STARGAZING — Week of Oct. 20th to Oct. 26th, 2014

Oct 20, 2014 | Monthly Astrology|Special Messages|Stargazing

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WEEK OF October 20th — October 26th, 2014

This week – The Sun eases into Scorpio, followed by Venus, and there’s a New Moon Solar Eclipse as well, so the cosmos are urging you to go easy. If you do, you may be granted a revelation or creative idea that could be very lucrative. In addition, this could be a good time to notice your dreams and what they’re trying to tell you.

Get organized on Sunday and Monday, especially in terms of cleaning, humble tasks, healthy eating and making your life more efficient.

On Monday, you can expect to be filled with wholehearted exuberance as charming and affectionate Venus forms a glowing alignment with high-energy Mars, possibly even sparking a spirited romantic encounter! Mercury and Jupiter will also pop up, giving you confidence to express your opinions and turn positive thoughts into positive results.

Then comes Thursday October 23 — a power-packed day that will not only see the Sun and Venus move into seductive, intense Scorpio, but a transformational solar eclipse as well! Scorpio is a determined and discreetly forceful sign that, since it’s so resourceful, is known as the miracle worker of the zodiac. And whenever the Sun is in its midst, everything becomes that much more amplified! This will be especially true with the solar eclipse, when the big take-home message will be one of change. If you make an effort to embrace a few major alterations in your life, fulfillment will almost certainly follow.

The New Moon is at the very beginning of Scorpio. Solar eclipses usually represent new beginnings coming from a very deep level, however this is the last in a series of Scorpio and Taurus eclipses for another nine years. There is a beginnings and endings tone to this emotionally intense moon. Perhaps the energy is similar to the World card in a tarot deck, representing the last card of the major mysteries, suggesting that you trust the universe to guide you along your spiritual path, and shed your past to be made new. Venus was tied to the lunar eclipse two weeks ago in relationship sign Libra, and here it is again aligned with the solar eclipse in Scorpio. You are realigning your values to help your relationships and financial world reflect the death and rebirth associated with Scorpio. You are changing your consciousness, and that means that your daily world must change.

Of course, significant life changes aren’t always easy to go through. With Venus also in the mix on October 23, Scorpio is sure to bring out deep, strong feelings — ecstasy and passion, for starters, but perhaps a bit of jealousy as well. Moderating these emotions may well feel next to impossible, so it’s likely you’ll end up loving (or hating) with every fiber in your body, leaving no room whatsoever for lukewarm or neutral feelings.

Mercury ends its retrograde cycle on Saturday the 25th. Allow extra time on Saturday.

On Sunday, ambitious Mars moves into builder Capricorn until December 4th. Put energy into long-term plans now. Willingness to get to work will pay off before the year’s end.