Stargazing—Week of October 18—24, 2010

Oct 18, 2010 | Special Messages

As weeks of October go, this is a fairly easy week, so make the most of it. The early week through Wednesday includes numerous “happy” aspects to put you into ease and flow. Pay attention to dreams on Monday morning when mental Mercury is in harmony with prophetic Neptune. It is also a good morning for meditation, yoga, or hitting the snooze alarm.

On Wednesday the 20th, Mercury enters Scorpio for the next three weeks. This is excellent energy for research projects that require focus. Communicating deeper emotions is also good. Wednesday evening also has a playful relationship with sexy Mars and party-animal Jupiter-so go have some fun.

The Full Moon comes on Friday, October 22, at 9:37 PM EDT. It occurs at the very last degree of Aries and Libra, indicating the need to bring something to completion. Aries is associated with independence and the courage to pioneer a new path, and Libra is the sign of relationships and sharing. Find balance between your  need for independents and partnership needs. October’s Full Moon is tied to the star Spica in the Virgo constellation. Spica is associated with the potential for brilliance, a bountiful harvest, and gifts & being gifted (Mozart and Sir Isaac Newton had Spica prominent in their birth charts). Use the next two weeks to bring something to completion and improve balance between self-time and sharing time. What brilliant idea or gift are you ready to give to the world?

On Saturday, the moon moves into productive Taurus and the Sun enters focused Scorpio. Accomplish something productive today, then give yourself a reward.                                    —Mark Dodich


Week of October 18 – October 25, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

The Moon activates the sometimes unpleasant influence of Neptune in Aquarius, bringing you Air Signs moments of melancholy and making it difficult to keep your mood on an even keel. There are an awful lot of planets making you bounce between intense excitation and just as intense discouragement. This will be hard to handle and can result in mistakes on the job that catch the attention of the higher ups. Try to center and pull it all together; you can do it. If you need a day off to rest up, take it. If you’re in a relationship your partner is kind enough to wait on you hand and foot and bend over backwards trying to cheer you up. Singles, meeting someone new looks like mission impossible, but it’s not a major worry, as you’re completely absorbed by your career. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are conspiring to help you move your interests forward. Your doubts and existential questions hurt the chances for a new relationship to take root. Try to take your thinking cap off and enjoy the present moment. If you have your own business, an innovation or a new collaboration should move you towards more prosperity. Jupiter and Uranus confirm this tendency, and fill up your bank account. Mercury, Venus and Mars bring a good piece of financial news at the end of the week. This brings your morale up and allows you to do something you’ve really been wanting to. This is the week to keep focused on your professional and financial aims!

Your Love Week—Air Signs:

Monday is perfect for romance, except for the Moon-Saturn quincunx questioning your feelings. The Moon-Venus trine helps you maintain appearances until the mood passes. Mercury is your friend, Air Signs, when it trines Neptune and Chiron to bring love and confidence. The Sun makes those same two aspects on Tuesday while Mercury broods in a quincunx with Uranus. Consider exploring possibilities instead of getting too possessive. On Wednesday the Moon conjoins Uranus, making big plans before it enters Aries and changes its mind. The Sun brings further introspection, and on Thursday Venus sweeps these things under the rug again. Friday, Mars’ unreasonable behavior might turn you off to dating Fire Signs. Friday’s Full Moon helps you confront any issues with a relationship or the search for one, and then the Sun leaves your sign on Saturday, taking some of the pressure off. But oddly enough, Sunday’s Mars-Uranus trine helps you forget the past and look ahead with optimism.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

Beware of the Venus, Mercury and Mars trio. It’s a complex energy combination and won’t always create a positive result. Your desire to enjoy life is strong and you may over-indulge in its pleasures. If you’ve got a real estate transaction to carry out or are moving house, the beginning of this week is an excellent time for it. You are motivated and inspired to make creative improvements in your surroundings. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune retrograde comes between you. At the slightest misunderstanding you become dramatic and there are rather a lot of misunderstandings. Lies may fly out of your mouth, especially if you’re in a couple and talking to your partner. Your other half, most likely, will be able to see right through you. If you’re single, Venus, Mars and Mercury are your best friends, because they send a fascinating new person your way in unexpected and delightful circumstances. Your future takes on a hopeful color. The Moon lines up some light flirting for singles mid-week, which should fulfill your need for attention and tenderness. There’s not much action on the job; the planets have abandoned your professional area, offering you the chance to rest on your laurels for a spell. If you have the chance to take a few days off, go for it. Pluto is stirring a desire for change, but your professional projects aren’t yet well-defined and you’re far from ready to bring real change into being. Also, concerning money matters, Pluto’s not leaving you much room to stretch your budget. On a positive note, you’ve got no money worries by month’s end and a little financial luck isn’t to be ruled out either.

