STARGAZING — Week of October 27th – November 2nd, 2014

Oct 28, 2014 | Special Messages

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WEEK OF October 27th — November 2nd, 2014

This is the week to eat, drink and be scary. Ambitious Mars has moved into builder Capricorn until December 4th. Put energy into long-term plans now. Willingness to get to work will pay off later.

On Monday, the Sun/Neptune trine suggests that you may feel like retreating from the world and doing your own thing. Monday is an especially good time to meditate, indulge creative urges, and connect with your needs and heartfelt desires. These aspects help you to open to a higher vision. Allow time for meditation or creative thinking to allow this softer energy to drift in with new insights and intuition.

Tuesday sets the mood for trick or treating on the weekend. Scorpio loves to be scared as well as anything dark and forbidden while Neptune is he master of disguise. Watch out at mischief night – there might be more tricks than treats.

You’ll be ready to enjoy some Halloween fun on Friday and the weekend. With an Aquarian Moon, there could me more children trick or treating than usual. It’s a great time to dress up and socialize.

Saturday – All Saint’s Day – brings a chance that a conversation could inspire you to start on a meaningful goal or plan. You may also find ways to earn more money, but you could spend more, too.

You could be smitten by someone who has tales to tell of faraway places and makes you laugh, too. This week’s lineup brings an opportunity to connect with a significant other you feel really comfortable with. Feelings between you may be passionate, and right now you’d enjoy being swept up in a wave of intensity. With your social life in full swing, you might relish attending a grownup Halloween party, with fancy dress and plenty of games.

Nov. 2nd at 2 AM Daylight savings time ends SO BE SURE TO “FALL BACK” by setting you clocks back an hour before retiring Saturday evening. It’s an emotional weekend with the Pisces Moon, and the energies could bring up some old fears and tears, so have some tissues on hand.

November settles down after the heightened activity of October. The only disturbing energy is Nov. 9-13 when planets are challenging each other — BUT that’s next week.