STARGAZING — Week of October 3rd to October 9th, 2016

Oct 1, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Mars-EarthMasculine Mars entered builder Capricorn back on September 27th and continues until November 8th. This constructive energy helps you accomplish pretty much anything you are willing to work for, as long as you know that Capricorn results and rewards come over the long term.

The energy is high this first week in October. The moon moves into Scorpio Sunday afternoon and continues on to begin the workweek and Rosh Hashanah. Combine this deep emotional energy with numerous pleasant planetary aspects to begin the week, and you are happy to quietly focus on projects that require your complete attention.

There are a couple of red flag warnings that things could get out of control mid-week. However, there is also a reduced tolerance for fools, so it’s best to work on projects alone or with people who live in their clear center.

Jupiter-orbitWednesday, Oct 5th the planet of “push” Mars moves into a square with the planet of “anything is possible,” Jupiter. This is a mixed bag with a happy moon entering enthusiastic Sagittarius. Teach people to be responsible for their behavior but be diplomatic in how you communicate the concept of responsibility. After all, you don’t want to bring up their childhood authority figure issues and then they take them out on you.

This energy is one to watch because it can lead to over extending your resources or promising more than you can deliver.

Avoid forcing matters, interfering with other;s decisions, and avoid excess be it in spending, eating or speaking too many words. Say what needs to be said and move on.

At the very least, get out to a park, work in the yard, or hug a tree mid-week. Be sure to play on Thursday because it counter-balances the minor challenges on Wednesday.

Friday brings serious tone from the moon in Capricorn for the entire weekend. Friday has a mix harmony and challenge, just to keep you from getting bored. The Sun makes a challenging square to Pluto during the middle of the day. Avoid pushy and controlling people now, and carve out some time just for you. Pluto also brings the use of force to the table when it squares the Sun on Friday. But help is on the way as Mercury weighs in with a counterpoint that can balance out any over-inflated egos as it moves into Libra.

Angel-touched_by_lightThe happy contradiction to Pluto’s intensity of emotions is communications planet Mercury moving into Libra for three weeks. Libra’s fair and rational approach to any conflict combined with Mercury’s ability for effective communication makes the next few weeks the perfect time to smoke and offer the Peace Pipe.

Initiate those important relationship conversations (but not on Friday). Create something in the next three weeks to add beauty to your life.

Blend fun and practical matters as you move through your day on Saturday. Accomplish something you can point to with pride over the next several days.

Sunday brings a quiet void-of-course Moon. This energy does not favor important new actions or purchases. Meditate or do humble tasks like cooking or laundry on Sunday.