Stargazing—Week of October 3rd – 9th, 2011

Oct 3, 2011 | Special Messages

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STARGAZING—Week of Oct. 3rd – Oct. 9th, 2011

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

You’ll be eager to reboot your lifestyle on Monday. The same old routine is getting you down. Look for ways to kick-start your existence. Fate may intervene in a scenario on Tuesday. Remember, events are working out according to a higher plan. Also, You could be in a cantankerous mood on Tuesday. Resist the temptation to vent your frustration on loved ones. A friend may ask you for a loan on Wednesday. Think carefully before saying yes. This person may not be able to pay you back. Consider showing initiative on the job on Wednesday. Demonstrate your competence to the higher-ups. The Moon in Aquarius opposes Mars on Thursday; think about postponing a decision. If you make a choice in haste, you’ll regret it later. You feel as if you can overcome all obstacles on Thursday when Mercury conjuncts Saturn. Determination will be your keyword. You might also decide to hit the casino on Thursday. Think twice now because it’s likely that Lady Luck won’t be on your side! Don’t bet more than you can afford to lose. Venus in Libra trines Neptune on Friday; you’ll project an appealing aura to others. It’s a great time to mix and mingle. You’ll need to take control in a certain matter on Sunday. Don’t let others influence your actions. A financial scheme may catch your eye. Do some research before investing in the proposed project. Opportunity may knock on your door Sunday. Pursue all leads. Just know that Success is waiting for you!

Your Love Week—Air Signs:
If you have ever tried talking your way into a love affair, then this week you are going to have a real good shot at success. The energy really stimulates your urge to discuss and debate, but also to impress others with your obvious wit and brilliant intelligence. You could talk them to death, or better still talk them to the bedroom. You may discover that rather than employing your usual sophisticated attitude, where you royally decree whether someone is a suitable mate or not, you opt for pure childlike wonder. You spot someone across a crowded room, and for once are happy to skip up to them and bowl them over with your natural and completely innocent ways. If this were Bridge, you would have definitely scored. This October air brings breaths of fresh, new, and exciting feelings. Perhaps its love!

