STARGAZING—Week of October 25th -31st, 2010

Oct 26, 2010 | Special Messages

Week of October 25 – October 31, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Your major preoccupation this week is the wellbeing of your loved ones and your time and attention could be monopolized by a loved one early in the week. This person is faced with a major worry and is in need of your help and moral support. You do everything you can to find solutions for them and fast. You want to make your family as comfortable as possible, and you may be thinking of starting do it yourself projects to brighten up your home, or even moving house. Whatever you projects are, you’re benefiting from Jupiter and Uranus’ financial help, which enables you to purchase just about whatever you need to, to get the job done. Concerning love, if you’re single, Neptune continues tormenting you. Either you’re missing someone who’s not there, or pining away for someone who’s unavailable or not good for you. Whatever the case, you’re torturing yourself instead of letting go and moving on. If you’re single, your prospects look limited this week, but don’t let it get you down. This trend is temporary. Your best antidote for loneliness is to go out and paint the town! If you’re in a relationship, things are too calm for your taste, and all your efforts to get your other half’s attention fall flat. You’re disappointed and you have trouble getting this across to your partner. Your financial sector, on the other hand, is encouraged by Mars, Mercury, and the Sun, who send luck your way, and some extra mad money. On the job, you manage things perfectly, enjoying serenity and success. Professionally, things are moving ahead. Mercury gives you a significant helping hand. You’re able to make new contacts and may be able to clinch an important deal.

Your Love Week—Air Signs:

On Monday Venus conjoins Mercury and is quincunx the Moon, leading to unusual romantic situations and creative truths. If you’re lucky, the Moon prevents a bad romantic decision when it enters Gemini on Monday. Tuesday’s Sun-Pluto sextile shines on singles, and Wednesday’s Moon-Neptune trine renders you irresistible to anyone who “gets” you. (Thank Uranus for confusing things!)Tuesday’s Moon-Saturn trine helps you stick to your story. You may feel abandoned on Wednesday and Thursday when Mars, the love/hate partner of Venus, leaves Scorpio.  Beauty turns your head when Venus trines the Moon and conjoins the Sun on Thursday. Thursday night’s Sun-Venus conjunction proves how hot you are solo. But Friday’s Moon-Chiron quincunx makes you needy even as a trine with Uranus makes you more attractive. Shake it off once the Moon enters Leo. When the Moon passes from Cancer to Leo on Friday night, savor the excitement of freedom or starting something new. Venus and Saturn make it easy to discuss romance with friends on Saturday. Solve the mystery together. Remember, It’s Halloween weekend and you should be having fun.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

At the beginning of this week, a little extra cash comes your way and you put it to good use to get a personal project off the ground. Mars in Scorpio is making you dynamic and energetic, but also stressed out and can even provoke some insomnia. It doesn’t take much to set you off, especially at the office, where the stress levels are already high, and the obstacle that irritates you beyond belief could come at any moment, pushing your patience straight over the edge. Take lots of deep breaths and try to keep your anger from flying out of your mouth, in an unforgettable public display. Regarding professional matters, Pluto in Capricorn hints at restructuring. You can feel the winds of change gathering speed, and you get in touch with your contacts and start putting feelers out, just in case. Mars moving into Sagittarius late Wednesday makes the sap rise in singles. You’re out on the prowl living it up and commitment couldn’t be further from your mind. Singles are having too much fun to even think about commitment. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune in Aquarius throws your perception of events off kilter and makes you emotional. Your confidence in your other half may encounter a crisis. Try to release the negativity, soothe your nerves and recall all the good things between you. The Moon in Leo on Saturday softens up the atmosphere at home. You open up and confide in one another, and you feel at one. Pluto is strict with your finances and isn’t leaving you much room to splurge, but that’s not such a bad thing from time to time.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

You can be actively charming when the Moon is in Gemini, but when it quincunxes the Sun on Monday, rethink your relationship role or dating goals. You wonder about changing partners, but Tuesday’s Moon-Saturn trine reminds you that your work here isn’t done. Tuesday’s Sun-Pluto sextile makes you social again, and love is inescapable after the Moon enters Cancer on Wednesday. Expectations clash with reality after Wednesday’s Moon-Jupiter square. You might force a change in your love life as Mars enters Sagittarius on Thursday, making romance safe for Fire Signs. Friday looks better when the Moon trines Jupiter, the Sun sextiles Ceres, and the Moon ends up in Leo. With the Sun-Ceres sextile adding a dash of tenderness, the Moon enters Leo and trines Mars on Friday night, kicking off a sexy, power-filled Halloween weekend. With everyone in costume, though, who’s being emotionally real? How could anyone not love you now? Build romance through friendship on Saturday, and respect someone’s disguise on Sunday if he or she wants to keep something hidden. Keep guessing.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

