Stargazing—Week of October 11-17, 2010

Oct 12, 2010 | Special Messages

Venus has turned retrograde, asking you to review your close relationships over the next eight weeks.

Relationships of all kinds are a theme in the weeks ahead—including more than your love life. There are lessons in communication boundaries within close relationships, and expressing this in a diplomatic way. For some, the next few weeks can be sad, lonely, and at times depressing. You could begin to feel a strain on your nervous system if you feel you are under emotional stress. Be sure to get plenty of rest.

It is important to be willing to look at your dark side, the one of manipulation and control, and allow yourself to be vulnerable now. The cleansing that occurs between now and Thanksgiving promises to open you up on a deep level. Some of the aspects for October are supportive and helpful as well as pleasant. There is a sense of ease in many areas of your life, however, there lingers some deep, emotional undertones helping you to reach down within, and unfold your true beliefs and values. Invest some honest and meditative time getting clear at this time. Life improves as you do the inner work.

Week of October 11—October 17, 2010

The Air Signs
Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Neptune, yes, still Neptune in Aquarius holds the reigns of your life, and without much interference from the other planets this week. Your morale’s a bit low, you’re tired and you have the impression that the control of your own destiny is slipping through your fingers; that in spite of your efforts, progress is hard to come by. You’re dynamic, joyful and you’ve always got a joke handy. You appear relaxed and serene to others, but on the inside, you’re boiling with ambition , which is adding power to your tenacity and will to succeed. You could experience some satisfying victories on the professional front, but also some clashes with your most competitive colleagues. If you’re single, you don’t take ‘no’ for an answer. You’re doing all you can to win over the one you’re interested in, and you will not give up. You spot someone from afar that makes your heart beat wildly; and you’re content to let things stay at this stage for now. If you’re in a relationship you’re day dreamy, and your partner can’t seem to get your attention. This creates conflict. You’ve got wandering eyes and your other half isn’t happy about it. Beware of pushing them too far, you could have a major jealousy issue to deal with. At work your head is in the clouds as well, and the little errors mount. Your finances are tricky to handle but you’re not sharing this information with anyone. This week, your finances look stable, no-not fabulous, but at the very least stable.

 Your Love Week—Air Signs:

Monday’s Moon-Mercury sextile attracts Air and Fire Signs. If Saturn and Mercury make you look like a know-it-all on Monday, at least you’re a charming know-it-all. You Air Signs know that relationships take some work, and Chiron makes talking about this easy. Tuesday’s Sun-Moon sextile suggests working harder in the service of love, and Tuesday’s Sun-Moon and Moon-Neptune sextiles remind you that meaningful Pluto and Saturn counsel you on Wednesday. A stern Capricorn Moon gives you little choice on Wednesday and Thursday, it’s all about proving how much you care and how far you’ll go, although by Thursday Mercury and Mars care more about fun than sincerity. Thursday evening’s Sun-Moon square grounds you and helps keep you patient. On Friday morning the Moon sextiles Uranus before entering Aquarius, so this weekend you’ll combine wild fun with emotional responsibility. With help from Neptune, Sunday’s trines with the Sun and Mercury have you falling deeper in love.

The Fire Signs
Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

This week delivers a giant helping of frustrations and obstacles of all shapes and sizes. The Mars, Moon, Venus retrograde trio favors various worries and the unexpected. Appliances and cars can break down, there can be worries related to family members or your children and the list goes on. Your friendships and social life in general are in the spotlight this week. You meet plenty of new faces, you’re relaxed and chatty within different social groups and are able to expand your circle of friends and contacts as far as you wish. If you’re single and you’ve had a magical encounter lately, events take a disappointing turn. A loving friendship fulfils your need for hugs and tenderness, while allowing you to avoid any pressure to commitment. If you’re in a relationship, Neptune brings a confidence crisis between you. You each doubt the other and your feelings for each other. Hang in there. If you’re in a couple, the same old routine lacks sparkle for you, and you try to get out of the house as much as possible. On the professional front, Pluto brings renewal. Just in time! You were so bored you were starting to rust and grow moldy. Finally some good news: at work the atmosphere is light-hearted and pleasant. Being with your colleagues provides a real morale boost. Your finances, however, take a hit from some unexpected expenses. Hang in there and cut back where you can.

 Your Love Week—Fire Signs:

The Moon in Sagittarius Monday and Tuesday promises mostly good things for your love life, although Tuesday’s square with your ruling planet Jupiter highlights promises that may be hard to keep. Monday’s Mercury-Moon sextile hooks you up with other Fire and Air Signs. Dating or maintaining a relationship may be hard, but the Sun-Moon sextile on Tuesday proves it’s all worthwhile. Satisfy your own needs as well as your lover’s when the Capricorn Moon conjoins Ceres and Pluto on Wednesday, laying the groundwork for heartfelt apologies. Venus and Mars keep you guessing about someone’s motives on Thursday, and by early Friday a Sun-Moon square clarifies your thinking. Thursday evening’s Sun-Moon square and Friday morning’s Moon-Jupiter trine could settle an argument before it even begins. Let Saturn and Mercury turn you into a dedicated lover on Saturday. The weekend’s trine are sure to bring any lost love back into your life. Just keep speaking the truth on Sunday and everything’s fine.

