Stargazing—Week of October 4th to October 10th, 2010

Oct 5, 2010 | Special Messages


Week of October 4—October 10, 2010

The Air Signs

Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The planets in Libra are awakening positive aspects of your Air Sign personality that have, up until now, lain dormant within you. You’re brimming with generosity and a new awareness of your partner that brings a new balance to your relationship. Mercury in Libra has your inner voice chattering away; be sure to listen. Only the planets in Scorpio throw an upset in the works.  On Tuesday Mercury will join Saturn and the Sun in Libra, putting you in a great mood and inspiring you to take your life in a positive direction. For starters, on the job you don’t let a single opportunity pass you by, and you step into the spotlight to show off your talents every chance you get. You may also decide to get some extra training, which could be very useful to your career advancement. If you find yourself struggling, stop and ponder if your actions are well founded. Venus in Scorpio in particular, is turning up the sensual pressure and may make you uncomfortable. If you’re looking for love, your constantly transforming personality is attracting the people who are right for you. Retrograde Neptune is creating confusion in your love life. You’re attracted to someone but you hesitate to approach them, you’re afraid of being disappointed. But you could be passing up a chance to fall in love, so come out of your shell and take a risk! Couples, calm reigns under your roof and you enjoy quality moments alone together. The Libra planets dig something up from your past though. You’ll have old feelings to deal with, but with a new perspective. Also, if you’re in the mood for passion, you’ve got it.

 Your Love Week—Air Signs:

A congregation of planets in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn provoke new thought processes, renewal and transformation. Saturn too is in Libra though, slowing down this whole process. Neptune retrograde opposite the Moon can lift your feet off the ground and make you lose touch with your sense of reality. You escape into your daydreams and live within them, protected from the harsher aspects of everyday living. This can cause a problem if you’re in a couple, because your partner will have the impression that you’re avoiding problems, or trying to create a distance between you. This is of course not the case but you will need to clarify and explain your need for alone time. If you’re single you’re perfectly happy fantasizing about love, rather than living it and risking a broken heart. You’re being asked to examine the way you look at love. Take a step back from your relationship, and think about independence within commitment, and breathing room within your union. If you’re looking for love, Neptune is still retrograde, making dating clarity hard to come by. But its trine to the planets in your Air Sign can bring an old flame back into your life. Can the magic be resurrected? Mercury gives you time to think it over. On the job, Venus and Mars are turning you into the office clown. Your bosses let it slide because they know you’re normally serious, but just the same, try not to push this too far.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Mars and Venus are stirring up negativity: your morale drops, your stress levels rise, and you may fall prey to insomnia. Your daily challenges become harder than usual to handle. The Moon in Leo at the beginning of the week forms an opposition to Neptune, which can cause fatigue for Fire Signs and unfortunately, bring a case of the blues. You tend to re-hash the past and see everything through grey-colored lenses, even if that isn’t your usual style. Your loved ones do everything possible to cheer you up, and one of them manages to say or do just the right thing to bring the smile back to your face. Retrograde Neptune is also causing interference within your love relationship. You’re suddenly uncomfortable with each other, and you each have trouble understanding the other. Try to focus on communication. Your high sensitivity causes trouble. You also want to be right at all costs and impose your point of view, and you may not do this with kindness. Beware because your other half may not take all this lying down.  Singles, you tend to withdraw and that narrows down your chances of meeting someone, to practically zilch. There’s not much action on the love and dating horizon. Hang in there. On the job, be sure to take advantage of Mercury’s support now, because it’s getting ready to change signs. On a positive note, your financial situation is looking up thanks to Mercury, which is going to allow for a transaction that leans in your favor. An extraordinary opportunity for progress could come out of the blue. This is not the time to rest on your laurels; be sure to seize this chance or somebody else will!

