STARGAZING — Week of October 17th through October 23rd, 2016

Oct 15, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

Sagittarius-ArrowVenus goes traveling this week and Mars sets up a power meeting. Venus ends its month-long tour through Scorpio and shifts into happy-go-lucky Sagittarius on Tuesday, October 18th. While we’re considerably more cheerful and positive when Venus is touring through Sagittarius, there is also less focus and dedication with our work and responsibilities. Although the restless energies of Venus in Sagittarius meld well with journeys and travelers, Venus in Sag. prefers relationships that don’t require a commitment.

The beginning of the week has the moon in Taurus. Find a happy blend between hard-working Taurus and the sensual pleasure side of Taurus.

Moon&StarsThe tone changes on multiple levels Tuesday morning. The moon moves into Gemini for the middle of the week, supporting multi-tasking, quick projects, and conversations. At the same time, Venus completes its move into Sagittarius until November 11th. Sagittarius likes bigger perspectives and projects compared to short and quick Gemini energies. Venus in Sagittarius is a bawdy party energy. Venus wants relationship and Sagittarius wants the honeymoon part of relationships more than long-term commitments.

Remember that ambitious Mars is in serious Capricorn this month, so it is work hard, play hard in spite of all the party energy. Wednesday and Thursday are a mixture of difficult and easy. The moon makes happy relationships to the planets for ease and flow. However, Mars aligns with Pluto early Wednesday and this brings a dark, raw energy. This is a forceful energy and things often break under this pressure. Practice flowing with these energies instead of trying to over manage any disruptive changes. Just take a deep breath, and bend with the wind — like the bamboo.

plutoandearthOn Wednesday, Mars meets up with Pluto for the only time this year. This powerful combination reminds us that Mars is the stronger energy, because while Pluto is the darker energy, Mars’s aggressive energy resonates perfectly with Capricorn’s Ambitions and profound determination to achieve your long-term goals. With this dynamic duo on board, projects initiated this week will require huge amounts of hard work and may involve the uncontrolled use for force. (Keep your eyes on World Events as well as the US Presidential election and the debate, scheduled for that evening.) There is a real and present danger of bullying and use of force.

On Thursday, early morning, Mercury is on the opposite side of the sky from Uranus. Do you choose to speak nicely or start a revolution? Part of you wants to follow the rules and another part wants to run off into the woods and hide. Try to be a diplomatic revolutionary!

eclipse-sunFriday’s Cancer moon supports time spent with people you love and trust. Food is always a winner for a Cancer moon. The tone changes on Saturday when the moon moves into heart opening Leo, and the Sun moves into emotionally intense Scorpio. Any problems that come up could intensify because Scorpio is attracted to the energy of crisis and ultimately, transformation.

The entire weekend is best for spending around people you already know and like, or you just go it alone on Saturday if the people in your life annoy you. Remember, the gift of Scorpio is that it teaches us that any crisis can also be an opportunity for growth.


On the positive side, this week continues the mixture of serious and playful energy from last week, but the “take the world too seriously” part is starting to soften. Sunday starts off with the moon in Leo, urging you to do something creative or playful. Perhaps you and the family could go outside at night to watch the Orionids meteor shower.