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

You Fire Signs will let out a roar on Monday. Don’t let anger get the best of you. Try to maintain self-control in all circumstances. Strive to maintain balance when Mars squares Jupiter. A project may run into trouble. Consider going back to the drawing board. This particular venture needs some tweaking and fine-tuning. Don’t bite off more than you can chew! Career matters will take up your time on Tuesday. Get ready to burn the midnight oil at work. Consider investing in your future. It may be wise to spend money to further your education. Money issues may cause discord in a relationship on Wednesday. An associate might accuse you of extravagance! You’ll encounter a confusing scenario on Thursday as the Moon opposes Mars in Leo. A relative will need help managing a life event. It isn’t the time to make important decisions. Harsh words may occur with a loved one. Try to think before you speak. A romantic partner will be in a loving mood on Friday. The Moon sextiles Jupiter on Saturday causing an unexpected blessing to come your way. You’ll go on a journey of self-discovery on Sunday. A friend may confide a secret. Resist the urge to blab the news to others! You’re likely to have a prophetic dream on Sunday. Write your nighttime reveries down for future reference. There may be an important message between the lines.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
The energy of the week is making your lover a little selfish, even though they don’t intend to be mean or hold back. But perhaps there is a lesson in this for you, as well. You are often so worried about upsetting the apple cart that you will go with others wishes to keep the peace. Perhaps it is time you spoke up for yourself, as well. An interesting scenario may come to light mid-week. Someone from your past reenters your life, and your present lover may find it hard to cope with the feelings you once had for each other. It may take a lot of reassurance, and perhaps a meeting before they believe there is no longer anything there. Curiously, they may even get to like each other! This week brings a certain childlike enthusiasm to your love life, like a breath of fresh air. Make the most of this atmosphere of adventure. Get out with your partner and do something that brings out that sense of innocence, wonder, and magic in all that is around you. Dare to do things you wouldn’t normally consider. You just may wind up having fun. Get out and enjoy the fall foliage over the Columbus Day weekend.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A friend may hurt your feelings on Monday. This person isn’t as caring as you are. Consider establishing new boundaries in the association. Sugarcoat your words to a loved one. This person may need some tender, loving care. Don’t neglect the details in an endeavor on Tuesday. Tie up any loose ends before proceeding in the venture. A colleague may invite you to start a business partnership on Tuesday. Be sure the terms of the agreement are in your favor! Be careful what you wish for on this week, Water signs. The Universe may decide to grant your request. You’ll search for solitude on Wednesday. It’s time to recharge your mental and emotional batteries. Look for a quiet nook in which to unwind. Listen to your inner guide on Friday. A flash of insight will help you solve a perplexing problem. You’ll sparkle in a social situation on Friday! All eyes will be on you. Tax issues will occupy your attention over the weekend. Unfinished business may pop up with a former friend on Sunday. The Moon in Pisces is quincunx the Sun. Get ready to rehash old issues with this person. Get ready to celebrate on Sunday. Positive vibrations will surround all your endeavors. Venus enters Scorpio, the area of hot romance on Sunday. A lover will be affectionate. If you’re single, you may meet a soul mate.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:
You could use this week’s energy to put some enthusiasm into your current love affair. Indeed, if this area of your life needs revitalizing, you had better do something to whip it into shape. Take your sugar bunches out, pay attention to them, and give them a massage after a wonderful meal. You display an unusual enthusiasm today with regard to your dating arrangements, and indeed, you feel extremely bold when it comes to making the first move toward a new relationship. Although this is a little out of character, you feel that you can no longer put up with the waiting involved. It’s now or never, so take the plunge and have a great time! Use your imagination, as you probably have the perfect trick right up your sleeve. There is a touch of competition between you and your loved one this week, Water Signs. One of you may feel that you are giving more in the relationship than the other, and set out to prove so, even if in a lighthearted way. The truth probably is that you both give equally to each other, but aren’t giving credit where it is due. Don’t be sad. Try to talk it over with love, caring, and humor.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Your confidence will rise on Monday. You’ll be ready to undertake new challenges. Your industrious side will activate. It’s a great time to start a project. Financial matters will require your attention on Tuesday. You’ll need to crunch numbers before making a large purchase. An acquaintance may spout a negative viewpoint on Wednesday. Distance yourself from this person. Consider associating with folks who have a positive outlook. Be sure to think carefully before opening up to an associate. Get to know this person before sharing any personal information. Go slowly in all new relationships. No obstacle will be allowed to stand in your way on Thursday! The Moon trines Saturn in your career sector on Friday. The boss may increase your authority at work. A loved one will be eager to have a good time on Friday evening. A project will need extra effort on Saturday. Be prepared to roll up your sleeves in the venture. Don’t rush to judgment on Saturday night. You don’t have all the facts in a certain matter. You’ll undergo an energy shift on Sunday as Venus enters Scorpio. Your emotions will be extremely intense. You may decide to drastically alter your image. Nostalgia will be strong on Sunday. Don’t get lost on memory lane. An in-depth discussion may take place with a loved one. You’ll be able to state your case with ease.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:
This is a very racy and energetic week ahead, Earth Signs. The planetary configurations create an atmosphere of excitement and competition. Perhaps it is time that you and your loved fought a duel of some kind. If you are both into sports, try racing each other, or daring each other to beat your own best record. The more you encourage each other to do better, the more you will fall in love. There is a definite air of competition where romance is concerned. People are likely to regress to a stage of their childhood. So if your sugar honey decides to throw a mammoth and blood-curdling tantrum, complete with thrashing arms and legs, best to let them get on with it. Ten minutes later they will have forgotten what all the fuss was about. If you’ve been waiting for that special person to come into your life, then you need to view your situation from a different perspective. The current atmosphere suggests you need to refresh your outlook, and perhaps consider that you will only meet that wonderful fun person when you start having wonderful fun yourself. The sooner you start truly enjoying yourself, the sooner you will find your soul mate.