Stargazing — Week of Oct. 18th through Oct. 24th, 2021

Jul 28, 2021 | Stargazing

Three of the five outer planets end their retrograde cycle between the 6th and 18th, so you will gradually feel the universe easing up to get you moving in a forward direction, after treading water or treading through stuck energy for several months. An extremely fervent trine between the high-octane Mars and expansive Jupiter will get the week off to a roaring start. Unfortunately, things may start moving so fast that you need to hit the breaks to regain a sense of control.

On Monday, Mercury ends his retrograde cycle (since Sept. 26) just as the Moon is moving into impatient Aries. With Mercury moving forward again, energy will start to flow unhindered, leading to renewed feelings of energetic vigor. Be sure to allow extra time in traffic and avoid any “I want it yesterday” people. At the same time, Jupiter ends his retrograde cycle (since late June). This is another indicator that the stuck energy of summer is starting to get ready to move forward.

Ram -AriesThe Aries Full Moon is on Wednesday at 28 degrees Aries. This is the Full Moon where you balance your relationship needs with your independence needs. Think back to your life at the New Moon on October 6th when the Sun, Moon and Mars were all closely aligned in Libra. The Sun and Mars are still closely aligned, but the Moon has progressed to the opposite side of the sky providing a level of perspective on the activities of the past two weeks. A T square forms at the New Moon with the Sun, Mars, and Pluto in Cardinal signs.

Action is required, but it must be taken in a peaceful and diplomatic manner.” Let go and let God-Pluto” continues to push you towards the changes you already know you want to make, and Pluto, the god of death and rebirth, has been pushing its reform energy since the previous New Moon. Although astrologers tend to talk badly about Pluto, his energy helps you release that which takes your power away to help you be directly connected to the One Source of what Hermetic Philosophy calls the “All That Is.”

Things come to a head on Friday, when a vibrant free-spirited Mars in Libra squares a recalcitrant Pluto in conservative Capricorn. The Moon is in Taurus Friday, The unbridled vibes of the daring and bold will be squashed by the stuck-in-the-mud traditionalist forces that don’t appreciate the renegade spiris. It’s better to lay low than use up all your energy fighting those whose attitudes will never budge. Accomplish your tangible tasks and goals, then give yourself a sensual pleasure reward. (Manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, cranial sacral treatment.)

On Saturday, the Sun moves into private Scorpio and the Moon moves into social and talkative Gemini. This contradictory combination most likely has you being social one moment and hermit-like the next.

The Moon is in Gemini on Sunday until lunch on Monday. This favors short communications and short errands/tasks- not a good energy for research projects that require deep focus. An exhausted T square between the Moon, Neptune, and Venus makes it an excellent day to sleep in, lounge around, and enjoy some idle socializing, via phone or social media. Next week will be the week to get your head out of the clouds.