Stargazing — Week of October 22nd through October 28th, 2018

Oct 23, 2018 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

This week, a Full Moon and Sun sign change brings several old skeletons out of the closet as well as some intense emotions.

After the Sun enters Scorpio on Tuesday, here are some items that may need to be addressed. Time to clear away an old passion, heal some old, hurtful wounds, recycle items you no longer need, get a physical exam (especially a pap smear and prostate exam since Scorpio rules the sexual organs,) and most of all, forgive yourself.

The Taurus Full Moon is on Wednesday the 24th. It’s anybody’s guess as to what comes out of this Full Moon. It shines its moonlight on crisis, change, and transformation, with a passion. It’s certainly a time to let go of anything you no longer need, including pent-up negative emotions such as pride, guilt, blame, and shame. Although this may be easier said than done, you can certainly expect some kind of shake-up.

Venus is moving retrograde towards the Sun in Scorpio, and this shines another light on relationships, values and finances. This energy asks you to go to a deeper level to determine if you are getting what you need and desire as well as what gets in the way. Remember, this is not just the people in your world, but also your own attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

On the opposite side of the sky is revolutionary Uranus connected to the emotional Moon. Expect an internal struggle between your emotions wanting safety, security and comfort, and the other part of you that wants freedom at all costs. As if that isn’t enough to deal with, the spiritual destiny nodes are challenged by this Full Moon, making you feel like you are being pulled apart at the seams.

There is a familiar theme from the past 1 1/2 year where you must detach from the soap opera of your life or the world in order to determine where your heart is engaged, and where it wants to go in a new and different direction. There are a lot of “fixed” signs in the sky now (Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius). This is great for persevering through any challenges, but is not the easiest for letting go. Be strong, but not hard-headed, because that just produces headaches.

The intensity eases up as the Sun aligns with Venus (still retrograde) on Friday. This is a nice combination of energy and harmony. Early morning people may have noticed over the past several days that Venus has been changing from an evening star to a morning star. Many ancient cultures held the philosophy that she was more peaceful and harmonious as an evening star and changes into more of a warrior star energy when she was a morning star.

These cultures waited to go to battle until Venus became a morning star. If this folklore is true, it bodes well to get your projects moving. Just be sure to allow flexibility in your plan since Venus is still retrograde until November 16th and then Mercury will be retrograde from November 16th until Dec. 6tb.

Regardless, Friday is a very pleasant day to share with others, and great for a Halloween party. Saturday continues to be pleasant under a talkative Gemini moon.