Stargazing – Week of Oct. 3rd through Oct. 9th, 2022

Oct 3, 2022 | Stargazing

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on Sunday, but matters won’t begin to get moving until it fully leaves the shadow period on October 17th. The messenger is temporarily in Virgo until October 10th, making this week a perfect time to tend to small project that need your attention.

I bring you a special message in this Stargazing report – and will also create a Predictions Video for my YouTube channel and website – Predictions up to New Years Day 2023. Nothing can be said or done. Silence will overtake the airwaves soon. It is the time of Judgment in this Libra season. The time is now – in OCTOBER.

The Light will begin to shine in the darkness – and know that you will not be destroyed. Stand strong and stand firm in your freedom. Everything will be wiped away in one month – in one day – for if it isn’t there would be widespread genocide worldwide. Bow your heads – trust in God – and pray unceasingly. Soon we will all be working together and building together.

After the explosive energy of last week, it becomes evident that a more rational approach is needed, especially when it comes to choosing allies. With Mercury now in direct motion, discernment becomes easier, allowing you to move forward and your projects to get done.

Another loose Grand Trine on Wednesday between the Sun, Mars and the Moon’s conjunction with Saturn, makes this an auspicious moment for bringing your projects and negotiations to completion. It’s also Yom Kippur – the Day of Atonement. The true beginning of our astrological New Year.

Thursday is another five-star day for thinking up innovative solutions,  as Mercury makes a harmonious relationship to business-oriented Pluto to help you have deep level conversations. This is also true for industrious conversations as the Moon moves into psychic Pisces for late Thursday and Friday. You could be exhausted Friday night and just want to collapse on the couch because of an energy-depleting square with the Moon and Mars.

On Saturday, Pluto ends his retrograde cycle, having been moving backwards since late April. Most people don’t notice when an outer planet changes direction because they slow down over several weeks time. However, it would be good to avoid forcing issues this weekend- especially with the Moon moving through assertive Aries on Saturday. Exercise instead!

Sunday October 9th brings a Full Moon in Aries. The Moon is aligned with wounded healer Chiron while opposing Venus.  This can bring up old emotional wounds in order to receive some healing, or you might find yourself dealing with emotionally wounded people. Let go of emotional hurts so your beautiful Light of who you really are can shine through. This is a great time for some deep, psychological healing.

On the other side of the zodiac the Sun and Venus are aligned in balancing Libra. This brings grace and good feelings. This is also the annual Full Moon of balancing your independence needs with your relationship needs.