The Water Signs
Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

You’ve got a calm week on the horizon, perhaps slightly boring. The days seem long and are decidedly lacking in excitement. Venus retrograde in Scorpio, along with feisty Mars, sends your nerves straight to the edge. Anyone who contradicts you or tries to throw obstacles onto your path should watch out! If you’re in a relationship and your partner’s docile and cooperative all will be will. But if their personality’s as strong as yours is, the fights and spats multiply. The dialogue isn’t flowing and the ins and outs of the same old routine are making your relationship grow rust. Why not get away together, at least for a weekend? It would do you the world of good. If you’re single, you tend to by lonely and discouraged by the apparent lack of prospects. You can’t stand rejection or failure, and you pour your efforts into outdoing a romantic rival, to conquer the heart of the person of your dreams. On the job your ambition carries you forward. You’re conscientious and you accomplish your tasks to perfection- but without taking the initiative to innovate or get anything new off the ground. To wrap up, your finances hold up well in spite of a few extravagances here and there. Just try to stay more or less reasonable. The opportunities may not be numerous, but you don’t miss a single chance to pat yourself on the back in front of your bosses and let your best qualities shine. Your finances are not a major preoccupation this week.

 Your Love Week—Water Signs:

On Monday, help Water or Earth Signs however you can. Although Monday promises romance, on Tuesday Jupiter and Uranus crash the party with apathy. You’ll bounce back if you don’t give up. If you’re already partnered, the Moon trines Neptune and Chiron on Tuesday, heightening your emotional sensitivity. On Wednesday the Capricorn Moon conjoins Ceres and Pluto in a rising symphony. This energy helps you plot love’s course. But Thursday’s Moon-Venus and Moon-Mars sextiles make steady lovers twitchy. Thursday’s sextile with Venus and Mars keep it playful, adding horns and drums to the violins. On Friday the Moon reaches Aquarius, and on Saturday it squares Venus. Fantasize and brainstorm with a friend who’ll take your wild ideas less personally. Jupiter and Uranus play nice on Friday, and Saturday’s Sun-Mercury conjunction makes you the center of attention again. When the Moon conjoins Neptune on Sunday, it’s perfectly OK to get lost in the love. Lovers leap hungrily into each others arms when conditions are more forgiving and exciting.

The Earth Signs
Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn

A rather complex financial problem could find a favorable outcome at the beginning of this week. Whether it’s due to a loan, a monetary gift or a miracle, you’ve got a huge weight off your shoulders and it’s truly a relief. Under the influence of Neptune square Venus in retrograde, your partner could run into some problems in their professional life. Your role is to support and reassure them as much as possible. If your heart is free, a recent relationship that had your hopes up ends abruptly, leaving you with a bitter love aftertaste. Fortunately your friends are there for you, to cheer you up and on in the game of dating and love. If you’re single, Pluto is making sure you’re highly selective. Five minutes of pleasure are not going to do it; if the other person’s not ready to deliver something serious and lasting they can get lost. If you’re in a relationship, the Jupiter/ Uranus duo make the air between you electric with conflict. But your intimate life is electric too, in the romantic sense of the word. Beware of Neptune, who’s messing with your perception and common sense on the job. Don’t fall for a proposal that’s too good to be true. Be very careful. Professionally, let the negotiations begin. If you’re looking for work, the Sun, Saturn, Mercury trio offer you an interview for an attractive position. That doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight for it; the competition will be fierce. Sell yourself! Your financial situation looks healthy. You’re quite serious and frugal, as usual.

 Your Love Week—Earth Signs:

Saturn and Mercury help you talk your way into someone’s heart or bed on Monday. Jupiter and Neptune help you decide if you should stay, on Tuesday. These two planets require you to explain the difference between a promise and a feeling on Tuesday. Whether you’re somebody’s friend or lover, relations improve with Wednesday night’s Moon-Venus sextile. The Moon enters Capricorn, conjoins Ceres and Pluto, and frees you to talk about what’s really on your mind. But if romance bores you, it shows after mid-Thursday’s Moon-Mercury square and could make serious waves as the Moon enters Aquarius on Friday. Thursday night is for spending quality time together during the Sun-Moon square. Once the Moon enters Aquarius on Friday, you may prefer heroic missions to personal commitments. Spend Saturday with friends if your partner is pressuring you. A Sun-Mercury conjunction helps you mend fences Saturday night. And Sunday’s planetary lineup makes it possible to forget this ever happened. Sunday is a better day for love.