STARGAZING — Week of Oct. 24th through Oct. 30th, 2016

Oct 24, 2016 | Monthly Astrology|Stargazing

fire-dragon-go-gratitude-smIn the olden days, mapmakers labeled uncharted and thus dangerous parts of maps with the phrase “here be the dragons,” and this week could be labeled with that same warning. This week continues the mixture of serious and playful energy from last week, but the “take the world too seriously” part is starting to soften.

The Scorpio power mode continues when Mercury enters Scorpio on Monday, Oct. 24th and hooks up with the Sun on Wednesday, Oct 26th and hooks up a superior conjunction, which can be dangerous because communication becomes single-track and laser beam sharp. Besides fostering sarcasm, Mercury in Scorpio can be fertile soil for mysteries and intrigue as well as a time for increase for obsessive-compulsive behavior based on issues that have been repressed. (Again, keep you eyes on the progress of the election campaigns)

Tuesday would be the best day to knock off work early. Venus makes a challenge to Neptune, making an afternoon and evening better for daydreaming or watching a movie. Because the moon is in productive Virgo on Tuesday and Wednesday, don’t be too hard on yourself Tuesday if you feel guilty that you cannot get motivated. Wednesday is the better workday.

Thursday the 27th is just the opposite of free wheeling Tuesday. You can move more quickly and talk to a lot of people. It is a good day to share your ideas. The only problem is that everyone is likely to be fast-talking, but no one really listening.

mars-earthFriday is an anything can happen day in that the Moon is in social and romantic Libra, but the evening brings a challenge between Mars and Uranus. So part of you wants love and part of you wants a good argument. Part of you wants love, and another part just wants to be friends. If you feel irritable, call it an early night and avoid people who push your buttons.

Because Mars square Uranus is like risky business on steroids, this poses a huge temptation to believe that the only way to live a meaningful life is to experience life on a razor’s edge. These energies are both seductively thrilling as well as unpredictable, volatile, and potentially destructive. This may be a time to take a few deep breaths and give this particular dragon a pass.

On Saturday, the moon is in its quiet void of course phase indicating a good day to quiet down, tend to mundane projects, or take a nap.

Venus has been aligning with Saturn all week and conjuncts on Saturday. This puts a temporary damper on those looking for freedom in love, sports, or travel. An intense Scorpio Moon on Sunday, October 30th, rounds out the week by signaling that any ending can bring a new beginning. With its dark intensity, the Scorpio New Moon is also the perfect lead-in for Halloween.

It’s okay to have serious relationship conversations, but don’t expect concrete answers or immediate solutions at this time.

This is a good day to look at your budget. Find the hidden way you allow money to slip through your fingers. Once you do, you can put a stop to it.

Happy Halloween everyone!