STARGAZING — Week of October 12th to October 18th, 2015

Oct 11, 2015 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

New MoonIt’s the time of the month to start over again, and this week the Libra New  Moon, along with Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto are all on hand to help you do just that. The Libra New Moon opposite Uranus in Aries pertains to all types of one-on-one relationships. This New Moon presents the right time to find new ways of making some out of balance relationships work. But since the Uranus energy began last week, this New Moon promises to come with some surprises in store.

Instead of displaying the ever constant Libra tendency to compromise, you may just want to turn tail and throw in the towel. Whether it’s a break up or out, or the willingness to work it out, there will be plenty of courage and friendly help on hand for you to do the right thing.

The New Moon is in Libra on Monday afternoon. By itself, it is a happy combination for all types of relationships. However, the Sun and Moon are being pulled apart by eccentric Uranus in Aries. If you need to be set free of some aspect of your life, especially relationships, then this is the New Moon that can help you do it in a relatively graceful way. It also supports you in going outside of your comfort zone to look at new relationships, new groups and organizations. However, you must be willing to drop any rigid ideas about the way you think “it should be.” Perhaps the Universe has better plans in store for you than your current level of thinking can conceive. With this New Moon energy, and through Oct. 17th, ambitious Mars and abundant Jupiter are aligning in productive Virgo. You can bring big projects into manifestation now if you are willing to get organized and work hard for constructive, practical results. Jupiter will help you, but you must put forth a positive effort as an act of good faith in yourself and the project.

Mars and EarthOn the 15th Mars is scheduled for its first conjunction with the beneficial planet Jupiter. Although this energy is brief, it’s important because this occurs only once every two years. Enthusiasm runs high, and this energetic combination of action (Mars) and optimism (Jupiter) provides you with the right stuff to stretch out, expand, and grow. Then these two powerful planets make a trine to transformative Pluto, which can expand your options and help you make the right choices that are best for you.

Research projects are favored on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, the Scorpio Moon helps you mix business and pleasure. In fact, the moon makes harmonious aspects all day, suggesting that you can get the cooperation of others to help you with your goals. After the social work environment of Wednesday, Thursday supports you in getting quiet and meditate to focus on projects that need to be done without the telephone ringing or constant email beeping, so be willing to disconnect from the distractions of the outer world. The weekend is a mixed bag of energy. On one level, a Sagittarius Moon is ready for group activities or a party. On another level, there is the continuing need to accomplish as much as you can while ambitious Mars and generous Jupiter are helping you be productive. The best suggestion is to have an early social dinner on Friday and not make it a late night, and then sleep in a little extra Saturday morning. Make room for both work and play on Saturday.

The week ends with a structured Capricorn moon. Most astrology books tell you that Capricorn is way too serious. What they fail to tell you is that Capricorn has a dry wit and is probably joking with you when you may think they are serious. Sometimes sarcasm can be a bit confusing.