Stargazing — Week of Oct. 25th through Oct 30th, 2021

Jul 28, 2021 | Stargazing

Get as much work done as you can on Monday, because after the day’s energetic trine in air signs between the Gemini Moon, Mars, and Jupiter, the late afternoon pulls in the Scorpio Sun, which can weaken the energy considerably. This is an unrealistic period, with people acting in a very dreamy fashion, without considering the consequences or feasibility of their actions.

This shift is evident at Tuesday’s pie-in-the-sky super lazy square of Venus and Neptune. End your day early on Tuesday if you are able. Venus challenges Neptune, which can have a spacey, tired, and daydreaming tone to it. If you are in an illusion regarding something, this energy will softly tell you – if you are listening.

This energy is highlighted by Wednesday’s lunar square of Mercury and opposition of Pluto while trining Neptune; overly optimistic thinking will be at odds with the pressures of reality.

On Thursday, an extremely obstinate fixed sign T Square between the Leo Moon, Scorpio Sun, and Jupiter is enabled by a sextile between Venus and Jupiter, an energy which buries its head in the sand, pretending that everything is okay instead of helping to resolve the conflicts. Thursday is also a good day for social interaction. Enjoy a meal with a friend, like a quiet candlelit dinner.

Saturday brings a definite shift as warrior Mars moves into intense Scorpio until December 13th. A sense of futility sets in when the Sun squares Saturn. Instead of concentrating on chores or work, it‘s better to shift your attention to fun and activities. How about baking some cookies with the children and prepare for some Halloween fun? Venus is in boisterous Sagittarius so let’s enjoy some chit-chat and partying.

The Scorpio part of your natal chart needs to get moving. If you have natal planets in Scorpio, you can expect the nature of the planet to rise to the surface in your life. Mars in Scorpio promise a hot and spicy end of the year.  Mars is taking you to deeper levels to transform emotionally.

Plenty of tricks or treats are in store on this year’s enjoyable Halloween, thanks to the Moon’s sextile to the Sun in spooky and haunting Scorpio with a trine to the sudden and electrifying Uranus.

On Monday, the day is under a quiet Virgo moon. This makes it a better day for dressing up in costume, goddess type ceremonies, and the time when the veils between this world and the next are thin.