Stargazing—Week of October 21st through October 27th, 2019

Oct 21, 2019 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

The week starts on a comfortable note, but the energy gets more difficult as we move toward a challenging New Moon on the weekend.  The moon in nurturing Cancer on Sunday, Oct. 20th. Adding to this is loving Venus making harmony with spiritual Neptune on Monday. It’s a perfect time to focus on romance and creativity. Enjoy this time because by Wednesday you’ll be singing a different tune when the Sun moves from Libra to Scorpio, the sign connected to upsets, crisis, and transformation.

Tend to you “to do” list Wednesday afternoon through Thursday under an efficient, hard-working Virgo Moon. The sun also moves into Scorpio on Wednesday, adding a bit of emotional intensity to the purifying Virgo moon. This shift marks the time of year when the earth prepares for shorter days and longer nights with the colder weather pulling our life force downward, along with the falling autumn leaves.

On a spiritual level, it’s time to go within and get rid of your physical, emotional, and spiritual dead leaves; release and let go. Prepare yourself to be ready to move forward with your personal and beautiful focus in the springtime in 2020. Just remember that through crisis we can get rid of the waste clinging to our minds and bodies. Natural healing treatments and therapy offer some marvelous options. Whatever way you choose to heal and let go, Scorpio’s goal is always ascension and self-transformation.

Make time to play on Friday and Saturday under a social Libra Moon. Friday evening is the better day for sharing because Saturday brings in some minor emotional bumps.

The New Moon is on Sunday October 27th at 5 degrees Scorpio. There is no telling how this intense Scorpio New Moon will play out because it is on the opposite side of the sky from “expect the unexpected” Uranus in Taurus. There is an abundance of planets in the fixed signs, which means that endurance is good but flexibility and adaptability are difficult. Add to that an emphasis on the water element, with deep, hidden emotions are coming to the surface.

The first challenge is a frustrating square from warring Mars to strict and disciplined Saturn which means that you have to work harder than ever to manifest what you want. This energy is followed by a Sun-Uranus opposition in Scorpio/Taurus, which can bring anything from nervous tension and separation to exciting encounters and unexpected surprises. It is important to pay attention to any irrational emotions because they are attempting to cleanse and heal that which has been stuck in a deep inside your hidden place for far too long.

The dark silence of the Scorpio New Moon is the best time of year to use this crisis energy to transform yourself by clearing out any person, possession, attitude, bad habit, judgment, or job that no longer has a value in your life. This always opens the door of unlimited realities to set an intention and establish new beginnings.

Sunday morning brings in another challenge between action oriented Mars and slow-but-sure Saturn. Part of you wants to get moving and another part of you cannot get your energy going to catch up with your fast-moving mind. With Mercury turning retrograde on October 31st through November 20th, hidden emotions rise to the surface to be faced off and dealt with. This can include other things coming to the surface in the outer world as well. (Think politics).