The Moon forms a sextile with Jupiter, then with Uranus this week, sending your good mood through the roof, and guess what, it’s contagious! You see the positive side of every situation, and work through the daily obstacles like a magician. People are attracted to your enthusiasm like a magnet. You’ve suddenly got a lot of new friends! The brilliant planetary trio of Mars, Mercury and the Sun, is making sure you’re on top form. You also know how to channel your amazing energy and so manage to move the things that you want to, ahead significantly. In love, if you’re single, you take the bull by the horns and let go of something that’s not working, to head out in search of greener relationship pastures. You let the obsession with finding love take a back seat to enjoying your friends. If you’re in a couple, the Moon in Taurus at the beginning of the week sends some tension your way. Old conflicts and disagreements resurface and can spoil the atmosphere at home if you let them. If you’re in a relationship, there’s nothing new to report. You’re getting along but though you may have trouble finding time alone together. In your professional life for starters, your ideas are pertinent and workable, and most important, appreciated by the higher-ups. Your finances are under the positive influence of Mars, and you find you’ve got more money to work with. Mars has an energizing effect on your activities. You’re very active and when your job puts the pressure on, you’re able to handle it beautifully. You’ve got an excellent week ahead, Water Signs, enjoy it!

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

Night people find love early Monday, but otherwise that Moon-Mars opposition generates romantic chaos with Leo, Taurus, Libra, Gemini, and Virgo. If you’re lying to yourself when the Moon squares Neptune and sextiles Uranus on Monday, reset your truth meter on Tuesday by honoring your relationship. Tuesday’s Sun-Pluto sextile keeps you circulating, and Wednesday’s romance feels strangely quiet after Mars leaves Scorpio. If you’re seeing multiple people, Jupiter and Uranus complicate your Wednesday, although trines with Neptune and the Sun give love another chance. On Thursday a Moon-Saturn square offers you strategy instead of luck. Singles savor their freedom after Mars enters Sagittarius on Thursday. Friday’s Moon-Jupiter trine shows how much you care, and you know that somebody wants you when the Moon enters Leo Friday night. Keep from overwhelming him or her on Saturday by listening to Venus instead of Pluto. Don’t push it as the Moon squares Venus and the Sun on Saturday. When you wear that Halloween costume on Sunday, are you hiding from or reinventing yourself? On Halloween Mercury tempts you to conceal your identity and raise hell. How wise is this?

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

This week an opportunity comes your way, that helps you further a personal project. Keep your eyes peeled and be sure not to turn up your nose at new ideas or offers for help; a contact could also en up being quite useful. The love forecast looks rather uneventful, especially for singles. You will meet people, but your status is likely to remain at ‘just friends’. In spite of this the atmosphere is lively and relaxed, and you don’t feel alone. If you’re single, Mercury, Venus and the Sun are all in the sector of your chart governing meeting new people, opening up opportunities and also nurturing tender, loving friendships with the potential to turn into more. Couples, the Sun joins the Mercury/ Venus duo, adding some welcome spice to your intimate life. Saturn and Neptune are in your career and activities sectors respectively, throwing a spanner in the works. You could experience conflicts with higher ups and otherwise find your career path blocked. The Moon is wielding her influence on your finances, causing some instability in your situation. Couples, your other half is in the spotlight this week. He or she hits a prestigious career milestone, which increases your income and has you both swelling with pride. The Jupiter/ Uranus duo has its eye on the other areas of your relationship. Your conversations are lively and may border on argumentative, but at least there’s nothing monotonous about life under your roof. At work, you’re searching for your path, trying desperately to get to the bottom of what motivates you. Start with defining your skill set, and why not talk things over with a professional career counselor?

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

On Monday the planet Venus conjoins Mercury and is quincunx the Moon. If you have a secret, appearances matter! Love is your art. Tuesday’s Moon-Saturn trine lets you wait while someone else decides. Love seems inevitable when the Moon trines three planets when it enters Cancer on Wednesday. Results could blossom by Wednesday as the Moon trines Neptune, enters Cancer, and then trines the Sun and Venus. A relationship takes a giant step forward on Thursday after the Moon squares Saturn and trines Mercury. Thursday’s Sun-Venus conjunction and Friday’s Moon-Uranus trine make you charming and creative enough to have your way. With the Moon in Leo Friday night through Sunday night, consider friendship instead of romance. The Leo Moon is all about hungry anticipation as you look for signals from inside those Halloween costumes. Once the Moon reaches Virgo late Sunday night, you may find who and what you desire. Fire Signs could burn you, Water Signs might keep you guessing, and who needs that?