STARGAZING—Week of October 5th through October 11th, 2015

Oct 6, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing


meditation_chakrasOn Monday, the moon goes void-of-course until early Tuesday. You can best use this introspective energy to complete existing projects, meditate, do simple tasks like answering e-mails, starting the dishwasher, or cleaning out a closet—anything except starting important new projects. It’s a time for reflection. It’s at this time that we can assimilate what has occurred over the past few days. Use this time to meditate, ponder, and imagine. Allow your conscious mind to rest and your body to “feel.”

On Tuesday, the Sun makes a challenging square to transforming Pluto. Avoid bossy, obsessive people and be flexible in your relationships. Plan to quit a little early if you are able on Tuesday because aggressive Mars does battle with “I’m tired” Neptune in the evening. Watch a movie to rest up for a busy few days ahead.

Lovers-summerOn Thursday, October 8th, it’s time for an ending, a new beginning and a perhaps a showdown. Right now it’s time to express love with a comfortable back rub rather than a diamond necklace. During the next six weeks you will want to focus on perfecting your techniques at work, improving your health, and being of service to others. Also, Venus moves into Virgo until November 8th. This completes the “leaving the shadow period” when Venus was retrograde July 25-Sept. 6. The values and relationship changes and priorities that you decided on during the retrograde cycle can now be implemented and organized. Maintain adaptability in your decisions and actions now.

Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on the 9th, in time for Friday morning rush hour traffic. This means that communications and travel will improve. Give yourself extra time to get where you need to be or start late Friday morning. Remember that Mercury was retrograde in balancing Libra, so begin to implement adjustments needed to give you a more balanced life. Those adjustments are particularly significant for all of your relationships. Are you spending too much time on some people and not enough on those you want in your life?

Uranus-PlutoSunday, the 11th is an important day because that’s when the Libra Sun moves into its once-a-year face off with Uranus, in opposition Aries. Uranus is the earthquake and sudden upsets planet, and there can be some shocking changes in the world events. While this energy lasts only a day or two, if you have to make a big decision during this time, it could really shake up your status quo. Oppositions often involve someone else helping you to do what you can’t or won’t do for yourself. If something or someone forces you out of your comfort zone now, don’t blame the other person. By forcing you to change, the “other” is more than likely doing you a great favor. Time for some karma? A negative manifestation of this is someone breaking something just because they can, for no rhyme or reason.

Sunday is more uplifting and fun than the previous several days. Participate in activities that are both social and philosophical, or soak in the beauty of nature. Sunday is a good day to meet new people and try out new groups and organizations, as long as you don’t do it with expectations. Uranus provides an “expect the unexpected” tone that keeps life fresh but always annoys people who like guaranteed outcomes.