STARGAZING — Week of October 1st — October 7, 2012

Oct 1, 2012 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Week of October 1st – October 7th, 2012


  This week, with the change in a major planet, Saturn, you may feel restless, tired, worn out, or anxious for a change. After the ups and downs in September, the small bumps and grinds in October will feel like no problem. Go ahead take a deep breath and exhale, for you can expect smoother sailing throughout the coming month!

This month’s celestial dance begins on October 3rd, when Venus moves into Virgo. This altruistic match will encourage you to lend a helping hand; in fact, you won’t feel completely fulfilled until you’ve dedicated time to someone in need. Then, on October 5th, Saturn swoops in with the month’s biggest astrological event. This serious and restrictive planet is about to move out of Libra to take up residence in dark, secretive Scorpio! Saturn has no time for waste or excess, so it will force you to cut anything unnecessary out of your life. And since Scorpio rules sexuality, intimate relationships, joint finances, and personal transformation, those are the areas where Saturn will turn its focus. This won’t be the easiest of transits, and lasts for two and one-half years, but after everything you went through over the last six months, you’ll be able to take whatever Saturn and Scorpio dish out with a strengthened resolve.

Fortunately, October 7th sees Mars rushing into Sagittarius, adding further fuel to this Fire sign’s outspokenness and indicating that it’s time to stop talking and start doing! The very next day, Mars aligns itself with Neptune, making for an extra-glamorous October 8th!…but that’s next week already.

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Positive thinking will be your mantra on Monday. You’ll spread optimism throughout your social circle. The urge to be alone will kick in on Tuesday. You’ll need some quiet time to process your thoughts and feelings. Be careful now because the urge to indulge your appetites will be strong when the Moon is quincunx the Sun in Libra on Tuesday. Cross the street rather than walk past a bakery! A business associate may have ulterior motives on Wednesday. Read the fine print before signing any contract. Also, a family member might lie to you on Wednesday. This person is afraid to tell you the real story. A former flame may ask you for a second chance when Jupiter turns retrograde in your love zone on Thursday. Before agreeing, list the reasons the relationship ended before. You’ll need a dollop of determination to complete a project on Friday. Don’t quit until you reach the finish line. The boss could promote you. It’s possible that a raise will be part of the deal. Your emotions may go into overdrive when Mercury enters Scorpio on Friday. You could have an intense encounter with a close associate. A rival might appear on the scene on Saturday. Use your smarts to best any competitor. It will be hard for you to concentrate on Sunday. Listen closely when talking to others. You might feel very lazy. Getting motivated to do chores will take lots of willpower.

  Your Love Week—Air Signs: Relationship repairs are top priority on the agenda this week. Being discreet and keeping your impulses in check is helpful when magnetic Venus enters meticulous Virgo on Tuesday, providing you with a clear perspective on partnership issues. Recognizing where improvements should be made empowers you to put the past behind you. Just be kind to yourself during this reflection process since criticism without compassion is not useful. Thoughtful change comes slowly but lasts longer. The Moon slips into Gemini Thursday morning to bring your feelings to the surface. Taking care of business early in the week leaves you time and emotional space to shoot for the Moon on Saturday night. Sexy Mars moves into Sagittarius and heats up for the next five weeks, attracting free-spirited people who encourage you to take risks. Expanding the range of individuals and activities you engage with is bound to enliven relationships. Start your weekend early with the lighthearted Gemini Moon dancing into romance on Thursday morning. The following two days supply you with ample opportunities to play and to show off how much fun you are to be around. It’s a wonderful time to be frivolous and flirty so don’t take relationships too seriously. Managing your family and work responsibilities is enough of a load now, which is why you will benefit from a lighter approach in your personal life. It’s back to crossing things off the to-do list once the Moon slips into caring Cancer on Saturday night. However, there’s no reason to sacrifice snuggle time if you have an affectionate companion willing to join you.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Think before you speak when the Aries Moon opposes Mercury on Monday. Hasty words could get you in a lot of trouble. You’ll have a date with destiny when Venus in Leo sextiles Saturn on Tuesday. Get ready to discover your true purpose in life! A lover may ask you for a commitment. This person is ready to make future plans. Take care of your health needs on Tuesday as well, Fire Signs. It isn’t wise to ignore a nagging ache. Tax matters may need your attention on Wednesday. You’ll spend lots of time doing personal accounting. Your dream job may suddenly appear on Thursday. It’s a great time to schedule interviews with potential employers. Your life may hit a frenetic pace. Get ready to shift into busy mode. Take steps to safeguard your secrets on Friday. Don’t repeat confidential information to even trusted friends. You’ll have to make a difficult decision on Friday. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers to this particular dilemma. You’ll be bursting with confidence when Mars enters Sagittarius on Saturday. Self-doubt will vanish as if by magic. A real estate project could hit a snag on the weekend. It might be wise to go back to the drawing board. You’ll be pulled in two different directions regarding a particular matter on Sunday. A relative may want to discuss past issues. Be prepared to go over unfinished business this weekend.