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

The trine linking Neptune to the planets in Libra is making you kind, thoughtful and patient, which gives your relationship a loving quality and supports your aspirations for your daily life as a couple. Yet there’s a negative influence in the air: Uranus and Jupiter square your sign tug on your self-confidence. Something blocks your love plans. The root of this blockage is to be found in your past. With a little help from the planets in Scorpio, you’ll be able to understand what it is and how you can turn it around. If you’re looking for love, you’re in luck because the planets in Libra are adding punch to your charms. Mercury in particular helps you connect with someone and reel them right in. Then the planets in Scorpio, namely Venus and Mars, stop this new relationship in its tracks. The obstacles mount, especially from the 9th when Venus turns retrograde. The misunderstandings and frustrations multiply, and you’re forced to wait out the storm. You two have an issue from your past that needs careful handling. If you take the time to sort it out, some lovely planetary influences can help you form a wonderful new connection. The Scorpio planets put you under pressure and place a decision under your nose that makes you uncomfortable. A great deal of the focus is on children and family life and the atmosphere looks tense. Try not to impose your views with furious indignation. Compromise. Give your loved ones the time they need to cool off.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Mars and Venus in Scorpio are giving you Water Signs excellent energy but also making you prone to excess. Beware of overindulging in rich foods and be careful of risky activities that can lead to accidents and injuries. Basically, try to calm down and avoid spreading yourself thin in an effort to do it all. It’s great to enjoy life with such gusto, but remember to add a little moderation to the mix. You’re in a big hurry this week and your nerves are often on edge. Even if you’re normally calm, right now you want everything and you want it yesterday. Beware of putting your foot in your mouth, and of glossing over important details in your haste, especially on the job, where you are being carefully watched. Mercury is getting ready to change signs and is pushing you to clarify an issue with your other half. Be sure to get your point across with kindness, while putting the accent on your confidence in your partner. Serenity is one of the most important ties binding you. When it comes to dealing with those daily worries, you’re an excellent team. Singles, you’re caught up in a relationship with slim chances of developing into something stable and lasting. It’s highly probable that this person either isn’t free, or doesn’t want to take things further. Uranus and Jupiter are spoiling you with opportunities to meet people, flirt like mad and develop delicious crushes. Once again, try to take it easy there; you may be holding someone’s tender hopes in the palm of your hand. In the financial realm, there are no worries. Go ahead and offer yourself a well-deserved gift.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Old, out-dated views of love are melting away this week. Your personality sparkles under the influence of Mars, Venus, Mercury and the Sun, as you let go of issues that truly aren’t important, and take comfort in the essentials. On the 4thef for your love relationship. Tensions and doubts are appeased and the magic of love is allowed to resurface. In addition, the most charming facets of your personality come to the fore, under the influence of the sextile linking Pluto to the planets in Scorpio. Your desires and expectations for the future are centered and your sensuality opens like a rose. The sextile linking the planets in Scorpio to Pluto helps you redefine your personal truth. Your relationship benefits from an influx of healthy energy that allows you to fully enjoy the present, together. If you’re looking for love, Uranus and Jupiter trine the planets in Scorpio create the right conditions for romantic luck for you Water Signs. Someone in your immediate environment is about to surprise you. Do you know this person that’s so crazy about you? Has the love of your life been by your side all this time? Whatever the case, Venus ensures you’re off to a good start. Your intimate life delivers intense sensations. If you’re looking for love, the trine connecting Uranus/Jupiter to the Scorpio planets gives fate a delicious twist. The physical attraction between you and a certain someone is mind-boggling. And nothing is standing in the way of taking this attraction wherever you want it to go.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

The Moon/ Neptune opposition at play this week can cause obstacles in your personal life, such a the car breaking down, and/or worries linked to the home or to your children. This can bring your mood down but fortunately, Mercury gives you light bulb ideas for dealing with these situations, even when they need a delicate touch. A worry with your home or with a real estate project could be foremost on your mind this week. A Moon/ Neptune opposition is strongly encouraging you to take a second look at the details of a project, or to change around your schedule in order to find a solution to a problem. This solution, by the way, could be suggested by a loved one who’s familiar with the territory…don’t be too worried, some good news is going to knock your socks off. Mercury puts your contacts in motion and opens new doors for your career. If you’re looking for a job, a new lead should lead you straight to success. Pluto is in charge love, and is bringing in some welcome, fresh energy for singles, who are finally ready to let go of an old relationship and turn towards the future. Venus and Mars are busy making your love life exciting. If you’re in a couple, your intimate life takes on new depth. If you’re single, you could be the happy victim of a love-at-first-sight encounter. Couples, the Jupiter/ Uranus duo is injecting excitement into your relationship. Let yourself go with the flow and enjoy!

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

Jupiter and Uranus continue moving backwards affecting your married life. They’re doing their best to annoy you and make you feel suffocated. The planets in Scorpio help you set boundaries that protect your personal space and keep boredom with the same old routine at bay, and at the same time Venus opens the doors to sensuality. Take Venus’ cue and make your week as romantic as possible. If you’re single, Venus offers you an intense physical attraction for someone, and that’s just the beginning. The sextile linking both her and Mars to is your ticket to fulfillment and pleasure. Enjoy the surprises and excitement headed your way, and don’t be afraid to unleash your sensuality. Careful now, Earth Signs. Scorpio is a hot-spot this week with a host of planets transiting through it. This has the effect of placing you on edge and setting your possessive side in motion. It doesn’t take much to set you off, make you jealous, or make you doubt. The heavens indicate that an important decision will place you on a new path, leading to deeper fulfillment for your heart. If you’re single, Mercury’s exit from Virgo on the 4th hands events in your love life over to Uranus and Jupiter. Their sextile to Pluto provokes a transformation in your social circle. Suddenly a new person appears on the scene, who’s wildly attractive. Take your time, make sure they’re available, and have confidence in your inner voice.