Your Love Week—Fire Signs:
On Monday a Mercury-Neptune trine and Sun-Jupiter quincunx could turn any conversation into a romantic overture. Although Monday favors romance, watch out for selfish feelings from the Sun-Jupiter trine. Prove your love with actions, not words. One thing’s for sure: you’re on top form this week! A power-packed planetary trio in Scorpio keeps your mood high and turns you into a dynamo. You whiz past numerous obstacles. On Tuesday the Sun trines Neptune and Chiron, letting you forget an old heartbreak. Even your enemy starts looking attractive by Tuesday night. On Wednesday the Moon enters Aries, adding fuel to the fire, and a Mars-Jupiter trine makes you a force of nature. In the hours before the Full Moon on Friday, it is quincunx Neptune and turning intuition into action. On Saturday morning the Sun enters Scorpio, and Sunday morning Mars trines Uranus. If you’re still between relationships, the Aries Moon turns you inward and Friday’s Full Moon convinces you to mend fences with someone else. The Sun, moving into Scorpio, dazzles you with a powerful sexual awakening on Saturday. Forget any mistakes you made and think about the lover you’re becoming. You have a month to explore this new way of being.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Once again this week, your nerves are on edge. But this time, you manage to channel all that energy coming from Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. The Moon moves, bringing opportunities to show off your know-how and basically strut your stuff on the job. Your professional life, for starters, gets a real boost from all the TLC you throw into it. You move beyond the repetitive, boring daily grind to seek out new excitement in the form of new responsibilities. Could you be aiming for a promotion? As for your finances, they may be on shaky ground, as Venus has been pushing the envelope with your recent expenses. It’s time to tighten your belt! Unfortunately the planets forecast boredom in the love area, especially if you’re in a couple. You make efforts to spice things up but your partner stays unresponsive. Hang in there, keep trying and you’ll find the tactic that works. The Jupiter/ Uranus duo are taking care of couples. You’re getting along well and there’s a spontaneous, zany quality to your relationship, its just the sex life that’s off kilter. Concerning love, if you’re single, Venus and Mars ensure that you’re able to change your status if that’s what you really want, or you may be interested in staying unattached, and just being a heart breaker. Financially, you are moving along and all is well.

Your Love Week—Water Signs:

When the Moon sextiles your ruling planet Pluto and trines Venus, you attract love by just being yourself. Not bad for Monday! Tuesday evening’s Pluto-Ceres conjunction might transform someone forever. Tuesday’s conjunction and Moon-Mars trine give you power over someone else. With the Moon in Pisces through Wednesday morning, you’ll meet, talk, touch, or get lost with someone special. But don’t push things any farther after the Moon enters Aries and Mercury enters Pisces. The focus shifts from going with the flow to seizing strategic initiatives when the Moon enters Aries and Mercury enters Scorpio. Uranus, Jupiter, and Mars can help change things you don’t like. The Moon sextiles Neptune a few hours before turning full and entering Taurus on Friday. Mars’ hard aspects could inspire a Full Moon meltdown unless you take it moment by moment. Life and love improve on Saturday. The Moon trines Pluto, the Sun enters Scorpio, and romance finally happens on your terms. Go with your gut to follow your dream. It could make all the difference this weekend.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

You could meet someone important at the beginning of the week, under the influence of a Moon/ Venus trine. It won’t necessarily be a love-at-first-sight encounter, but rather someone that you like and have a lot in common with, that may turn out to be a close friend. This person also provides social support that ends up being key over the next few weeks. The Moon/Venus trine at the beginning of the week will have excellent benefits for you whether you’re single or taken. If you’re in a relationship it deepens, if you’re not you meet someone who impacts you. In either case love opens its arms and you’re happy to nestle within. In addition Neptune connects with the Moon, to interfere with your projects. Plan ‘A’ falls through and you’re obligated to rework everything from scratch. Don’t be discouraged, an interesting solution will materialize towards the end of the week. If you’re in a couple, working on a joint project allows you to spend quality time together. Venus, Mercury and Mars are watching over your bank account. You’ll tend to whip out your credit card more than usual but there’s more money coming in, so you can afford some extras. The Sun/ Saturn duo in Libra are taking care of business matters. A shelved project or an opportunity you’d thought was lost is once again on your desk, bringing with it an opportunity for career advancement. You’ll need to make quick decisions though, so don’t over-think things. Seize your chance in the here and now! There’s not much action on the financial front; in fact prospects for growth in this area look limited. Be careful with your daily expenses but without tightening your belt too much. This trend is temporary.

Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

On Monday Mercury trines Neptune and Chiron, making you brave and optimistic about love. Avoid selfish love on Monday. Appreciate someone else’s feelings when the Moon sextiles Ceres and Pluto. This beautiful lesson intensifies as the Sun trines Neptune and Chiron on Tuesday. Tuesday’s Mercury-Uranus quincunx suggests monogamy if you’re seeing multiple people. Wednesday brings passion and competition when the Sun enters Aries and Mercury enters Scorpio. Passion undercuts logic. Thursday’s Moon-Venus quincunx makes trouble if you kiss and tell. Saturn grounds you through these wild ideas on Thursday, and Friday’s Full Moon gets you through the necessary promises, apologies, and “honey-do” chores. But on Friday you’ll win respect for speaking your truth under the Full Moon. That night the Moon enters Taurus for a weekend of romance, security, and popularity. Beware of selfishness again after the Sun enters Scorpio on Saturday. On Saturday Mercury sextiles Ceres, opposes the Moon, and welcomes the Sun into Scorpio. Your lover will go along with you, whatever your intentions.