning is not its strong suit. The next two weeks is the time between eclipses, and that brings up hidden emotions. Make time for your emotional needs.

On Friday, communications planet Mercury backs into Libra for the remainder of its retrograde cycle. You can meet a lot of new people in the coming weeks, but most of them are just passing through. Practice communicating in a diplomatic way. People may offer to help you and they’ll be helping themselves just as much. Be the catalyst for goodwill and get problems solved at the same time. People will find you and they may try to shake you down for help, advice, or favors. Some of these requests will be fun, and it’s often flattering to be asked. Be the catalyst for goodwill and get problems solved at the same time. Don’t do anything too risky. If you crave something reckless, satisfy it by watching a movie with lots of car chases.

This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse can light up your inner child and your whole world of fun and games. Have a blast, do some new, creative things, but don’t gamble away everything on a moment’s brief pleasure. This Lunar Eclipse is big for everyone. It could rock your world, and you’ll be the one doing the rocking! Have fun, and keep love in the equation. Watch for sparks to fly in your love life at this Full Moon. You may be the one shooting off the sparks, and it’s as likely to be from blissful passion as anything else.

There is a spark of new interest in money – how to get it and what to do with it. Be more proactive and independent in your thinking, and rely less on others to magically appear with solutions. This energy could slam your workplace, business, or public life. It could be good, letting you really show off how great you can be (but not too obviously at someone else’s expense, please).

This weekend of the 11-12 will be an intensely private experience for you, no matter how busy other people keep you. This is Thanksgiving Day in Canada and Columbus Day weekend in the USA. Take some quiet time for yourself, do something you love, and learn something important about you. The Moon is in Taurus when retrograde Mercury enters Libra and the Sun sextiles Jupiter on Friday. It could be a sweet, peaceful weekend with generous give and take.