 Your Love Week—Fire Signs: Messages and moods are mixed this week with loving Venus entering cautious Virgo on Tuesday and the passionate planet Mars launching itself into fearless Sagittarius on Saturday night. You can fluctuate from cautious to adventurous and may encounter others with equally diverse attitudes over the next month. Taking yourself less seriously helps to reduce stress and allows you to play in unconventional ways. The world is yours for the taking Fire Signs, when Mars moves into Sagittarius, heating things up for the next five weeks. Discretion is a must this weekend with expressive Mercury and responsible Saturn entering intimate Scorpio on Friday. Secrets may surface and need to be handled carefully to avoid embarrassment. But if you’re willing to engage in a deep conversation, you might untangle some emotional knots that often get in the way of intimacy. A safe setting permits you to speak from your heart with the trust needed to be completely truthful. Energetic Mars strides into bold Sagittarius on Saturday night, giving you an extra dash of courage to shine your light brightly enough for everyone to see. Nevertheless, stepping lightly is recommended as the Moon slips into sensitive Cancer at the same time. This delicate lunar transit can bring you closer to someone if you’re willing to quiet down enough to tune into their needs. Patience is needed to listen and respond to others in a way that earns trust. Sharing private time when you expose your inner self may not sound exciting, but is an excellent way to bring more love into your life. However, being kind is a must this weekend. Exploring new worlds is exciting, but there’s nothing wrong with staying at home to be with the one you love.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Focus your energy in one direction on Monday. It wouldn’t be wise to scatter your inner resources. The boss may ask you to take on extra duties. If you’re already overburdened, feel free to say so. An economic enterprise will pay off on Tuesday. Consider saving some of the extra cash before hitting the shopping mall. Dust off your dreams on Tuesday night. Don’t settle for second best in any area of your life. You may be confused regarding your real feelings for someone special when Venus opposes Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday. Consider taking the relationship down a notch temporarily. A new friend may pop into your life on Wednesday afternoon. This person will be very warmhearted. You’ll be showered with affection! You may decide to redecorate your living quarters on Thursday. It’s possible a retro look will catch your eye. You’ll be inundated with new vibrations on Friday. You might decide to completely transform your lifestyle. Your creative juices will start to flow on Friday as well. Follow your inspiration down whatever path it goes. Your intuition will be on target on Saturday. Listen to your sixth sense this weekend. Pay close attention to the details where a plan is concerned. Exercise caution while doing tasks when the Cancer Moon squares Uranus on Sunday. Be sure to work safely, especially if you’re doing home repairs

 Your Love Week—Water Signs: Vibrant Venus moves into industrious Virgo on Wednesday, turning your love light on for the world to see. You might attract a critical person who is hard to please but don’t put the sole responsibility for making him or her happy on your shoulders. A successful partnership is a team project where both of you have to pitch in to make romantic magic happen. Be selective in the company you keep and don’t waste time dealing with insincere individuals. Start your weekend early with the lighthearted Gemini Moon dancing with romance on Thursday morning. The following two days supply you with ample opportunities to play and to show off how much fun you are to be around. It’s a wonderful time to be frivolous and flirty so don’t take relationships too seriously. You’re not into wasting words this week as mental Mercury and serious Saturn enter incisive Scorpio on Friday. Conversations grow weighty with no room for small talk. If your thoughts are heavy, you might be tempted to keep them to yourself. But sharing your concerns with someone you trust is a healthier way to go, especially since this cosmic combination is sticking around for a few weeks. Emotionally strong people understand your feelings and make more desirable companions than those who can’t handle the intensity. Managing your family and work responsibilities is enough of a load now, which is why you will benefit from a lighter approach in your personal life. It’s back to crossing things off the to-do list once the Moon slips into caring Cancer on Saturday night. However, there’s no reason to sacrifice snuggle time if you have an affectionate companion willing to join you. Also, the sexy planet Mars leaps into adventurous Sagittarius on Saturday night, encouraging you to take risks in the pursuit of your dreams. Oh what a night it was! The Moon dips into watery Cancer on Saturday night, inspiring you to wear your heart on your sleeve. Nurturing those you love casts you in a beautiful light.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

Go with the flow on Monday, Earth Signs. Your judgment may be flawed. Wait until you’re thinking clearly to make important decisions. You’ll be impatient as well. It’s possible that you’ll want an answer from someone very quickly. Don’t let life’s little frustrations upset you. A romance could get more serious on Tuesday. If you’re single, a loyal new lover could come your way. Your energy level will shift on Wednesday and you’ll project an alluring aura when Venus enters Virgo. It’s a great time to mingle with others. Cleaning the house will become a top priority. A financial deal could be delayed on Thursday. The timing isn’t right for this endeavor. Your sense of personal power will increase substantially when Saturn enters Scorpio on Friday. A partnership may experience tension at this time. An in-depth talk with your associate might clear the air. Stick to the high road. You might get caught if you engage in illegal activities! Your company may ask you to relocate on Saturday. Visit any new area before calling the moving van. No obstacle will stand in your way. On Saturday night your domestic side will activate. You might decide to become a gourmet cook. You’ll want to take a trip to fantasyland on Sunday. Also, a friend will need some sympathy on Sunday evening.

 Your Love Week—Earth Signs: Resourceful Venus’ shift into skillful Virgo on Tuesday enhances your creativity when it comes to matters of the heart. Pushing yourself past your usual limits may be what it takes to turn a promising encounter into a profoundly intimate one. As alluring Venus dances into earthy Virgo on Tuesday night, you’re inspired to be at your captivating best for the next four weeks. You are finally able look past minor flaws to appreciate your positive traits. Pleasing yourself comes first now since your happiness is key to being more desirable to others. On Saturday night passionate Mars moves into limitless Sagittarius, taking you to new heights over the next five weeks. Caution should be tossed to the wind so you can follow your bliss. Saturday night is sweetened by the Moon’s entry into nurturing Cancer. Getting cozy with someone special requires a delicate touch and the ability to anticipate the needs of others. Back off from pulling strings to make things happen now, since coming on too strong will tend to push people away. In fact, showing your vulnerability is one of the best ways to dissolve barriers and to earn trust, bringing the closeness that makes relationships worthwhile. Friends and organizations can help you make romantic connections on Saturday and Sunday with the cozy and cuddly Cancer Moon. Showing your softer side enables your companions to get to know the real you.